Since April 16, 2016, Andy Biersack has actually been married to Juliet Simms, the singer, songwriter, and also composer. They overcome their methods for the very first time at the well known music festival “Warped Tour”, whereby both were busy. Now they stay a strong loving couple despite the conflicts that were in between them. The loudest one took location on the aircraft board as soon as both were on the way from Charlotte, north Carolina come Los Angeles. Climate Juliet kicked she husband into his face and also drank a lot throughout her trip.

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Juliet Nicole Simms Biersack to be born in san Francisco, CA. She chosen music since the earliest years and also went ~ above her very first tour in ~ the tender period of 17. She gained wide popularity as the frontman that the tape “Automatic Loveletter”. Juliet to be a member of the musical crew for 4 years and as component of “Automatic Loveletter”, she released four prolonged plays.

In 2011 Simms started to do solo. She make the efforts some new genre for she – the acoustic music. Her an initial solo album “The children Will Take your Monsters On” gained vast recognition. In 2012 she added some kudos to she name together the participant of the present “Voice”. She was a member of Team Cee Lo team and also occupied the 2nd place.

Juliet Simms continues the job of the solo singer together of now. Periodically she works with with she husband Andy Biersack.

The pair plans to end up being parents in the nearest future. Nevertheless, lock don’t have children as that now. Throughout their scandal top top the board of the plane, Juliet confessed, that she had lost a baby and also that to be the reason for she stress.



Date that birth: may 23, 1963

Andy is a boy of Christopher A. Biersack. Lock share a nearby father-son bond. It was Chris, that stood behind his son’s success because he sustained his boy throughout each minute the his trip to fame.

Chris is a kid of Dennis and also Margaret Biersack. His father Dennis sang in the church choir, therefore music was in his genes. Young Chris chosen to hear to hard rock bands, i m sorry were famous in his youth. That listened come The roll Stones, Aerosmith, and also other bands the that kind a lot, as soon as his kid Andy to be a child. Thus, his taste in music was formed under the an excellent influence the Chris.

Mr. Biersack Sr. Earn his living as an employee relations manager. Regardless of a busy schedule, he discovered enough time to help his boy with his college lessons. Besides, he coached sporting activities teams in Andy’s school. The boy did a most sports after institution lessons. He play hockey and was really an excellent at it, yet one day Andy decided to leave the team and devote his life come music. His father interpreted the boy and supported him, back the coaches were against it and thought, Biersack Jr. Would certainly have had a an excellent future as an athlete.

Now the son and the father remain really close friends.

Amy Biersack (mother)


Date the birth: October 31, 1964

The surname of Andy’s mother is Amy Biersack. She to be born in Wisconsin, but she spent the major part of her life in Cincinnati, OH v her husband and son.

Andy shares a close bond through his mother. She assisted him top top his way to success, too. The woman moved from their home city in Ohio come Los Angeles, wherein Andy to be struggling because that his future career. They checked out auditions and with his mother’s support, the young won the role in commercials. He had actually a opportunity to end up being a Nickelodeon actor, yet his parents chose to decline that offer, due to the fact that they knew, what their boy really has actually in his heart.

Now Mrs. Biersack is exceptionally proud of she talented son. She access time his concert shows from time come time.


You may know Andy Biersack, or Andy Black, together he named himself previously, together the renowned rock singer and the vocalist that the tape “Black Veil Brides”, which he co-founded in 2006 in his home town of Cincinnati, OH. Being part of the super effective music group, Andy decided to big his wings and also to shot his hand in solo projects. He released the set of song “The shadow Side” in might 2016, and that to be the new an imaginative journey for him. The album, which merged both, rock and pop influences, to be positively marked by both, critics and also the audience.

His birth name is Andrew Dennis Biersack. He invested his childhood year in Cincinnati, OH. In his interview the singer told, the his early on years to be “normal”, he had actually warm relationships through his parents, Chris and Amy. Andy doesn’t have any kind of siblings. He was fond of music and listened to the bands, which his dad liked. They were “Kiss” and also “Motley Crue”. He started to compose songs in ~ the period of 14. Around that time he founded his an initial musical group, “Biersack”, which later on turned into “Black Veil Brides”.

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Many civilization consider Andy together a absent star, but that area task is no the just in his life. Being well-trained as an gibbs (Andy learned at Cincinnati institution for an imaginative and Performing Arts), he showed up in numerous commercials shortly after he had actually moved to Los Angeles and also needed part cash because that a living. Besides, that acted in the web series “Average Joe”, and played the component in the mythological thriller “American Satan”.