A tattoo artist in Denver, Colorado, enraged a group of homophobic trolls ~ above Friday once she post a new piece that work depicting a male figure wearing a jockstrap and Green just Packer Aaron Rodgers’ soccer jersey.

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you aren't a #GreenBay fan, until you room an #AaronRodgers in a jockstrap pinup tattoo attract fan. #greenbaypackers #packersfan #greenbayallday #alisharice #thinktanktattoo #instagay #gayjock #buzzfeedstyle #pinupguy #lgbtpride

A short article shared by Alisha Rice (

Alisha Rice did not expect the backlash as soon as she posted the picture on her Instagram ― however trolls were fast to emerge from the depths of the internet.

One user wrote, “What in tarnation is this happy ass sh*t? This is what y’all perform up in Wisconsin? Don’t even look like his face and also that helmet is severely f**ked. This part homo ass sh*t.”

Another added, “The gayest tattoo ever. I’m sure A rod don’t want this shit ~ above anyone.” There room many, many other comments that deserve to be regarded on the artist’s Instagram.

“The idea for the tattoo was a combination of the customer wanting a classic American style male pinup and also a packers tattoo,” Rice, who has been tattooing since 1992, told The Huffington Post. She detailed that the tattoo wasn’t necessarily claimed to be Rodgers and that his “particular jersey to be selected due to the fact that  is a football legend and also the customer admires him as a player and as a person.”

Two days after posting the initial photo of the tattoo, the 43-year-old artist adhered to up with one more post directly daunting the “homophobic soccer fans and armchair tattoo critiques” she had received: 

I'd favor to to thank the Internet and the bloggers that brought homophobic football fans and armchair tattoo critiques to my door. Ns am happy v the results and so is the client. You may not know why someone would want a hunky soccer player tattoo, but tattooing is personal. This tattoo is a celebration of identity, home, and team. That's it! Hate and bigotry room not welcome here.

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A article shared by Alisha Rice (

Rice said The Huffington short article the tattoo was never ever meant to it is in a discuss Rodgers’ sexuality, as part commenters charged, but instead was “just expected to it is in a fun, tongue in cheek ode to team.” 

She added, “If anyone has an worry with the tattoo I’d an obstacle them to ask themselves why and reflect top top the apparent dual standard concerning the sexualization the the male and female forms.”


Alisha Rice tattoos in ~ Think Tank Tattoo in Denver, Colorado. For more from her, inspect out her Instagram page here.