My owners manual for mine 300 states 89 is the encourage fuel grade to use. I have been using 87 due to the fact that I've own the vehicle until I check out the manual completely through.

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I've looked around and also get mixed response. I read that ns can continue to use 87 through no problems. How ever I have likewise read that making use of 89 may give me far better response and power come an degree of course. Also, it appears that most human being are getting 40+ km extra out of a tank utilizing 89 which would certainly equal out the price various for the many part.

Anyone have any type of knowledge or suggestions around this?


Listen come the manual, virtually always. Even if it runs seemingly fine on lower qualities than the recommends, it can be forcing the engine come compensate by screwing through timings, perhaps reducing her feul economic situation or prematurely wearing the engine. And also we're talking part pocket readjust in distinction here.

You won't be doing any type of damage by utilizing 87, the ECU re-tunes chin to compensate for the reduced octane. You will certainly be slightly diminishing your performance and also gas mileage, though.

If 89 is recommended, her safest bet is to use 89. The engine was designed for it, it'll be running at preferably efficiency and also performance. If you deserve to afford to own/operate a 300 in the an initial place, you can afford the extra 20-30c/gallon.

91 or 93 would be a rubbish of money, any performance differences you may notification using premium are nothing more than placebo.

Chrysler's 3.5 has constantly run top top 89 in every automobile that supplied it. Castle designed it to operation on 89, so perform as the manual says and also just address the extra $2.50 every tank to provide you the tranquility of mind that the car isn't having to continuous accommodate for slightly reduced octane gas.

I've had same trouble researching this because that my 2011 charger. I've concerned a decision that I'm just going to proceed using 87. Ns doubt the increase in power is also going come be remarkable if I use 89.

I'm gonna introduce 89. Your engine may be retarding time slightly to make up for the reduced octane. This deserve to be negative for mileage, also if the engine can handle it. Same goes because that OP.

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