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Just the end of nowhere, my chauffeurs side door quit unlocking through the key, and also even as soon as I traction the lock up. It will certainly open as soon as I usage the inside manage though. The lock goes up around 1/2 way. Any type of thoughts top top what needs fixin?

I had the same issue a while earlier when ns reassembled mine cab. The orginal lock just gave up. Whatever looked good. There didn"t seem to be any kind of excessive pat anywhere. Ns cleaned and oiled the latch. That didn"t help. I ended up replacing the latch.
2014/93 W350 DRW, fuel pen turned, 6X.018" injectors, 4" exhaust, 3" air intake horn, supervisor HX40/16, G56 SBC Con-OFE, 3:07"s axles, 2" skyjacker lift, air ride behind suspension,B&W flatbed

Could also be one of the clips has come loose, or collapse apart, and the linkage rod is currently no longer hooked up and also functioning.Pull the door panel and also check points out.
1984/93 evade Crewcab, W350, 1 Ton SRW, long box, 375K Km"s, hydroboost, 366 spring, fuel pen to deep side, 14cm housing, Piston LP, PS IC, Isspro Boost, Pyro and tach, NV4500, 29 spline NP205, 3.54"s.
Doors no unlockMine were favor that once I an initial bought it, placed a tiny white grease on the key, and inserted it in the lucks, they both started working perfect, gotten rid of the crucial and wiped turn off the grease, been a year, and also they both still occupational great.

93 W250 society 6BTA |5spd |60/80/3.54/Lockright |4" lift |315/75R16 |HX35 |5x.012s |BD pin & gov spring90 D250 6BT |5spd |D60/3.54/LockrightProject: 84 Ramcharger 6BT |5spd |D70/3.07/powr-lok
"93 Driver"s next Door Won"t Lock
I have actually the problem that the driver"s next door lock won"t lock either with the vital or the knob. It provided to work just fine. I took it out and also lubed it, no help. Ns think it"s simply worn out, 250k and also 22 years locking and unlocking the door deserve to do that. Is there anyone the rebuilds these?

Often the metal rod the activates the lock bends just enough to not work. A slim rebending deserve to solve that problem. It is also feasible you have actually rust in the system or the latch is worn out.
1997 3500 club cab 3.54 gears towing & camper pkg. Still stock through a constructed transmission in ~ 120k. 4" exhaust, 4kgsk, and exhaust brake waiting for installation. 37337 upgrade. Tho need concepts for enhancements for hauling 15k 5th wheel.

I"d inspect the rod clip the is ~ above the end of the rod. You"ll have to take off your inside door dashboard to gain to it. Mine walk that and also it to be a damaged rod clip
Mine do the same thing, and also the finest I have the right to tell is, the rod end that actually holds the rod has slack, which method the pole doesn"t have full travel. Might not be your problem, just another thing come look for.
Can the move be removed, through out acquisition the door panel off?. That looks choose the molding around the switch is hosted in v clips, thanks, George.
Can the switch be removed, through out acquisition the door panel off?. That looks like the molding roughly the switch is organized in through clips, thanks, George.

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Looks like one of the previous owner of my truck tried it, and now the molding is screwed up, and the switches don"t come out that way.Just take it the door panel off - it"s easy.
my driver door does not lock but the knob does relocate up and also down and "appears" to work. I took the dashboard off and also felt and also looked in ~ it and also it all seemed normal.... Finest I deserve to tell its just old and also like the dude up height was saying after 23-24 years of usage its just worn out. The a good van still. Also tho ns really just use it because that fishing. All my gear fits perfect!
Where to get replacement lock?
Where have the right to you purchase a working version of the driver door lock for a "93?
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