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2002 2500 4X4, 6 spd, Tow and Camper Pkgs, RV 275s, BHAF, Walbro GSL392 pump (old school), half-in lines, Gen 3 wheels and brakes, gauges, 2009 steering, Borgeson box and also shaft, steering brace.

Matt,You will need to check. For a lengthy time all 8 lugs were similar. (sometimes there to be a facility hole difference, yet other 보다 that nothing) (IIRC chevy was tiny hole...) 8 on 6.5" BC.Somewhere about 99 through the Superduty heat of trucks, Ford in your wisdom saw 8 on a 170mm BC. (along through their 7 lug models i think.... Lol) an excellent luck, Hag
2001 QCLB (01.5) 4x4 NV4500, 3.55, 299k, FRRP, 98/99 HD, DOR HD monitor bar, borgeson, VDO and also Autometer Boost,pyro,FP hands-on CAD. 285/75 on space Nitros2001 QCSB 4x2 slushbox. 122k stock (boost ga only atm)99 K1500 300,000 SUBURBASAURUS commonwealth MANDATED ETHANOL ENRICHED.... 2 96 IMPALA SS(HIS and HERS)94 K1500 210,000 SUBURBASAURUS 2-97"s K1500 & K2500 6.5 VIN F SUBURBASAURUS Jamie"s & Kris"
Matt,You will have to check. For a lengthy time all 8 lugs to be similar. (sometimes there was a facility hole difference, yet other than that nothing) (IIRC chevy was small hole...) 8 ~ above 6.5" BC.Somewhere roughly 99 through the Superduty heat of trucks, Ford in your wisdom saw 8 top top a 170mm BC. (along through their 7 lug models i think.... Lol) an excellent luck, Hag
Dodge is a little hole as well. Ns don"t recognize if chevy and dodge space the same little hole though. Ns do understand that the facility hole in fords is bigger. So evade rims will not right the fords but ford rims will bolt to the dodge. You shed the capability to it is in hub centric once you execute the swap though (which way it"s a bigger trouble with duallies).
There space wheel sites the specs - size, offset, bolt pattern etc. Hubcapheaven is one ar to look.
2000 LWB, Quad Cab, 4x4, NV4500, AirDog, Gauges, Thuren track Bar, shed crappy AGR and also A1-Cardone steering boxes. RedHead is the finest so far but truck has stopped returning to center. Hopefully, I"ll acquire to the soon.

I have OBS ford wheel on my van now. 99+ won"t fit but anything prior to that will. Sent out from
97 2500 4x4 5 speed, 100hp injectors, borg k27, 18*, #0, 4k, 5" exhaust, SB single, bedlined white Sold: 05 auto


Back in the 70"s and 80"s ford, chevy, and also dodge would certainly all bolt onto every others 3/4 ton axles. However, the chevy had actually a smaller hole and it had to be opened up come fit the various other brands. I experienced a 70"s evade in a junkyard v ford rims ~ above it.

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1997 3500 club cab 3.54 gears towing & camper pkg. Still stock with a constructed transmission at 120k. 4" exhaust, 4kgsk, and exhaust brake waiting for installation. 37337 upgrade. Quiet need principles for improvements for hauling 15k fifth wheel.
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