James has worked in the supermarket industry and also is acquainted with their hiring and also business practicies.

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Getting rental at Kroger is fairly easy. Pass a elevator check and a drug test are the main hurdles. Some stores have stopped doing drug tests, while others have actually not. If a store does medicine test, that is most regularly a mouth swab, for this reason a pilgrimage to the clinical clinic won't be required.

The application Process

Filling out a Kroger project application can only be excellent online. If you go to a Kroger save to fill the end an application, lock will direct you to one of their rental kiosks. This is a good option if you have to ask questions, but it can also be distracting to fill the end an application with various other people roughly you. Ns recommend filling the end your application at residence or in ~ the library.

Applying Online

Create an account.Browse obtainable positions in ~ Kroger. (Note: You can search by keep location.)If you room undecided ~ above which position to apply for, pick retail hourly associate.

Filling out the application calls for all the typical information forced to obtain a job, such as:


Employment Exam

After the application is excellent you will certainly be directed to an employment exam. The test is a series of concerns or statements with multiple choice answers. You will certainly be offered a an option of four answers because that each question, i m sorry are:

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree

I introduce you choose "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree" because that each question. Selecting the answer "agree" or "disagree" shows the hiring managers that you room indecisive, in my opinion. When you price the concerns with "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree," this shows them that you space a person with conviction. Be decisive v your answers. This is what you want to show and also what they desire to see. After you have actually finished this exam, you room done for the day.

Follow Up with a call Call

Following up with a phone contact to the hiring manager will boost your chances of getting the job. You deserve to wait one business day, or contact directly ~ submitting your application. Simply educate the manager of her name, and also tell them that you have actually submitted an application. Then, asking if your application has actually been received. Let the manager understand you are obtainable to come in anytime for an interview. You may receive an interview appropriate then and also there.


Once friend are referred to as in for an interview, girlfriend are very close come landing the job. Countless who have been rental by Kroger speak the interview is just a formality.

Still, don't let your guard down. Be punctual and also friendly. Make certain to smile. You might or might not it is in asked about past customer business experience. If you have actually some experience with customer service, the manager might ask you come give an example of how you taken on a instance with a customer.

If every goes well, you will certainly be told fill out a elevator check, and, depending upon the store, take a medicine test. Once the results are in from these tests, you will be dubbed in because that orientation and training.


Orientation and Training

Once you have passed the elevator check and also drug check (it may take a mainly or an ext to get the outcomes from this tests), you will certainly be called in for orientation and also training. Training have the right to last all over from two days come a week depending on the place you were hired for. You will be joined by 2 or 3 other brand-new hires.

The very first day will consist of watching videos about Kroger, which define Kroger's background and every the companies Kroger has actually acquired. You will additionally learn around safety rules and also policies, obtain the employee handbook, and fill out paperwork.

On the 2nd day, you will perform some web-based finding out (WBL) ~ above a computer. These WBLs will have actually tests in ~ the end of each lesson. If friend don't get a pass grade top top a test, you will certainly be instructed to take back it till you get a pass grade. Most world pass these tests ~ above the an initial or second try, and also some stores will also let you take it notes.

If you were hired for a position like a bagger, her orientation more than likely won't last more than 2 days. If you were hired for a more complicated job, prefer a cashier or a deli associate, then your training could take up to a week and will include more WBL lessons. After training is complete, you will follow your work schedule for the rest of her time at the company.

Congratulations, you got a job!

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Katie on February 12, 2020:

Do they typically do orientation at the store? If so, wherein in the store perform I go?

Kellee on might 10, 2019:

Went with interviews... Signed background examine papers. Received email stating they uncovered someone else for the job. I have actually just passed 2 background checks..one for our institution system and the other for a cleaning position. I additionally have mine CCW. When I replied to email stating the HR made the sound like I had the and also was waiting for lift check..they sent another email stating they uncovered someone else! I contact BS! JS

I had read up on Kroger and also the whole thing around " smiling' is a joke. I gained the job for the school.. Kroger's loss

Me on august 28, 2018:

Almost 3 weeks wait on mine background check. HR claimed it was not uncommon.

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Not totally accurate on might 06, 2017:

Kroger typically will rental employees long before the background check and also drug test are back. The agency uses GIS to command both and also getting the results can take everywhere from a week come a month. Friend will have orientation and likely work for two weeks before this information is got by the store. In the occasion that girlfriend fail, you will certainly be fired. It wake up to probably half of the employees that apply at my store. They construct their stays based roughly the fact that they will certainly be working for Kroger, and also get that yanked away. The wastes everyone's time and money indigenous the save to the previous employee.