This short article takes a watch at 2 famous rivals in the snack cake market, Ring Dings vs Dings Dongs. In addition to a blind taste test, us take a look at at your appearance, nutrition, and ownership.While we discovered a clean winner in our taste test, be certain to poll for her favorite in the poll at the finish of this article! We room curious to watch what cake our reader think is the finest between the two.

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Blind Taste Test

Two adults and a nine-year-old perfect a taste check on this snack cakes. Below are the results:Exterior cacao Shell – The winner right here was Ding Dongs. The covering on the Ding Dongs was claimed to taste choose real chocolate. It had a smooth chocolate flavor contrasted to the waxy and also slightly man-made flavor that the Ring Dings shell.Interior Cake – The Ding Dongs were said to have a drier interior cake. The Ring Dings were fluffier with an ext of a genuine cake flavor according to the testers.Cream Filling – that was difficult to phone call a difference in the flavors for the testers. However, the Ring Dings had an ext filling based on the cakes provided for the taste test. The taste testers agreed that the Ding Dongs had actually the finest balance between cream filling and also chocolate cake.Winner! – All three taste testers agreed the the Ding Dongs were the winner. Regardless of drier inner cakes the the Ding Dongs, your superior external shell and balance of internal flavors placed them ~ above top.


Pictured left is a Ring Ding and on the appropriate is a Ding Dong. The Ring Ding is contempt taller than the Ding Dong. Additionally, the outside cacao shell the the Ring Ding is lot darker 보다 the Ding Dong. Interestingly, the inside cake of the Ring Ding features much lighter cacao than the Ding Dong. The cake that the Ring Ding shows up much lighter or fluffier compared to the compact cake the the Ding Dong. Lastly, the Ring Ding has a single layer of cream versus two pockets the cream because that the Ding Dong.


Ring Dings – Rings Dings are made by Drake’s who has been producing baked goods due to the fact that 1896. However, Ring Dings go not involved the market until 1958. Drake’s was purchased by McKee foods items in April 2013 as part of the bankruptcy liquidation that Hostess brands (a.k.a. Federal government Bakeries Corporation).Ding Dongs – Ding Dongs are made by Hostess brand in the U.S. And Vachon in Canada. In Canada, they are marketed together King Dons. At one time, Ding Dongs to be packaged as big Wheels top top the East coast to avoid confusion through the likewise sounding Ring Dings. These snack cakes have actually been made since 1967 through a brief hiatus during the Hostess bankruptcy in 2012-2013.

Nutrition Facts

Okay, most human being aren’t taking a deep look in ~ the nutrition brand of this cakes. Us all know these no the best thing because that the diet. However, for the services of compare let’s view if there are any kind of differences in nutrition between Ring Dings vs Ding Dong.

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NutritionRing DingsDing DongsServing Size2 Cakes (82g)2 Cakes (72g)Calories360320Total Fat18g17gSaturated Fat12g11gTrans Fat0g0gCholesterol0mg5mgSodium260mg280mgTotal Carbs48g43gFiber2g1gTotal Sugars34g33gIncludes added Sugars32g32gProtein2g1gVitamin D0%0%Calcium0%0%Iron16%10%Potassium0%2%

Poll – Ring Dings vs Ding Dongs

Please poll for her favorite between Ring Dings and Ding Dongs in ours poll.