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QUESTION: I have actually a live oak tree that loses many of its pipeline every winter. In spring, they flourish back. I have actually not ever before fertilized. Is this the problem? Is that something I can do myself or need to I pay a professional? -- George Wilson

ANSWER: The ns of pipeline from your oak tree is not pertained to soil fertility. Plenty of live oaks drop some or many of their leaves in February or at an early stage March, and then promptly regrow a new crop of pipeline within a couple of weeks.

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Some live oaks drop more leaves 보다 others, and there is significant variation native year to year.

Even when a live oak tree drops many of the leaves, it"s leafless for such a short duration of time we often tend to think the them together evergreen. Regardless, there is no require for concern.

If your oak drops all of its pipeline in early to mid-winter and stays leafless for several months, I would certainly suspect it"s no a live oak but one of the much more deciduous oak species.

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You may fertilize the tree yourself, and also now is fantastic time to execute so. You have the right to use a general-purpose fertilizer, tree fertilizer or tree fertilizer spikes complying with label directions.