I to let go the trip Girls snowboarding outfit through a fewyears. So when I experienced the American Girlone ns was pretty excited! This is thesecond outfit the I have actually bought for the journey Girls that is make by Americangirl. American Girl outfits room a bitmore expensive 보다 Journey Girl outfits.They are additionally made better, and usually come with more accessories. This outfit is no different.

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Meredith is prepared to hit the slopes in her American Girl outfit

Like many of the American Girl sets, this is actually twosets. The one is the outfit itself. The second is the snowboard andaccessories. The outfit comes with abrightly colored, pinwheel patterned, puffy jacket through a hood; green, puffymittens, tan snow pants, and blue socks.No boots. They come v thesnowboard…but ns am not sure why lock don’t come through the outfit, due to the fact that thatwould seem to make much more sense. I’m sureit has actually something to carry out with cost.
The outfit…minus boots
The snowboard and also accessories…including boots.

This outfit screams snowboarder. It has actually funky colors, a crazy design, and is alittle baggy (probably no that baggy on one American Girl doll). It’s great.Very well made. The eye pantseven have actually a tiny pocket. Speak ofthe snow pants…they room big!Okay…huge! there is more than likely aninch gap. The good thing is they continue to be upwhen the coat is on. Add to it’s infashion to have your eye pants dropped down low. If Meredith puts on pants underneath the snowpants they continue to be up also better.
The eye pants are big…but the continue to be up.

The jacket has a fleece lining, making that feel hefty andmore substantial. Plus it renders it feelmore real. American girl is great aboutmaking outfits the are produced dolls, but could be worn by people. The coat Velcro’s up the front because that a nicefit. The coat is a tiny big, butwith a shirts on the fits perfectly. Andas I stated before, the coat looks best being a little big.
Awesome outfit! Meredith"s feet space going to be cold in the eye though!

The snowboard comes with the boots, a helmet, andgoggles. I love theses boots. They have white soles, v pink rubber toes,a canvas, turn off white boot, and also pink trim at the top. The laces room enclosed pink, stretchlaces. Lock fit yes, really well ~ above Meredithand were simple to acquire on and also off.
The snowboard is a dark pink shade with pink and also greenaccent strips. It’s girly, however not supergirly. And also the colors match thesnowboard outfit. It’s made the end of athicker, firm plastic. The blue bindingsare action in kind with a heal back.Meredith’s booted feet slip in toe first and climate the strap is flippedup to host her foot in. I would haveloved to see a strap throughout the height of the foot also, yet this go the jobwell for the dolls. That keeps Meredith’sfeet attached to the board and makes that so the she have the right to carve.
The helmet has a ridge to aid the goggles continue to be in place as well as a snap at the earlier to organize them.

The helmet is large and heavy.It renders Meredith incredibly top heavy.It feels like there room two great of plastic in it. It would certainly be quite it might have to be a littlelighter. The helmet is made yes, really well,with a snap in chin strap, and also a snap on the back of the helmet to host thegoggles on. The helmet is the dark pinkcolor that the plank is along with blue and cream, so that it matches theoutfit. The goggles have actually a quite elasticband that provides them straightforward to placed on.They right on Meredith’s confront perfectly.I think she looks yes, really cute with them on.
Everything the is consists of with the snowboard.
Everything had with the outfit.

Value 7 – that isdifficult to rate this outfit/accessories.It is really two different sets; the outfit and the snowboard. However they need to be offered together…especiallysince the snowboard outfit go not have actually boots!Plus these space expensive! $34 for the outfit and also $40 because that the snowboard. Yikes!If you room lucky girlfriend can discover them on sale(like ns did), if no you are paying a quite penny. Don’t obtain me wrong, both are really highquality and probably warrant the money.I just think that with each other these need to be roughly $50 or so.
Fitment 7 – every little thing fits great, except the snow pants. Although it is all the rage now to haveyour trousers hanging off your rump. Meredithjust isn’t that right into that. The jacketfits great. Together does the helmet, goggles,mittens, and also boots. I do wish that thehelmet wasn’t so heavy.
Versatility 8 – Becausethe sets come through a many parts there is a good amount of versatility. All of the adaptability will be winteroriented, but there is quiet versatility.Boots, mittens, pants, jacket, and also goggles have the right to all be supplied withdifferent outfits.
Cuteness 9 – ns really like the format of this outfit. Ns think it captures the layout of mostsnowboarders, if still gift cute. Ilike the color (much an ext than the purples and blues the this year)
Overall 7 – The mainreason ns scored the to adjust this way is the cost.It is an expensive set that has actually some strange equipment missing. Why the boots don’t come with the outfit isstrange. It is nice that Meredith getssocks though. The high quality on these setsare optimal notch…I just wish the sale price was the constant price.
Meredith is prepared to shred!

Like every American Girl outfits this one is expensive(especially compared to the trip Girls and also Our Generation). But in this instance I think the money is wellworth it. If you are searching for a greatsnowboarding outfit and snowboard, these sets space the means to go.
Posted byJGKelseyat3:13 AM

A girl and also her dollssaid...

great review, ns agree about the boots, I have the outfit and also it is disappointing the there was no boots.

February 9, 2015 in ~ 8:07 AM

Farrah Lilysaid...

Very amazing that the boots don't come with the coat set. I noticed online that they go the very same thing v the ski set..the boots just come v the skis! smart marketing by AG that course, come get people to to buy both! This set looks really, really cute, specifically for photographing out in the snow and also it is so realistic looking that I deserve to see it might be a great collector item even just to file the format of winter wear the is currently popular best now. Nice review! I'm looking front to some outdoor photoshoots! ;)

February 9, 2015 at 5:15 PM


I assumption: v they number most civilization are going to buy both...but it would certainly still be nice if the boots came with the outfit. Especially since it is so difficult to discover winter boots.

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February 11, 2015 in ~ 11:36 AM

Yeah, ns noticed that too. Bummer. I really prefer the colors of this set. The brand-new sets room all the blue and pink ( as with the trip Girl accessories this year) which ns don't prefer as much. This is a supervisor fun collection to photograph. One of the other girls might borrow it!

February 11, 2015 in ~ 11:41 AM
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