First impressions count. Countless closet curlies room married to a level iron because they think males prefer the smooth, directly look end curls or kinks. And also when you deserve to maneuver your mane in one of two people direction, you have actually the alternative of changing your visual impression as soon as meeting who new.

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But should you? And, would it really do a difference?

To uncover out, I embarked on an unscientific social experiment. Newly solitary in new York City, i joined a well-known online date service and posted 2 profiles. They were identical in every way—except one.

The an initial profile contained a picture of mine hair flat-ironed straight. Because that the other, my hair was naturally curly.

After one month showcasing the straight profile and the next month curly, an ext than twice as numerous men comment to the right look. However this experiment is far from over.

There’s a twist. On my dates, the arrangement was to find out what they yes, really think when I show up together the opposite of what castle expect. If they reach out to my directly profile, ns would fulfill them as a curly, and also vice versa.

Teri"s straight profile photo

Would my hairstyle really affect their attraction? It was an adventure the was complete of surprises. Mine one rule: ns vowed to just date

men i was truly interested in. This is the genuine deal, real dates, genuine men.

Bachelor #1: Financial-Services executive

This is my very first date. I’m nervous ~ above the entire cab ride come the restaurant, wondering if my day will also recognize me. That expects stick-straight locks. Ns curly. I conveniently phone a friend for reinforcement. I’m connected to voicemail, hang up, then glance at the cabbie. He seems nice enough. I bend his ear.

“So, which execute you prefer, a woman v curly or right hair?” i ask, hoping for curl confirmation.

“It depends,” that says.

We’re nearly at my destination. I press him. The begrudgingly admits to leaning ~ above the directly side. Geez, why did ns push?! I’m more nervous now, but there’s no time to think. Ns here.

I see my date at the bar. My approach is hesitant. Ns say hello. The looks in ~ me, his eyes widening. Now, he’s nervous, in ~ a loss for words. Ns think I recognize why, so i mumble part lame forgive explaining why mine hair is curly, not straight favor my picture. I’m not also sure why ns felt compelled come explain. It’s simply hair, right?

“Does it matter that mine hair is curly?” i ask.

“Well, no, ns guess... I’m simply surprised,” the says, voice trailing off to a whisper.

Uncomfortable, i quickly readjust the subject and turn the fist to him and the hobbies provided in his profile. Us order drinks and also he finally seems come relax, as he shares story of his mountain-climbing adventures.

We laugh, sipping sangria. However we never ever quite recoup from that fumbled first impression.

Bachelor #2: Italian organization Owner

It’s a late-afternoon lunch day near the shore, so ns decide to show up directly (just favor he expects) understanding the beach air always performs top on mine tresses. I purposefully forget mine clips, headbands and emergency-fix spritz for this reason I’ll be forced to accept any kind of twists and also turns the day may bring.

We sit at an exterior table overlooking the water. A wet breeze is blowing. After the an initial bite of risotto and sip of Sauvignon Blanc, that happens. I can’t watch it, yet suddenly i feel mine stick-straight locks expand, to the right and also left, up and down, choose they’re waving hello. My date banters back: “Your hair, it’s transforming right prior to my eyes!”

I avoid eating, my fingers currently entangled in a tress tug-of-war. And also as I’m about to pipeline in v an explanation, i look up and also realize he is already back to enjoying his meal, unfazed.

Later, that curiously asks me why I stroked nerves to flatten my curls. “You have great hair,” the says. “Do friend know just how many world would love to have curly hair?”

“Yeah, ns do,” ns say, through a smile.

The day continues, us decide to have actually dinner. No time come freshen up. A friend of his join us. Together we enter the restaurant, i excuse myself searching for a winter to control my mane. Tho frizzy! I provide up. Ns on my method back and tap the earlier of a towering man, who’s partially blocking the archway entrance to the dining room. He turns around, flashing a gorgeous smile, his sapphire eye sparkling in the dimly lit space.

More DetailsThe right profile was regarded 1,606 times because that the month, if the curly one received 1,063 views throughout the month it was posted.The flat-ironed look drew 181 e-mails, contrasted with 60 because that the curly profile.On the flirtatious side, the stick-straight profile obtained 120 winks, if curly locks captured winks indigenous 60 men.In around 10% of the dates, hair make a difference, when confidence was the driving element in the remainder of the connections.

I tell myself this is not happening. Me — and also my huge hair — space standing face-to-face with Alec Baldwin. Yes, the actor. And yes, this IS happening. Flushed and flustered in frizz, i mumble hello with my hands over my head and race back to the table, my cheeks are purged like vine-ripe tomatoes.

I desperately seek a pin, elastic, anything come tie back my haphazard do. My date’s girlfriend agrees mine hair would look far better out of the way. But my day encourages me to set it free. “It look at fine,” that says, nonchalantly.

I take it his lead, forget about my hair, forget about Alec and also confidently enjoy yet another good meal.

Bachelor #3: Cuban Marketing Executive

On my following date, ns vow to issue less and relax more, no matter where mine locks lay.

I agree come afternoon coffee. It’s a nastiness day. Stepping right into Starbucks, smiles and curls abound, that spots me and also waves. He has only checked out a straight photo, but there’s not also a hints of surprise. We chat. I’m perplexed. Did he even an alert that i look different, really different? He claims he did, yet wasn’t surprised. Hair -- curly or directly -- didn’t seem to matter.

He’s silly. We laugh. The focus turns come fitness and nutrition, which the acknowledges is really important to me. (He check out my short profile.) Then, I learn Cocoa Puffs (breakfast) and also Ring Dings (late night snack) are component of his everyday rituals.

Bachelor #4: Music Executive

A week later, i schedule early evening drink at a rooftop bar. Together I step up the stairs, i again mental to strategy the day as a confident curly.

No matter what his reaction, I will smile. And I do.

We chat and order fancy, fruity faux martinis. Quiet no noticeable reaction to my textured tresses. I bring it up. Curly or straight, it doesn’t matter. He states it was my smile he noticed.

Bachelor #5: Sales Executive

The next morning, i head out for a horseback ride with a brand-new date. Once again, that expects straight, however I come curly. We exchange smiles. Not sure if his is a happy-to-finally-meet-you laugh or I’m-in-shock-and-don’t-know-what-to-say smile. In my mind, I pick the former. After a breezy, hour-long follow ride, we have actually brunch in ~ a small French bistro. Still no a peep about my hair, till I speak around it. His response? Curls space “exotic looking” and, like most of mine dates, he appears unfazed.

“Whether that curly or straight, it doesn’t matter — as long as there’s sufficient hair to hold onto!” that says. Ns laugh, not fairly knowing how to answer to the one.

Bachelor #6: Italian Model

It’s month two, time to change the directly photos v curly ones. Within days, frustration sets in. No as numerous e-mails, also fewer winks. Then, finally, one an answer catches mine eye and interest. In his email, that mentions that he likes my curly photo. Us exchange numbers. He speaks in a charming international accent. Turns out he’s a model. Us make to plan to accomplish for dinner.

I’m waiting exterior the restaurant v stick-straight locks. He’s late. I’m fidgeting. Within minutes, that arrives. He’s speechless and also staring. “Something wrong?” i ask. “No,” he says, softly. That looks away and also then deals with me again, head slowly transforming side come side, choose a mime silently questioning if ns the very same woman in the profile.

We both bespeak the shrimp special. He asks for the cherry-inspired sauce on the side. I bring up mine curls, or absence thereof. Does he like curlies? supposedly so. “I think curly hair is more natural and sexy,” he says. Ns tell him i straightened mine hair, however it’s naturally curly.

He then proceeds to grab mine hand and, unfortunately, makes an effort at touch football once the plates space cleared.

Since he thinks curls space sexy, maybe he presume curlies (even disguised through a flat iron) are an ext flirtatious 보다 our naturally straight counterparts. Possibly he would have actually been wild regardless that a woman’s hairstyle, or maybe he to be simply searching for love at breakneck speed. I carry out not know.

What i do recognize is that when it involves voting because that curly or straight, if a male says that depends, probably it really does. It relies on confidence. Stepping right into a date with a smile can make every the difference.

It could likewise depend top top culture. My family members is from Argentina, and also the men from similar social backgrounds -- choose the Cuban and Italian males I met -- appeared happy and also familiar with curlies choose me, also in my many awkward, frizz-filled moments.

And while nobody of mine dates developed into long-lasting connections, the experiment was enlightening. Whether you pat it straight or crank increase the curls, first impressions perform count. But I’ve learned it’s additionally what you lug to the surface that really shines through.

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Special many thanks to Rodney Cutler the the Cutler Salon, that styled Teri"s hair for the photos.