Why not capitalize ~ above students" fascination v insects? Education world offers a scavenger hunt, with questions for college student in every grades. Included: Fun tasks to prolong ants into your language arts curriculum!


Open your classroom doors to a learning invasion! You"ll uncover ants everywhere the Internet... And also Education people has do teaching around ants as easy as attracting castle is! We"ve developed a scavenger hunt v questions around ants for students of every ages. Simply sort v the "graded" questions listed below to create your very own custom-made scavenger hunt!

Are her Students "Itching" come Learn around Ants?

A collection of scavenger hunt concerns follows. The answers to those inquiries will reveal numerous interesting facts around ants ... Prefer ants, the inquiries cover a the majority of ground. Some inquiries are an ext difficult, or require more online reading to answer 보다 others do. 

You might:

Choose a handful of questions appropriate for your students.Create a hunt for your students that combines easy and more challenging questions.Let students work-related in little cooperative teams to price a grasp of the questions.

However you approach it, her students room sure to have fun browsing the Web. (The answer crucial appears below.)


 1. Learn around the different parts of one insect"s body by clicking on the drawing. Surname three parts of an insect"s body.Source: Entomology for Beginners
 2. What kind of ant is pictured top top this Trek Nature page?Source: Trek Nature
 3. About how countless different kinds (or species) the ants deserve to be discovered in the world? choose the exactly answer: 80 (eighty) 800 (eight hundred) 8,000 (eight thousand)Source: Gordon"s Ant Page 
 4. What are the three main work of worker ants?Source: Life and also Habits that Ants
 5. Tell about two the the means in i beg your pardon an ant offers its jaw, or mandible.Source: Insect Mandibles
 6. How plenty of fire ants might live in one colony? choose the exactly answer: 200 (two hundred) 2,000 (two thousand) 200,000 (two hundred thousand)Source: Fire Ants
 7. Just how are ants" jaws different from people"s jaws? (Hint: The prize is in how they move!)Source: Insect Mandibles
 8. Exactly how tall might the colony of one imported fire ant be?Source: Imported Fire Ants and also Biology
 9. How many ants can a huge anteater eat in a day? select the exactly answer: 3,000 (three thousand) 30,000 (thirty thousand) 300,000 (three hundreds thousand)Source: Anteater: Digging increase Ants and Termites
 10. Why room leaf-cutter ants likewise known as parasol ants?Source: Leaf-Cutter Ants: They"re actual Cut-Ups
 11. What do army ants eat?Source: army Ants
 12. Draw a photo of a carpenter ant.Source: Florida agricultural Information
 13. Do military ants uncover food by smell or by sight?Source: military Ants
 14. Among the most common types of ants is referred to as the "odorous home ant." exactly how does the ant gain its name?Source: Odorous house Ant
 15. Ants come in countless colors. Carry out they come in yellow and also purple and also green?Source: just how Stuff Works: Ant
 16. How numerous ant species are there in the world?Source: Ants
 17. How plenty of eggs go a female odorous residence ant lay every day?Source: Odorous Ants
 18. How have the right to you call the difference between a indigenous fire ant and also an imported fire ant?Source: Imported Fire Ants
 19. Just how does the size of an anthill called to problems inside the nest?Source: how Stuff Works: Ant
 20. Exactly how do worker ants lead other workers away from danger or come a source of food?Source: exactly how Stuff Works: Ant
 21. Do leaf-cutter ants eat leaves? define your answer.Source: Leaf-Cutter Ants
 22. Surname three points that an ant"s antennae enable it to do.Source: how Stuff Works: Ant
 23. A special dog dish has actually been developed so ants won"t obtain into a dog"s food. Just how does this dish protect against ant infestation?Source: No Ants mine Doggy
 24. Why room "large yellow ants" sometimes called citronella ants?Source: insect Library
 25. Just how do ants clean their antennae?Source: exactly how Stuff Works: Ant
 26. Army ants regularly travel in moving columns. What"s the longest tower of army ants ever seen?Source: military Ants
 27. V which harbor city go harmful fire ants native Mexico first enter the joined States?Source: Fire Ants
 28. Ants have two to adjust of jaws. What do they usage their 2nd set of jaws -- called maxillae -- for?Source: Insect Mandibles
 29. Put the perform of leafcutter ants listed below in stimulate from the smallest to largest. Soldier leafcutter ant queen leaf-cutter ant worker leaf-cutter antSource: Leafcutter Ants
 30. Just how long have actually ants lived on Earth?Source: Gordon"s Ant Page
 31. I beg your pardon worker ant resides the longest life -- the carpenter ant, the fire ant, or the odorous house ant?Source: Ants
 32. Once some ant types bite, they space able to make their bite seem doubly painful. How do they execute that?Source: Ants
 33. Walk the carpenter ant eat wood choose a termite does?Source: Ant Control
 34. Things deserve to be very an overwhelming for a queen leafcutter ant the is beginning a brand-new colony. What might she usage as a source of food in the very first days the a new colony?Source: how Stuff Works: Ant
 35. Perform ants do sounds? If so, what kind of sounds do they make?Source: exactly how Stuff Works: Ant


Additional Resources

Answer KeyStudents will certainly list three of these parts: head, mouth, antennae, thorax, legs, wings, or abdomen.a red wood ant8,000Worker ants gather most of the food, help raise the young, and also defend the colony.Ants usage their jaws to fight enemies; come grasp, carry, bite, or reduced up food; to bring their young; to destruction up soil; or to reduced through wood to develop a nest.200,000Human jaws relocate up and down; ants" jaws move from side to side.2 feet high30,000Leaf-cutter ants lug pieces of leaves over their heads as if they"re carrying little umbrellas or parasols.Army ants eat greatly insects, but any kind of slow-moving biology can come to be a victim, eaten alive and left a skeleton in a couple of hours.Check student drawings.Most military ants room blind. They are guided by blind soldier ants the lay down scent trails.The odorous residence ant acquired its surname from the disagreeable smell (similar to the smell of rotten coconuts) provided off once a group of them are crushed.Yes, ants come in yellow and also purple and green.According come one estimate there are a million ants for each person!A woman odorous home ant lays one egg every day.The head the the aboriginal fire ant is wider than the abdomen; the head the the imported fire ant isn"t broader than its abdomen.The much more area the mound the anthill dirt over the ground covers the an ext solar warm the anthill absorbs and also the warmer the swarm is.They lay down a chemistry trail that the other ants follow.No; leaf-cutter ants chew the leaves into a pulp-like product which will sprout a fungus. The ants eat the fungus.An ant"s antennae allow it to find and also taste food; detect wait currents; feel surface ar textures; hear; and also smell.The unique dog bowl has actually a rim area that circles it. The pickled in salt is filled v water therefore ants can"t get to the dog"s food!Large yellow ants (also referred to as citronella ants) have actually a lemony smell once they room crushed.Ants use comb-like structures on their legs come clean their antennae.The longest shaft of army ants ever before seen was a half-mile (.8 kilometer) long!Fire ants from Mexico entered the United claims through Mobile, Alabama.The maxillae chew food into tiny pieces. Ants gulp down the liquid that originates from those pieces and spit the end what remains of the food.From the smallest to largest, the leaf-cutter ants room the worker ant, the soldier ant, climate the queen ant.The oldest known ant in the world, found preserved in amber, lived about 100 million year ago.Carpenter ants win the life expectancy race! Carpenter worker ants live increase to seven years; fire worker ants live approximately 180 days; and also odorous home worker ants live for numerous years.Some ants squirt formic acid from the end of their abdomen into the wound.Carpenter ants don"t actually eat the lumber they attack.

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Instead, castle rip and also tear the lumber to develop their nests.A queen leaf-cutter ant lays distinct non-fertilized eggs simply for eating.Yes, ants make sounds like those made by crickets and katydids, only not as loud. One ant also makes a sound by rubbing its body against another ant"s body.