If you’re searching for a freshwater addition to your tank it is a small bit different, you should definitely consider the african Dwarf Frog.

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These are among the most renowned aquatic frogs because that a couple of reasons.

They’re busy and active creatures that can be an extremely enjoyable to observe. That doesn’t issue when you take place to be near your tank, they constantly seem to be as much as something!

Also, afri Dwarf Frogs just require a moderate level the care and get along an excellent with their tank mates.

What’s not to like?

Table that ContentsSpecies SummaryAppearance and SizeAfrican Dwarf Frog CareWhat Water and also Tank problems Do castle Need?What Are great Tank Mates because that African Dwarf Frogs?

Species Summary

African Dwarf Frogs room distinct little creatures the make one interesting enhancement to house aquariums.

Originally uncovered in Nigeria, Cameroon, and also the Congo river basin, these amphibians spend many of their time underwater. In the wild, they deserve to be uncovered in shallow rivers and also ponds.

While castle were an initial classified in the so late 1800s, that wasn’t until the 1970s the they ended up being popular among aquarists.

Due come their distinct lifestyle and also habitat requirements, african Dwarf Frogs have the right to now be found in pet stores and aquariums about the world.

The median Lifespan of An afri Dwarf Frog

The median African Dwarf Frog expectation is typically no much longer than 5 years. This deserve to vary significantly based on the level of treatment that castle receive and also the health condition they to be in once you to buy them.

Appearance and Size

In the wild, african Dwarf Frogs spend lot of their time blending in through the bottom of river beds and ponds. They’re may be to perform this thanks to their muted appearance.

These frogs take it on a base color that lies somewhere between deep olive green and also muddy brown.

The belly and legs often tend to be on the lighter side. Nevertheless of what their base color is, the frogs are covered in black spots. They help to camouflage the frog among leaves, mud, and plants.


Potential Health troubles To Be aware Of

African Dwarf Frogs are also susceptible come a host of health and wellness problems. Bacterial infections have actually been well-known to reason redness in their eyes and also skin.

They can likewise cause behavioral changes like lethargy and also a loss of appetite. Luckily, antibiotics are really effective in treating bacterial infections.

The frogs can likewise experience fungal infections. In many cases, fungal epidemic manifest themselves through fuzzy spot of skin ~ above the frog’s body.

While lock look chaste enough, fungal infections should be taken very seriously. Among the worst varieties of infections, Chytridiomycosis, can quickly spread to other frogs.

If you see a fungal infection beginning to impact one frog, you must separate the from the others to prevent a full-blown infection in your tank.

The same goes for a an illness called dropsy. The worry with dropsy is the it’s very an overwhelming to find out what resulted in it. It could be brought about by anything native bacteria come invasive parasites.

Whatever the case may be, it’s necessary to seek veterinary care if possible. The very first sign that the disease is bloating and also anxious behavior. If it’s left untreated, dropsy can prove to be fatal for your tiny frog.

What Water and also Tank problems Do castle Need?

Based on the previous section, you might think the African Dwarf Frogs are magnets for health and wellness issues. Truth is, a the majority of those problems can it is in avoided by offering your frog v a healthy diet and also keeping them in appropriate living conditions.

A healthy and balanced habitat through recommended water conditions is vital when it comes to caring because that these frogs.

Here are the recommended values you need to know:

Water temperature – african Dwarf Frogs do finest in temperatures between 72 and also 78 degrees Fahrenheit.pH level – This should be between 6.5 and also 7.8.Water hardness – This is a generosity gH level variety of 5-20.

Recommended Tank Size

Ideally, you need to have in between 3 and 5 gallons of high-quality water for each frog that you have.

They don’t call for much space at all, but they execute enjoy having some room come roam. If friend only have a couple of frogs, a 10 to 15 gallon tank have to suffice.

Remember, wild frogs live in shallow rivers and ponds. They also like come move right into flooded forests throughout the rainy season. Deep tanks are not recommended.

Tank Setup

The frogs have to be able to swim up because that air regularly. They also happen to be bottom-dwellers that tend to stick to the substrate. To ensure the they can obtain air when they require it, save tank depths reasonable.

The bottom the the tank should have a good substrate prefer sand. Gravel works too, but the separation, personal, instance pieces should be large enough to protect against your frogs native swallowing them.

As because that decorations, live plants are constantly best. Frogs can feed turn off the plants and also use them to hide.

If you get big plants v leaves that reach the surface, don’t be surprised if you discover your frog hover on peak of it.

Just make sure that all of your tree are appropriately secured under the substrate. Afri Dwarf Frogs are well known diggers that will dislodge her plants if offered the opportunity. To complement the plants, include plenty the hiding spaces with rocks and also wood.

Filter and also Lighting Considerations

One point you’ll desire to store an eye on originally is her filter. Anything too solid could reason problems for your frogs.

Despite having the ability to swim down to the bottom of the tank, african Dwarf Frogs aren’t as well keen on strong currents. So, you’ll must make certain that the filter and also any waiting columns you have are reasonable.

Lastly, you’ll want to administer adequate lighting for 10 to 12 hours a day. African Dwarf Frogs room nocturnal, yet they usage that irradiate to stay on a healthy and balanced time cycle.

Fortunately, you won’t have to rush out and also pick increase a fancy light setup. Standard aquarium lights will do simply fine.

African Dwarf Frog Food & Diet

Technically speaking, african Dwarf Frogs are omnivores that deserve to eat plant-based materials. However, they do finest with meaty foods. In the wild, the frog’s diet consists primarily of tiny fish and also insect larvae.

To give your frog the ideal diet possible, sell a range of various high-protein foods. This could include brine shrimp, fish fry, bloodworms, and also even tiny earthworms. Girlfriend can also give them a flavorful treat as soon as a week!

Frogs love fatty foods items like beef heart, salmon, or tuna. Just make sure to make reservation these foods to as soon as a main treats. These frogs can gain weight pretty easily, so you don’t want to overfeed them.

African Dwarf Frogs don’t should eat every single day. With high-quality food, they do just fine eating three or 4 times a week. As soon as you feed them, make sure to not give them too much food.

You should only give them as lot food together they deserve to eat in one sitting. Afri Dwarf Frogs space passive eaters. So, if you leave behind food, it will only sit there and also negatively impact the water quality.

When you do feed them, consider doing so through a pair of long tweezers. Make some noise to entice their attention and guide the food come them.

Most frogs aren’t going to swim up to the surface to eat, together they spend most of your time at the bottom of your environment.

General habits & Temperament

It’s no doubt that one of the factors African Dwarf Frogs are so well-known is since they’re fun to watch. They’re quite active once the sunlight goes down. As we mentioned, the frogs spend many of their time underwater.

While they room aquatic through nature, they actually have actually a full set of emerged lungs.

This method they’ll swim swiftly to the top of the water to obtain a breath. Then, they’ll swim under to the bottom and also explore.

If they feel threatened, these frogs will usage their organic camouflage to hide from predators. They’ll swim in ~ rocks or remain within foliage to continue to be out that sight. Without any threats in your tank, you could see some quirky behavior.

African Dwarf Frogs love to float in ~ the water’s surface ar with their arms spread out out. At very first glance, it’s simple to think that they’re dead. Yet don’t worry, they’re just relaxing!

The frogs are an extremely docile by nature and work well through others. The only temperament problems you could encounter are with small fish. They can view the fish together food and shot to eat them.

Other 보다 that, african Dwarf Frogs space fun creatures come watch. Lock can also be really vocal. Males do buzzing sounds to lure females.

What Are an excellent Tank Mates because that African Dwarf Frogs?

The best companions because that these frogs are various other African Dwarf Frogs. They’re an extremely social and do ideal in teams of 3 or 4. However, friend don’t have actually to constantly stick them through their own kind.

They’re good communal creatures that can live harmoniously with calm fish. Some good examples of these are:


Any other non-aggressive fish room ideal and can be taken into consideration as well. However, make sure that the fish you pair her frog through aren’t small enough to eat.

You can even introduce other bottom dwellers right into the tank. Huge snails and some shrimp types will leaving the frogs alone, i m sorry is a good thing.

As lengthy as the companion creatures aren’t little enough to eat, girlfriend shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Do lock Get in addition to Bettas?

African Dwarf Frogs and bettas have the right to live together in some situations, but not in others. This has nothing to perform with the frogs because they’re supervisor friendly.

It’s all around the bettas the you have actually in your tank.

If they are on the more tolerant side climate you have the right to probably pull turn off this pairing. However, if they’re wild you could have a difficulty on her hands.

Think around the temperament of your fish prior to you consider this. If you’re ~ above the fence, play the safe and keep them different (and take into consideration one of this betta tanks).

How To each other African Dwarf Frogs

Breeding afri Dwarf Frogs is a distinct process. It’s no that difficult, however it does require some cautious preparation. If done right, you could end up v hundreds of little tadpoles to take treatment of!

The an initial step is come initiate the reproduction process. To do this, you’ll need to simulate the breeding season in the wild. Over the course of a month, reduced the water levels in the tank to about 7 centimeters, or less than 3 inches.

This simulates the dried season in their indigenous Africa. After you have reached that wanted shallowness, fill the tank back up with warmth water that’s around 85 levels Fahrenheit. Preserve this temperature because that a pair of weeks.

As you’re performing this water change, offer your frogs plenty of food to eat. Consider mixing the food up every time to carry out the frogs through variety.

You’ll know that you have initiated breeding when the female starts to gain larger. This way that she’s pour it until it is full up with eggs the are all set to it is in fertilized. Then, it’s just a matter of time prior to the mating routine begins.

When afri Dwarf Frogs breed, the male will cling onto the lower half of the female’s body. The female will then swim come the surface of the water through the male in tow. Together she swims, she’ll relax eggs right into the water.

The male will fertilize those egg by release sperm right into the water behind her. Once this ritual has commenced, you should move the adult frogs right into a hold tank to provide the eggs time come hatch. Hatching just takes in between 3 and also 6 days.

Once the small tadpoles have hatched, feeding them infusoria prior to moving onto brine shrimp. Offer the tadpoles time to prosper their legs and also turn into frogs before reintroducing them come the adults.

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The wrap Up

African Dwarf Frog treatment can be a fun and rewarding process the doesn’t lug on much hassle. In our opinion, it doesn’t obtain any better than that!

Now the you know the crucial info you need to take treatment of these animals, every that’s left is because that you to go out and get some! african Dwarf Frogs are an extremely common, so you do not do it have any type of trouble finding them in ~ your regional aquarium shop.