Concave and convex mirrors room two out of 3 mirror types. The far-ranging difference between concave and also convex winter is that a concave winter possesses a cave-like structure as its surface is curved in an inward direction. As against, a convex mirror has an outside bulged structure as its showing surface.

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Due to structural variation, concave and convex mirrors possess distinctions in the properties shown by them.

What are Mirrors?

Mirrors are related to as reflective surface from where the falling light from the object gets bounced off thereby creating real or online images. A ray of light is can not to pass v a mirror.

In its simplest form, a mirror is a level glass piece, one next of i m sorry is refined with silver nitrate or aluminium. Due to this, the irradiate falling ~ above its unpolished surface stops working to permeate the glass. Such a flat glass item is well-known as a aircraft mirror. Various other than airplane mirrors, the various other two varieties of mirrors space concave and also convex which we will discuss in this article.

Content: Concave Vs Convex Mirror

Comparison chart

Basis for ComparisonConcave MirrorConvex Mirror
Also calledConverging mirrorDiverging mirror
Reflecting surfaceCurved inwardCurved outward
Properties of picture formedReal and also inverter or virtual and also erectAlways virtual and erect
Focus and centre the curvatureInfront the mirrorBehind the mirror
ProjectionCan be done on the screenCannot be excellent on the screen
Focal lengthPositive Negative
Nature the imageMagnifiedDiminished
ExamplesTelescopes, headlights of automobile, torches, etc.Rear watch mirror of automobiles, sunglasses, etc.

Definition the Concave Mirror

Concave mirrors room the form of mirrors that space designed with an inward curve at the facility in bespeak to emphasis the irradiate at a single focal suggest by showing it inward. Concave mirrors display screen different types of pictures according come the distance of separation between the mirror and the object.

Consider the number shown below represents a number of parallel rays incidenting on a concave mirror:


As the is clearly shown in the figure over that the parallel light ray after reflection room intersecting top top the principal axis in ~ a common point. This point is pertained to as a focal point and is denoted through F. Indigenous the above figure, it is clear that the focus lies in front of the concave spherical mirror.

The street that off the pole that the mirror and the focal point is referred to as focal length and also is denoted by f.

Definition of Convex Mirror

Convex mirrors space the type of winter designed with an exterior bulge at the center so that light native the thing can straight fall ~ above it. The is also known as diverging mirror due to its capacity to diverge the rays falling on its surface ar after reflection. This is claimed in recommendation to the fact that in convex mirrors as soon as parallel light ray strike the reflective surface ar then the beams get diverged.

The figure listed below represents a number of parallel rays falling ~ above the convex spherical mirror:


It is clearly shown over that irradiate from an item at infinity falls on the outward curved region of the convex mirror. Top top striking the surface, the rays shot to diverge from the principal focus hence, the image will be developed at the focus, in the backside that the mirror. The image produced by the convex mirror is virtual and also upright.

Key Differences between Concave and Convex Mirror

A concave winter is a spherical mirror through the surface of enjoy is bent in one inward direction while a convex mirror is a spherical mirror v a showing surface v an outward bulge.A concave mirror is of converging nature thus is likewise known together a converging winter whereas a convex winter is the diverging nature for this reason is additionally known as a diverging mirror.The focus and also center that curvature that the concave mirror are current in front of the winter while the of the convex mirror lies top top the backside the the mirror.As the focus of the concave mirror exists top top the former side therefore its focal length is confident whereas that of the convex mirror lies top top the backside thus focal length is negative.The estimate of photo on a concave mirror have the right to be excellent on the display screen while for a convex mirror, image projection can not be excellent on the screen.The magnification for a concave mirror have the right to be less than, same to, or higher than 1. However, the worth of ‘m’ that a convex mirror is smaller sized than 1.A concave mirror produces an image that is normally larger 보다 the really image for this reason the produced image is of magnified nature. On the contrary, a convex mirror produces picture that is normally smaller 보다 the really image, and therefore, the image produced appears to be diminished.

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Concave mirrors generally develop a bigger appearance that the image than the actual dimension of the object hence are mostly used together makeup mirrors, telescopes, headlights the automobiles, torches, mirrors in dentist clinics, etc. While convex mirrors generally create diminished images for this reason are mostly used in rearview mirrors, sunglasses, etc.