Experiencing the beauty of Yellowstone national Park is probably the pinnacle of every 60 USA national parks. Breathtaking panoramic landscapes, a myriad the wildlife residing in their natural habitats and a plethora of geothermal task makes Yellowstone one of the most commonly visited nationwide parks throughout the US. If you are visiting the states of Wyoming, Idaho or Montana, Yellowstone need to be on your radar. Throughout our recent visit to Montana, we made decision to embark on an ambitious day pilgrimage from Billings come Yellowstone to discover not only the beauty of this nationwide park but everything in between.

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If you are heading southern from Billings or other adjacent location, we hope the complying with itinerary will intrigue you to inspect out some of the iconic landmarks follow me this route, consisting of the notorious Beartooth Highway. Let’s take it a look in ~ why we think this day pilgrimage is one that will lengthy live in her memory.


Billings come Yellowstone national Park

With five different entrances right into the park, over there are unique experiences waiting for girlfriend in every direction. If you check out what has turned the end to be our many popular article when us highlighted an epic road trip from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone, you will understand that beginning the park via the cool Tetons and Jackson hole is an extremely scenic route.


However, we want to focus on an additional area which we now consider to be same spectacular. It’s same to say that regardless that the direction you get in Yellowstone, you space in because that a actual treat because the natural beauty that this nationwide park is what provides it such a renowned attraction.


If you are remaining in Billings and intrigued by the assumed of heading to Yellowstone, you will be confronted with a pair of different options in terms of reaching the nationwide park. This will likely be dependency on which entrance you desire to go into Yellowstone.


For us, there is really just one course worth taking and also that is via the iconic Beartooth Highway. Prior to we walk into information on this route, you re welcome be mindful that you will certainly be traveling to elevations of over 10,000 feet and also so it’s constantly worth checking prior to you undertaking out to check out if the roadway is open. Right here are the highlights worth exploring along this route:

Billings, MontanaRed Lodge, MontanaBeartooth HighwayLamar valley – Yellowstone NPHayden valley – Yellowstone NPOld Faithful

Billings, Montana

Before venturing top top this road trip, why no head end to one of numerous amazing local coffee shops in Billings to carry out energy for what will revolve out to be a lengthy day trying out this component of the US. Billings is residence to your classic chain coffee shops such as Starbucks, but it’s the local facilities such as Mazevo, MoAV, City Brew Coffee and much more that should entice your attention.

If you have actually some time to check out Billings prior to heading the end on your road trip, take the scenic drive north of the city come the bluffs (also well-known as the “Scenic Rimrock Road”) to reap spectacular landscape see overlooking the urban area and also beyond. Pictograph cave State Park is a popular spot amongst visitors come the area, together this is wherein you can learn all about the life that Montana’s ancestors from end 2,000 year ago.

Riverfront Park is an area the green an are in this primarily urban an ar of Montana. This is the perfect point out to go for an early morning stroll follow me the banks of the Yellowstone River…later on, girlfriend will uncover out where the Yellowstone river runs through and also creates iconic waterfall in the nationwide park! Don’t worry, the solitude the the river provides this an idyllic and relaxing environment for locals and visitors alike.

Red Lodge, Montana

Ready to set out on her adventure experimenting the really best the Montana and also the beautiful state that Wyoming? Hop top top I-90 and head west till you reach departure 434 (Laurel and also Red Lodge) and also wave goodbye to the interstate as the remainder of your journey will check out you hit the earlier roads the Montana and the alpine passes throughout the Beartooth Highway.

Before you come at the gateway come what is generally renowned together the “most beautiful journey in America” (Charles Kuralt), you deserve to fill up through gas, grab a bite to eat and also explore the tiny town the Red Lodge. This is the perfect city to be well-known as the “Gateway to Yellowstone nationwide Park”, through a strange feel and the locals offering a important welcoming endure for anyone that passes with the town.

Home come the iconic Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary that residences a variety of types that you deserve to usually discover in the wild in Yellowstone, however are currently being rehabilitated after being rescued as result of injury. Those that continue to be within the boundaries of this sanctuary have actually been considered to it is in “non-releasable” earlier into the Yellowstone ecosystem yet despite no being able to head ago to their natural habitat, castle will enjoy the rest of your life in the knowledge that they will certainly be cared because that by a team of volunteers and also staff that only have one score in mind – to show love and care for these animals!

For over 30 years, Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary has been keeping the greatest level of treatment for 30+ animals and also visitors can experience this collection of animals before hopefully having actually the opportunity to watch their friends and family in the wild after ~ passing v the enntrance gate of Yellowstone nationwide Park.

If you space interested in finding out an ext information, including hrs of operation and also exactly exactly how you can help this organization, inspect out the following website for more details – Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. Wildlife in Yellowstone is one of the vital reasons why us LOVE this nationwide park and to check out a sanctuary prospering like this epitomizes every little thing there is to love about this region.

Beartooth Highway

If you are looking to experience 68 miles of pure bliss and also natural beauty, look at no more than the remarkable Beartooth Highway the connects the southern guideline of Montana through the north-east entrance of Yellowstone nationwide Park.

For those fortunate sufficient to endure this route (another reminder to examine the road conditions prior to attempting to cross the Beartooth Highway as it is generally closed due to inclement weather in ~ the greater elevations on this route), you room in for a actual treat and an endure that will long live in your memory.

The extraordinaryBeartooth Highwayis a seasonal indulgence

Travel Channel, https://www.travelchannel.com/interests/road-trips/articles/beartooth-highway

The first part that the drive is a progressive climb deep into the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains. There are number of spots along this climb wherein you will desire to obtain out and also admire the scenery from the miscellaneous overlooks on the next of the road. As you endeavor deeper into the mountains, the breathtaking plateaus offer irresistible see of the northern Rockies and also you proceed to climb until you reach an key of 10,350 feet in the state the Montana. After crossing right into Wyoming, you will climb slightly greater to a summit the 10,947 feet and also it’s no surprised that this is the highest roadway in the northern Rockies range.

The most notable aspect other 보다 the picturesque scenery is the ever-changing climate adjust throughout the Beartooth Highway. During our journey, we left Red Lodge at a temperature that 70 degrees and also by the time we got to the summit of the Highway, it was below 40 degrees. In together a quick timeframe, friend will check out a dramatic temperature change, so be all set with various layers that clothing before venturing out into the open up landscape at over 10,000 feet and also exploring the inherent beauty of the Beartooth Highway.

As we continued the journey right into Wyoming and dropped elevation, we started stumbling across a series of mountain lakes, through crystal clean water that detailed the perfect backdrop because that a be safe hike prior to continuing towards Yellowstone. In fact, the nude eye might only watch a couple of of the mountain lakes, rivers and also streams in this component of the US, however there are well over 10,000 in the region, varying in shape and also size yet all v a common asset the they epitomize the organic beauty of the area.

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone national Park

Welcome come Yellowstone nationwide Park! The minute you pass through the north-east entrance and drive a brief distance, you instantly enter the Lamar Valley region of the park i m sorry is notorious for being a haven because that a diverse range of wildlife that chooses this area together their herbal habitat.

If you have actually never watched bison, be prepared to it is in amazed by the amount that will most likely be grazing close come the roadway that passes v the Lamar Valley. Girlfriend may also need to prevent as the bison overcome the road or simply decide to gain “up close and also personal” with your vehicle. Constantly take your time through this part of the park because you never know when you will should stop or when you will need to be prepared to capture that perfect wildlife sighting.

Bison are not the just wildlife in the Lamar sink region, in fact, this is just the start of the plenty of wildlife sightings you can anticipate experiencing. If you room fortunate sufficient to come in this area in between the hours of 7 AM and 9 AM, this will rise the avenues of seeing grizzly bears, the Junction Butte, and also Lamar Canyon wolf packs, pronghorn deer and also many more.

Even if you room not an early riser and venture into the Lamar sink late morning as we did, you can still intend a varied collection of wildlife to it is in residing in this area – we observed bison, coyotes, and also deer before getting here at Tower Junction and heading southern towards Canyon Village.

Hayden Valley, Yellowstone national Park

The most typically visited area that Yellowstone nationwide Park for wildlife sightings is the Hayden sink area, close come Yellowstone Lake.

Renowned as being home to assorted herds the bison, grizzly/black bears, bull elk, bull moose among many others, the Hayden sink landscape is the perfect habitat because that these diverse varieties to thrive. Friend will discover a number of spots along this drive where you deserve to pull over and admire the wildlife at a safe distance. Constantly be conscious of her surroundings and PLEASE recognize that you are entering the habitat of these animals, quite than the opposite.

One the the to mark experiences that we encountered was watching a large herd of bison grazing by the river and just a quick distance from the parking lot wherein we stopped. A Yellowstone national Park ranger was on hand to offer everyone directions around staying nearby to your vehicles however willing to allow us come admire these beautiful creatures relax and capture a myriad of photographs.

When it concerns a wildlife paradise, Hayden valley is perhaps the one spot friend won’t desire to miss out on if you room visiting Yellowstone. The beauty beauty of this sink is that it is centrally located and easily easily accessible for all 5 entrances to the park. Component of the “loop” v Old Faithful, West Yellowstone, and Canyon Village, this is a big of road where girlfriend will likely want to allocate several hours to enjoy the wildlife sightings the you room pretty much guaranteed to encounter.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone national Park

Driving native Hayden Valley will lead you throughout the continent Divide and also towards possibly the many iconic landmark in Yellowstone – Old Faithful. A geothermal geyser that is just one of the many predictable however equally spectacular organic formations the erupts every 45-120 minutes. Situated in the top Geyser Basin, an area the is full of geothermal activity, Old Faithful is the most well known geyser ~ above show however there are plenty others the don’t erupt fairly as frequently but still sell awe-inspiring reflects if you are fortunate to it is in in the right ar at the best time.

Visitors come Old Faithful have the opportunity to endure the visitor center to learn all about the geothermal task in the region while additionally learning around why Old Faithful to be named because of this in the late 19th-century. Head outside the visitor center to the the town hall area and grab a chair to obtain the best seat in the house to reap a display that will last anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes. The eruption is almost everywhere from 100-180 feet however generally will be in the 130 feet region.

If you room visiting Old Faithful in between the hrs of Noon and also 6 PM, please be prepared to experience big crowds and also visitors from all throughout the world see this as the highlight “pièce de résistance” attraction within the national park.

A quick tip, head come other locations of the upper Geyser basin because there are several various other spots where you can acquire much closer and also enjoy amazing geothermal activities. We would argue that Old Faithful is no the ideal geyser in Yellowstone together there are several others the we think about to be much more spectacular however in terms of status, no rather can match this geothermal formation.

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Having take away the iconic roadway trip in between Salt Lake City and also Yellowstone, we honestly didn’t think the the approach to America’s best national park can get any an ext spectacular. However, after recently driving this route between Billings and Yellowstone throughout the top Beartooth Highway, we have found an alternate drive the is equally spectacular. Neither Montana no one Wyoming might be US says that you automatically think about visiting however after reading this post, we are convinced you might well be changing your opinion…the beauty beauty of both is something the you cannot afford come miss.

It goes without saying, Yellowstone’s wildlife encounters space an i can not forget experience. I would certainly argue that having the opportunity to view bison and also bears in their natural habitat is almost as enjoyable as an afri safari but wildlife sightings aren’t the only reason why this day pilgrimage is therefore enjoyable. The summary landscapes from end 10,000 feet in addition to the calm solitude of the hill lakes on the Beartooth Highway is miscellaneous we could appreciate for hours.

We hope you have actually the opportunity to suffer this impressive drive and also look forward to hearing about your experiences. Have you skilled the Beartooth Highway before? What room your favorite Yellowstone nationwide Park wildlife sightings? carry out you think Old Faithful is the ideal geyser in Yellowstone? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!