While Tampa is one of the up-and-coming stars the Florida’s Gulf Coast, the lacks the heady buzz and also glam beaches uncovered in luxe Miami. That’s why for this reason many people travel from Tampa to Miami — come round out their Florida vacation.

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With a slew of straightforward and affordable take trip options, gaining from Tampa come Miami is a breeze. The easiest way to cross the state is by car. Miami lies 279 miles southeast that Tampa, which will take simply over 4 hours to journey if friend don’t struggle traffic.

If friend don’t fancy driving yourself, you deserve to take things up a notch by renting a limo or dance on a fast flight. Or, if your pocketbook is pinched, you can opt for a journey on a bus or train. These more economical modes of transportation offer visitors cheaper, virtually stress-free choices for travel from Tampa to Miami.

Not certain which means to choose? Our list of the finest ways to acquire from Tampa come Miami can aid you decide.

Note: some businesses might be in the interim closed due to recent an international health and safety issues.

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1. Indigenous Tampa come Miami by Car

Aerial watch of Alligator Alley with the Everglades

Driving is the easiest and second cheapest method to take trip from Tampa to Miami. If the website traffic gods are shining on you, the trip must take about four hours and also 15 minutes. If you hit some congestion ~ above the journey, you might be looking at close to five and also a half hours top top the road.

The fastest driving route from Tampa come Miami requires taking the I-75. Called Alligator Alley by locals, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled (only if you’re the passenger, the course) for gators in the waterways lining the highway.

The I-75 travels along the west coast to Naples before jutting east to ft Lauderdale and also then southern to Miami. Unfortunately, the I-75 is a toll road, for this reason be ready to receive a invoice in the mail as soon as you’re back home. The covers around 279 miles and takes roughly four hours and 10 minutes.

Another, just minimally slow option is to take Florida’s Turnpike (another toll fee road). This route traverses the state along 269 miles, guiding visitors eastern towards fort Pierce, with Port St. Lucie, and also south come Miami. It will take around four hours and also 20 minutes.

Finally, girlfriend can try taking the I-75 southern to US-27 S. This journey covers around 272 miles and takes about four and a half hours. It likewise has tolls.

Check v your rental car agency before booking the automobile to view what their policy is on tolls. Numerous companies charge an additional fee for taking the auto on a toll road, which deserve to really include up if you’re utilizing them frequently. Depending how far you arrangement to travel and also how many times you will use toll roads, it may be cheaper to obtain your own SunPass and register it come the vehicle you’re driving.

2. Native Tampa to Miami by Bus

Road through downtown Miami

The cheapest way to obtain from Tampa come Miami is by bus. This journey will certainly take simply a smidge much longer than it would certainly if girlfriend drove yourself, however there’s a lot of to be said around leaving the tension of navigating to who else.

Red Coach buses leave Tampa when a day from downtown (3801 USF Holly Drive) and arrive at Miami Airport’s Concourse H ~ above the exit level just under five hours later. They usually make three fast stops en path in ft Myers, Naples, and Fort Lauderdale.

Economy is the cheapest means to ride, while organization and very first class offer more bang for her pricier ticket. Complimentary Wi-Fi is accessible for all riders, as space charging ports. Business and also first-class passengers enjoy a footrest and also comfier, more comprehensive seats the recline to 140 degrees. Also, they space allotted 2 pieces of confirm luggage and one carry-on, i m sorry are contained in the price.

Depending which path you choose, dance on a Greyhound bus can take you all over from eight hours and 20 minute to much more than 14 hours to with Miami. Rather of heading right south, many Greyhound buses take it a an ext roundabout route, heading come Orlando first, followed by stop in ft Pierce and Fort Lauderdale prior to finally arriving in Miami. The shorter trips involve stop in Lake Placid and also Fort Lauderdale. If you’re searching for a fast means to acquire from Tampa to Miami by bus, you might want to select Red Coach instead.

3. Indigenous Tampa to Miami by Train

Crandon Park coast in Miami

The most relaxing method to acquire from Tampa to Miami is by train. Amtrak trains run from Tampa Union Station, covering the practically 280-mile street in five hours and 20 minutes, not much longer than it takes come drive. You’ll discover a coffee shop and cost-free Wi-Fi onboard and have the selection to upgrade to a room, which contains beds, towels, a personal restroom and also shower, and cost-free meals.

Take a taxi or hotel shuttle (if her hotel supplies one) to Tampa Union Station in ~ 601 phibìc Nebraska path in the downtown core. Developed in 1912, this pretty structure is noted on the nationwide Register of historical Places and also services over 100,000 passenger every year.

You’ll come just exterior the city at the Miami Amtrack Station in ~ 8303 NW 37th avenue in Hialeah. Native here, you’ll have to hail a cab or walk come the nearby Tri-Rail and Metrorail Stations to board a neighborhood train to the city. Inspect with her hotel prior to you go, as some offer totally free shuttle rides to and from the train station.

4. Native Tampa to Miami by Plane

Aerial check out of south Beach, Miami Beach

Depending ~ above the airline and route girlfriend choose, flying is the fastest method to obtain from Tampa come Miami. Taking a plane is additionally your most expensive option. American, Southwest, and Delta airline fly to Miami international Airport. Indigenous here, you deserve to hop ~ above a bus into the city, board her hotel’s cost-free shuttle, rental a car, or use a taxi or limo service.

While American Airlines makes the trip directly in just end one hour, Southwest and also Delta take a lengthier approach that involves stopovers. Southwest’s flights have the right to take up to eight and also a fifty percent hours as they encompass a stopover in Atlanta, Houston, or Baltimore/Washington. Delta’s flights often tend to prevent in Atlanta, making the journey to Miami in anywhere in between four hours and also eight hours and 20 minutes.

Silver Airways and also Spirit market some the the cheapest fares, but they both paris into ft Lauderdale-Hollywood global Airport, which is just over 30 minutes and also 30 miles north that Miami. The easiest means to gain to Miami from ft Lauderdale airplane is through renting a auto or taking a taxi.

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5. Native Tampa come Miami by Limo

Palm trees framework the Miami skyline

Looking come stir points up a bit? book a personal limo to journey you every the method from Tampa come Miami. Florida Limousine Rental has a bevy of fun choices to gain you come Miami in style. Even if it is you’re looking come lap up the deluxe in a big limo, gain some fun v friends ~ above a party bus, or be sure in a comfy city car, this agency caters to all her needs. Plus, they’ll pick you increase from your hotel or any type of other location you’d like. While pricey, acquisition a limousine is the swankiest means to acquire from Tampa to Miami.