Why visit the U.S. Virgin Islands?

The three key islands making up the USVI’s—St. Thomas, St. John, and also St. Croix—have individual charms with one commonality. Due to the fact that 1916, they have been included among the U.S. Territories.

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(Featured picture above: Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI)


You’ll discover accommodation selections in the USVI operation the gamut, from significant hotel chain to smaller, family-owned resorts, smaller B&B’s and inns, and also villas and also even campsites on St. John, where two-thirds the the island is nationwide park land. Where I stayed – St. Thomas: Bolongo Bay beach Resort; St. John: Caneel just Resort; St. Croix: Carambola coast Resort

Update: adhering to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017, the Caneel just Resort and St. John were devastated and also reopening the will was impossible. Work-related to reopen Caneel bay continues, the Resort remains closed and no bookings are being embraced through 2021.


Fantastic diving and snorkeling have the right to be knowledgeable throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands. St. Thomas’s capital city, Charlotte Amalie, is one of the Caribbean’s finest duty-free to buy ports. Both Charlotte Amalie ~ above St. Thomas and Christiansted on St. Croix space worthy the walking tours to learn of the islands’ Danish past.


Magens just on St. Thomas and Trunk bay on St. John, renowned for its underwater snorkeling trail, have actually been named to many best beaches lists. On St. Croix, there space many an ext to explore, consisting of Cane only Beach, an excellent for simple shore diving. Take a boat ride to Buck Island to reap the beach and snorkel that is underwater trail.

Food and Drink

Although you’ll uncover American chain restaurants here, look for out local foods items like fish and also fungi, goat water, rice and peas, callaloo soup, and also johnnycake. New fish and seafood can be found everywhere. Neighborhood rum – Cruzan. Tourism the Cruzan Rum distillery top top St. Croix.

Getting There

The American flag flies and no passport is required to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are straight flights to St. Croix indigenous Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Direct flights to St. Thomas can be booked from new York, Newark, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Ft. Lauderdale, and also Philadelphia.


The U.S. Virgin islands are located around 1,115 miles south of Miami in the Caribbean and also 70 miles east of mountain Juan, Puerto Rico, at the meeting allude of the Caribbean Sea and also Atlantic Ocean. While St. Thomas and also St. John space just 4 miles apart and can be reached by ferry, St. Croix lies more to the south and also can be got to by seaplane or a quick ferry (90 minutes). You may likewise take a ferry indigenous St. Thomas or St. John to the nearby British Virgin archipelago (in one hour or less), but remember to take your passport. You no longer in the U.S.!


Geographically Caribbean and also officially American, you have the finest of both worlds. If St. Cutting board is many cosmopolitan of the three, v its capital, Charlotte Amalie, boasting few of the Caribbean’s ideal duty-free shopping, St. John is quiet and also laid back, as nearly the entire island is defended as a nationwide Park. St. Croix, largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is a blend of the two. Under cruise ships avoid here, so there space fewer daytrippers 보다 on St. Thomas. St. Croix’s tourism focus is ~ above scuba diving, snorkeling and also watersports, including Buck Island Reef nationwide Monument, a defended area simply north of St. Croix.

If you go, don’t miss:

St. Thomas

Take in unsurpassed views of Charlotte Amalie’s port aboard the St.Thomas Skyride, across the street native Havensight Mall. Three repeatedly running trams make the 7-minute, 700-foot ascent to the height of Flag Hill’s sky Point.


Take a walking tour of St. Thomas’s funding city, Charlotte Amalie, where much of the architecture and remnants that its Danish previous remains. One together landmark is the 99 steps. There room actually 103, among several step-streets built by the Danes.

Even if you’re not continuing to be at Bolongo bay Resort, do plans to it is in there because that Carnival Night on Wednesdays, which attributes an all-you-can-eat West Indian buffet, live Calypso music, Mocko Jumbie stilt dancers and a limbo show. (Update: Iggies beach Bar has been closed since September 2017, when two category 5 hurricanes fight St. Cutting board in two weeks. Bolongo just is right now working to rebuild Iggies coast Bar.)




St. Croix

Scuba divers will certainly find avenues for diving come fit every suffer level turn off the shores the St. Croix. A night dive turn off the Fredericksted Pier is one friend shouldn’t miss!

Do a coast dive at Cane Bay and visit the Coral Nursery, one of two areas off St. Croix wherein nursery-raised staghorn coral specimens have actually been fastened to steel tree-like structures on concrete pedestals buried in the sand.

For really island cuisine, make your means to Harvey’s for lunch (11B company St., Christiansted, St. Croix). (Update: Harvey’s has permanently closed.)

Don’t leaving without shopping because that the original St. Croix hook bracelet at Sonya’s (Sonya Ltd.) on company Street.

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Published write-ups on the U.S. Virgin Islands:

Island Ease

The only passport you’ll should visit St. Thomas and St. John, two Caribbean beauties through American ties, is a plane ticket

ST. THOMAS, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS—As we climbed into our taxi external the Cyril E. King airplane on the island that St. Thomas, we saw an American flag waving in the breeze. We had landed in St. Thomas, an ext than 1,100 miles south of Miami and the most popular location in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The island and also its sisters, St. John and also St. Croix, are territories of the U.S., and also are known for duty-free shopping, world-class beaches and also Danish history. It was a tropical destination made easy — no passport required…

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St. Croix’s Underwater World

Access to St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is easy since it’s a U.S. Territory and no passport is required. However, access to the beauty and diversity that life under the waters the surround the requires much more effort. You must be a certified scuba diver. Of food you deserve to see lot of of sea life by donning a mask and snorkeling, yet as I discovered out as soon as I ended up being certified, it’s no the same…

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St. Croix, USVI – A Scuba Diver’s Delight

There room very couple of places in the Caribbean where scuba divers can arrangement dives on a reef, a wall, a shipwreck, and also then carry out a night dive under a pier — all in one day, or an ext likely, spaced throughout several days. St. Croix, the biggest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is one of those places. It is a good destination for scuba divers of all suffer levels, as well as for those who would choose to learn.

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