The town of mountain Ignacio is easily accessible by residential flights from Tropic Air, or can arrive via bus or by personal vehicle. The most popular nearby transportation hubs space Belize City, Belmopan (the capital of Belize), and destinations in surrounding Guatemala. Because that convenience and affordability, travellers to san Ignacio space commended come arrange transportation in advance.

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Many hotels and also resorts in Belize market guided tourism packages and shuttle solutions to mountain Ignacio. The Cahal Pech town Resort, conveniently situated in the love of Cayo District, uses outstanding accommodations at affordable prices. Cahal Pech also offers guided tourism to attractions in and also around mountain Ignacio, as well as safe and reliable transport to and also from the city.

Arriving by Car

The second-largest town in Belize, mountain Ignacio is easily accessible by car. The western Highway connects san Ignacio come the rest of the country, a contemporary paved roadway free of pot holes, with several convenient gas stations located throughout. After arriving at the city of san Ignacio & Santa Elena (the sister city of san Ignacio), you"ll need to cross a one-way wood bridge. If you room heading west, make a ideal turn, heading downhill to overcome the bridge right into San Ignacio Town. Many visitors miss this critical turn, therefore feel complimentary to ask the locals because that directions if you acquire lost.

When leaving mountain Ignacio Town, cross the Hawksworth Bridge, the only modern suspension leg in the country.

Arriving by Bus

Many neighborhood buses serve mountain Ignacio native Belize City, but these are usually less comfortable, with no air-conditioning or separate storage areas for luggage. The trip between Belize City and also San Ignacio takes about two and also a fifty percent hours, with multiple stops in between. A few express buses additionally run in between the 2 cities, although much less frequently.

For travellers heading to san Ignacio indigenous Flores in Guatemala, you"ll have to take a tuk-tuk (local taxi) to the Nueva bus station in Santa Elena, Flores. Ticket prices are 5 Guatemalan Quetzals. From Santa Elena, Flores, mini-vans depart in ~ the optimal of every hour for the Belizean border, v tickets costing 30 Guatemalan Quetzals. Once across the border in Belize, taxis can take girlfriend to san Ignacio for about $15 us dollars (30 Belizean Dollars). Alternatively, you have the right to take a bus for around $7.5 united state (15 BZD).

Far less complicated than handling negotiating multiple overcrowded buses and also cabbies trying come hustle rides is arranging for practically door-to-door shuttle service with Cahal Pech town Resort to any type of destination in Belize.

By Shuttle

The Cahal Pech town Resort offers safe and reliable spaceship service in between Belize City worldwide Airport, or any kind of other airplane in the country, with door-to-door business to mountain Ignacio, as well as to transparent Belize, and onward to additional destinations in Guatemala and also Mexico.


Getting around San Ignacio Town

As a busy and also thriving town, mountain Ignacio has modern, led roads, and also traffic is normally light. Sidewalks and smooth roads make for easy navigation by bike or on foot, and a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, and markets are within basic walking street from downtown. To with the surrounding Mayan ruins, or to travel exterior of san Ignacio, it"s a simple process to sign up with a tourism group, ride a local bus, or journey your an individual vehicle.

Most locals favor to ride the buses, making castle a great way to achieve an yes, really Belizean endure for very little money. V multiple stops, local buses room not constantly the fastest means to obtain around, yet offer a good chance come marvel in ~ the lush tropic countryside.

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Questions around our Belize Shuttle services or visiting mountain Ignacio and also the Cayo District? contact us in ~ info or speak to toll totally free 239 494 3281. Wednesday love to assist you arrangement your Belize vacation.

A perform of ours favorite points to carry out in mountain Ignacio Belize

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