Have dreams of visiting the white continent yet unsure exactly how to get to Antarctica from brand-new Zealand? check out on and I will certainly tell you every one of the ways to travel to Antarctica from new Zealand. 

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1. Cruise to Antarctica indigenous Ushuaia, Argentina

The bulk of Antarctic cruises depart indigenous Ushuaia in ~ the southern rip of southern America. You have the right to fly straight from Auckland to Buenos Aires in Argentina and then take a connecting trip South to Ushuaia. As soon as you board your cruise it is a 2-day trip to reach the Antarctic continent whereby you will certainly find defended bays teeming through wildlife and scientific research study bases, remote army outposts and also remnants that the polar pioneers. If girlfriend dream of kayaking, SCUBA diving, hiking, camping on ice and endless wildlife watching expeditions in Antarctica, then this is the alternative for you. Cruise the end of Ushuaia generally autumn into 2 categories. (A) Antarctic Peninsula Cruises - The traditional “Classic” cruises come the Antarctic Peninsula will typically take 10-12 days.(B) Antarctic Peninsula, south Georgia and the Falkland archipelago – the much longer trips will take up to 22 days. Visiting the sub-Antarctic islands offers distinctive wildlife such as King Penguins and also Royal Albatross as well as a fascinating history.

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Pros:Greater an option of vessels, itineraries & activitiesless cruising timeMost affordable cruise optionsCons:Unless you absolutely hate boats and also do not want to cross the drake passage climate there room not really any type of cons top top a cruise come Antarctica form Ushuaia, that is an excellent option!




2. Cruise to Antarctica from Punta Arenas, Chile

You can fly directly from Punta Arenas (Chile) to numerous Antarctic destinations, including the southern Shetland Islands and South Georgia, and also cruise Antarctica from there. South Georgia is among Antarctica’s best highlights. The slim concentration the wildlife and also awe-inspiring landscapes space truly breathtaking. Over there are likewise options to paris to King George Island and then take it an Antarctica cruise from there – this tends to be a an ext expensive choice than an Antarctica cruise departing type Ushuaia however it does have actually the advantage of preventing the Drake Passage, known for unstable seas.

Pros:If you’re brief on time, flight + cruise tourism from Punta Arenas space a good option.Avoid the choppy drake passages and also sail only in the more sheltered waters that the Antarctic peninsula.Cons:This is a an ext expensive alternative with less range of vessels and itineraries.Bad weather can cause flight delays which have the right to disrupt the planned itinerary.




3. Cruise come Antarctica from brand-new Zealand

There is a choice of cruises departing every season from Bluff, Invercargill (or Hobart, Tasmania). This voyages tend to be about 3-4 mainly long.

The pilgrimage down to the Antarctic continent takes roughly 7 work which can be damaged up through visits come sub-Antarctic archipelago such as Macquarie Island, Campbells Island, Auckland Islands and also the Snare Islands, i m sorry offer excellent wildlife and also the chance to see King Penguins, imperial Penguins and other distinctive wildlife. Once having actually arrived come Antarctica, world will invest their time about Commonwealth only or the Ross Sea region. A trip down to this part of Antarctica is pretty extreme, it’s together remote as it possibly can get and also not for the light-hearted. The colder, windier and also with greater chances of unstable seas and there is no one else besides the other human being on her ship. But for those intrepid tourists a pilgrimage to this next does allow you come visit some an excellent places together as historic sites native the heroic period of Antarctic expedition (1897-1922) there are still preserved huts which deserve to be visited, which have actually been left behind through famous explorer Mawson, Scott and Shackleton, the massive ross ice shelf, mount Erebus, the world southernmost active volcano, emperor penguins and also of food the well-off sub-Antarctic islands.

Pros:Depart on your cruise straight from brand-new ZealandVisit among the least visited places on earthIncludes brand-new Zealand sub-Antarctic IslandsCons:Much longer ocean crossing through the possibility of rough seas and extreme conditionsHigher costsLess wildlife when compared to the Antarctic peninsula.

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4. Day trip? fly to Antarctica because that the day. 

Experience the magic that Antarctica from above as you glide end the dazzling good White Continent, the world’s last pristine wilderness and its last frontier. Board a privately chartered 747 plane, this one-day visit flights indigenous Sydney, Melbourne and also Perth provide you a spectacular bird’s-eye watch of this large untamed polar desert through its desolate beauty.

Pros:There is no risk of gaining cold or wet and no rough seas come endure - just relax on board, enjoy the in-flight service, absorb your distinct view of Antarctica and marvel at the awe-inspiring scenery of the uncharted frozen south that lies beneath you.Cons:You i will not ~ see any kind of of Antarctica’s miracle wildlife.There will certainly be no landings, no chance to actually set foot in Antarctica




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