Cleveland, MS, go not have its own airport, yet is served by a small regional airport in Greenville, MS, with minimal flights arriving daily indigenous Dallas and Atlanta. Boutique air is the organization airline for Greenville.

The an ar is more served by big airports in Jackson, MS, Memphis, TN, and small Rock, AR. Memphis and Jackson are about 100 miles from Cleveland. Small Rock is approximately 160 mile away.

There space rental-car agencies situated at all airports. However, Cleveland only has Enterprise auto Rentals, and they fee a really high rate to turn in indigenous Memphis, Jackson, or tiny Rock.

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Remember to enable sufficient travel time to and from the airport. The takes at the very least two hrs to journey from one of two people Memphis or Jackson to Cleveland, MS, about forty-five minute from Greenville, and just under three hours to little Rock.

The airports include:


Memphis global Airport (MEM)Memphis, Tennessee


Jackson-Evers international Airport (JAC)Jackson, Mississippi


Clinton nationwide Airport, (LIT)Little Rock, Arkansas


Greenville Municipal airport (GLH)Greenville, Mississippi

Bus and also Train Stations:

Delta Bus lines LLC, 662-846-5112 (Cleveland office) or 901 523 2155 (Memphis office) Delta Bus Lines have buses comes in native the south at 7:45 a.m. And 11:35 a.m. And from the north at 3:40 p.m. And also 7:30 p.m. This buses connect with Greyhound Bus Lines.

Amtrakstops in Marks, MS and also Greenwood, MS. Marks is about 45 miles northeast the Cleveland, and Greenwood is 45 mile southeast that Cleveland.

Cleveland is located 100 miles south of Memphis and also can be reached by auto from Highway 61 directly or federal government 55 to State Highway 8 west.

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Should you fly into Greenville, you will take State Highway 1 south (turn left as exiting airport) to the intersection the State Highway 82, take it a left (east) and travel to Highway 61 north (about 5 miles), and also follow the indicators to Cleveland.