White poppy seed is a common ingredient provided in Indian food. Friend will find poppy seeds in grey, blue, black and even dark brown. An ext on the supplies of poppy seeds for food preparation in this post.


White poppy seeds are mainly used in Indian or eastern cuisine to boost the taste of key and additionally as a thickening agent.

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Black or blue poppy seed are well-known in the western cuisine.

But wherein to poppy seed come from?

They space the tiny seed that come indigenous the beautiful opium poppy flowers.

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To some people’s utmost delight, that may occur to be a legitimate way to acquire the opium high, but sorry to burst the bubble!!

The seed extracted native the flower pods as a condiment or spice are harmless with small to no traces of medicine in it.

However, the taste the poppy paste in food have the right to be quite addictive if you fall in love through it the is