Dry Mount

In a dry mount, the specimen is placed straight on the slide. A covering slip may be offered to save the specimen in place and also to help protect the target lens. Dried mounts are an ideal for specimens such together samples that pollen, hair, feathers or plant materials.

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Wet Mount

In a wet mount, a autumn of water is used to suspend the specimen in between the slide and cover slip. Place a sample ~ above the slide. Using a pipette, place a autumn of water top top the specimen. Then location on sheet of the cover slip over the sample and carefully reduced the cover slip into place utilizing a toothpick or equivalent. This an approach will aid prevent air balloon from gift trapped under the covering slip.Your objective is come have adequate water to fill the room between cover slip and slide. If there is too much water, the cover slip will slide around. Take it a item of file towel and hold that close to one sheet of the covering slip. This will draw out part water. If as well dry, add a autumn of water alongside the cover slip. Exercise this till you acquire used to it.Wet mounts are suitable for studying water-bound organisms such together paramecium or bodily fluids such as saliva, blood and urine.


Iodine is one of the an ext commonly accessible stains and is offered to identify starch in a variety of samples. It will stain carbohydrates in plants and animal specimens brown or blue-black. Glycogen will display as red.

Eosin Y is one acidic stain which stains pink for alkaline cell (cytoplasm, because that example). It colors red for blood cells, cytoplasm and cell membranes. Eosin"s most important medical supplies are in blood and bone-marrow testing, including the PAP smear.

Gram"s Stain is among the most typically used processes in identify bacteria – used daily in hospitals. That is a major test the quickly and also cost successfully divides bacteria into one of two types: Gram optimistic or Gram negative. 


1. Prepare a wet mountain slide.

2. Collection a drop of stain through an eye dropper or pipette.

3. Put a drop of stain top top an external edge of your cover slide.

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4. Place a item of napkin or record towel against the opposite next of her cover slip, best up against the edge. This will help draw the stain under the sheathe and throughout the specimen.