Today, I will certainly be telling you the an easy difference in between Outlook and also Outlook Express. If you have actually the same inquiry in your mind climate keep analysis this article.

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Microsoft Corporation has a wide selection of users and every user has actually their own needs. And also that"s why, Microsoft has actually launched 2 different types of email clients to cater these 2 segments.


Home Users

These user segment generally looks for an easy and reliable email v a group of newsgroup functionality. This user segment doesn"t look because that highly progressed features and functionalities favor some others do.


Enterprise users

Whereas this segment of users, mainly concentrates on ease of use, great reliability v a great amount of advanced features and also functionalities for an efficient integration between their email and tools because that collaboration and also data management.

Outlook and Outlook Express

Just come let you know the difference between MS Outlook & Outlook Express. OE is the cost-free version the you obtain with her computer. Whereas ms Outlook comes v MS Office.

Microsoft Outlook

It is one of the most premiere and advanced email client from Microsoft Corporation and is the just email customer which is combined with MS Office and also Microsoft Exchange Server. Its features like email integration, contact management, calendaring and scheduling emails makes it one of the ideal application for service users.

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Outlook refer

Whereas MS Outlook Express is the variation of Outlook which comes with Microsoft Internet explorer 4.x, 5.x, MS windows Millennium edition (ME) OS, home windows 98 and also with home windows 2000 edition. OE is basically designed for residence users, who generally gain accessibility to web by dialing to an ISP (Internet organization Provider)

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to compare Table in between Outlook and also Outlook refer

ms Outlook Outlook to express
Primarily designed for office or service user Designed for house users
Loaded v emails, task, group scheduling, personal calendars and also even call management system Only has features like email and newsgroup functionality
Support multiple sclerosis Exchange server Doesn"t support Exchange server
Comes through MS Office suite Comes with only Windows OS
Support Exchange Server, IMAP4, SMTP, POP3 or any other standard communication system that supports MAPI Support SMTP, POP3, and IMAP
Support email, directory and news standards consisting of MIME, LDAP, NNTP, MHTML, and S/MIME, vCard, vCalendar, iCalendar with complete support for HTML letter Support LDAP, SMIME , MHTML and also NNTP
Can be provided for multiple email accounts Can be provided for multiple email accounts
Loaded with advanced inbox rules to manage and also organize emails in a much better way Have to create your own inbox rule for much better management
Integrates through MS Office easily Hard to integrate with ms Office
Better migration and also synchronization with other email clients Hard come migrate records to other email clients
Loaded through Automatic Backup No automatic backup. You need to do the yourself
Advanced attributes to filter junk emails Hard to filter junk emails
Store her emails in .pstand .ostformat Store her data in .dbx style
Can store messages and settings top top server Can just store message on server
Available top top Windows7 and much more advanced versions Available on home windows XP and its vault versions

So right here is the an easy difference in between Outlook and Outlook Express.

What To choose Outlook or Outlook Express?

Choose multiple sclerosis Outlook If :-

girlfriend are searching for an progressed email customer with group discussion features. Girlfriend are searching for an incorporated task, team scheduling, regulating contacts and an individual calendars. In search of email customer which support Microsoft Exchange server.

Searching because that a cross-platform email customer which runs smoothly on MS home windows 95and its later on versions.

Choose Outlook to express If :-

Only in search of an email customer with newsgroup functionality. No require of advanced features apart from emailing her contacts.

From the over discussion in between Outlook and Outlook Express, that is really clear that the last is an extremely easy come use and also uncomplicated as compared to multiple sclerosis Outlook. However Outlook has a too many of attributes which OE doesn"t have in that is kitty.

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So the decision is up to you whether you desire to go for multiple sclerosis Outlook or Outlook Express.