Therefore, straight pair of angles are adjacent angles whose non-common eight are opposite rays. 


All nearby angles carry out not kind a straight pair.

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From the over figure we can observe; OX and also OY space two the opposite rays and ∠XOZ and ∠YOZ space the adjacent angles. Therefore, ∠XOZ and also ∠YOZ kind a direct pair. 

If you measure ∠XOZ and ∠YOZ through the aid of the protractor, girlfriend will discover the amount of their measures equal to 180°.Thus, the sum of the angle in a direct pair is 180°.

Worked-out troubles on straight Pair that angles:In the offered figure, ∠AOC and also ∠ BOC type a linear pair if x - y = 60°, uncover the value of x and also y.


Solution: offered x - y = 60° ………… (i)

We recognize that, x + y = 180° ………… (ii)

Adding (i) and (ii)

2x = 240°

x = 240°/2

Therefore, x = 120°Since, x - y = 60°

or, 120° - y = 60°

or, 120° - 120° - y = 60° - 120°

or, -y = -60°

Therefore, y = 60°

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