Key Difference: A dual-core processor is a type of a central processing unit (CPU) that has actually two complete execution cores. Twin core has end up being synonymous with Intel Pentium twin Core. Core 2 Duo space a collection of dual-core processors the are developed by Intel.

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Computers have advanced fast from the time they were introduced. Computer systems were originally launched to be able to solve math applications. These computers were slow-moving to process data and also could just run one operation at a time, which method another activity or operation had actually to wait for one operation to come to be over, before another operation might begin. These were recognized as solitary core processors. The need for faster an innovation required that the processor carriers make much faster processors which higher clock speeds. When a best clock speed was achieved, the manufacturers tried increasing the power of their assets by adding more cores come a solitary chip. These ended up being known as multi-core processors and also include dual core, quad core, hexa-core and octa-core processors.

A dual-core processor is a kind of a central processing unit (CPU) that has two finish execution cores. Hence, it has actually the combined power of 2 processors, your caches and the cache controllers onto a single chip. This renders the dual-core processors well-suited for multitasking.

Dual-core processors have two cores that have actually an independent interface to the frontside bus. Every core has its own cache. This enables the operating system to have enough resources come handle extensive tasks in parallel.

Core 2 Duo room a series of dual-core processors that are developed by Intel. As soon as Intel an initial started making dual core processors it called its collection as the Pentium twin Core, this described the companies twin cores. Hence, it deserve to be stated that these room the brand surname of processors created by Intel. Intel’s an initial series complying with a significant upgrade resulted in them calling your processors as core Duo, through the duo hinting the 2 processors that are uncovered on the processor. These are recognized as the first generation of dual processors. AMD describes its twin core processors together X2.

Core Duo was merely 2 Pentium 3 processors on a solitary chip. Together the firm began proceeding processor an innovation making it faster and also better, they decided to distinguish it native their first generation processor by labeling them core 2 Duo. The 2 refers to the second generation that processors.

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In a nutshell, over there is no specific difference between dual-core processors as core 2 Duo is merely a collection of dual-core processors by Intel. These are exact same as dual-core processors.