HSM: 20 things That make No Sense around Gabriella & Troy’s Relationship as soon as an initial song come up top top the karaoke screen, both of them intuitively understand the melody

High school Musical. For legions the tweens, the Disney movie trilogy was every little thing - a look front at the glamorous, romantic human being of high school. Once it pertains to Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, the show"s premier couple, it shaped the means a generation of children would think the the appropriate romance. Gibbs Zac Efron and also Vanessa Hudgens were adorable together, so much so that they also dated in actual life. The fantasy come true!

But, like most fantasies, their IRL relationship ultimately fizzled out. Together that generation the viewers prospered up and also lived the end their own high school and also romantic lives, and then relocated beyond, the dream that was Troyella began to present a few cracks. Maybe much more than a few.

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It"s not that anyone was expecting gritty realism native a movie musical collection in high school. Much from it! Who wants reality once you deserve to have a high college where the worst point that wake up is a rivalry between the basketball team and also the science decathletes, and also singing auditions? But, as soon as it involves the Troy and Gabriella romance, young viewers really wanted it to be true.

It"s simply that there room some details about Troyella the don"t include up. Possibly it"s nitpicking, but for committed fans, no detail is too tiny to obsess over. Indigenous the night when they very first met, come the hopeful finish of the trilogy v the pair of them looking forward to college and also the future, there space a slew the details that really don"t make sense. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. Here"s our list.


20 just how Troy and Gabriella satisfy - just Too many Coincidences!

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Yes, us loved the an initial time that trojan Bolton and also Gabriella Montez met, and how that played the end over a karaoke contest, yet did any kind of of the really make sense? It"s a TV fantasy, however still, so plenty of questions. First, what self-respecting high school sophomore would ever before agree to walk to something that"s being dubbed a "kids" party"? Then, the emcee picks the two world who look like are the very least interested in singing, and pairs them up on stage, saying, "Hey you recognize what? Someday, one day you guys could thank me for this." It"s a little heavy ~ above the foreshadowing, come say the least.

Just a mainly later, Gabriella move to new Mexico after ~ the winter break is over, and also she just happens to transport to an excellent old eastern High School, whereby Troy is currently going. An excellent thing we already fell in love through this couple over karaoke!

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One point Troyella yielded was great fulfillment. Who hasn"t dreamed of storming the karaoke stage, finding their true love, and marching them on to singing career glory every in one fell swoop? In HSM, Troy and also Gabriella go from yawning in ~ the leaf of the stage (him) and reading a book at a party (her) come charisma-loaded singing stars, with zero prior experience or singing training. The much, though, we deserve to probably forgive as soon as the 2 of lock are simply so cute together.

What doesn"t rather gel is the fact that as soon as an original song comes up on the karaoke screen, both of them intuitively understand the melody - and memorize the words after looking in ~ them for simply a couple of seconds. Now that"s just not realistic.


18 Gabriella Doesn"t treatment That Troy got Her In Detention

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Gabriella provides Troy she phone number on that brand-new Year"s Eve once they met. But, it seems that he never did speak to her back. Did he think a week was as well soon? when she shows up in ~ his high school in Albuquerque, though, he"s all of sudden so interested that he calls her number in class, just to make certain it yes, really is the girl from new Year"s night karaoke.

Of course, castle both acquire caught, and also end up in detention. Now, he might have called after class so the neither that them acquired in trouble. Go Gabriella care? no a bit - not even the fact that that didn"t call until she was already there in prior of him. Seems like something she would have at the very least asked about.


17 they Sneak Their method Into The Audition and Still obtain The Parts

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After just one experience singing on stage, both Gabriella and Troy automatically - and independently - think around auditioning for the school musical once they view the poster in the hallway. Some people take years before they deserve to overcome your jitters to get on stage, however sure.

The 2 of them sneak into the audition late, hide at first, then emerge at the end to song together simply by coincidence. Then, when it involves the callbacks, Gabriella an initial calls the off due to the fact that of the video tape incident, climate calls it earlier on when she learn the truth. Finally at the audition, she"s practically overcome with shyness in former of a group at the audition - but in the end the pair that them acquire the component over the tried and true twins Ryan and Sharpay.

As if! Have the writers of the show never to be to one audition before? This sort of fantasy deserve to lead to significant disappointment.


16 their Friends plan To acquire Them To protect against Singing Together

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It"s a little nuts the everyone in eastern High seems to have some sort of strong opinion versus Troyella to sing together. Have these children never heard of millennial apathy? Sharpay mobilizes the whole school to get behind the cause of everyone continuing to be in their very own lanes.

What"s crazier is the Troy and also Gabriella"s friends would actually walk so far as to pressure both that them to quit, and also they concoct sophisticated schemes to perform so. Numerous high schools have actually clique wars, however they an extremely seldom have to do with maintaining singing couples native singing.

In the end, though, everyone abandons your position and also is super supportive once they all of sudden all adjust their minds. Through friends favor these, who needs enemies?

15 Somehow, troy Didn"t check out The Webcam

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In the middle of the Tory-Gabriella singing controversy, this detail deserves distinct mention. During the well known incident wherein the Wildcats convince trojan that Gabriella simply isn"t into him, and record troy talking about how that doesn"t care about the audition either, how is it the he doesn"t view the webcam?

Sure, he"s turned the other means while they first set that up, however then...? The boys are appropriate in front of him, however somehow he just doesn"t notice.

The ruse works, and when Gabriella look at the ice she"s prepared to fill it in at his major betrayal, busting into "I swore i knew the melody that i heard you singing..." that course, the track was the point - yet it quiet doesn"t make sense.


14 They almost Kiss, yet Sing and Dance Instead

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after the whole high institution stops its opposition to their budding to sing careers, the Wildcats victory the basketball championship, and Gabriella"s team wins the scholastic decathalon. It"s the triumphant end-of-movie step in the gym, wherein everyone is jubilant.

Troy and also Gabriella practically kiss, yet then Chad mirrors up, and also then Taylor, and then the totality group of them an outbreak into "We"re all In This Together," and also Troyella merely vanish into the crowd.

The attraction can no much longer be denied, yet they never finish that kiss! delayed gratification and teenagers don"t yes, really go with each other this fine in real life.

13 that "T" Pendant Necklace

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have the right to we talk around that T pendant necklace? Troy gives Gabriella the notorious "T" necklace at your lockers at the start of HSM2. Appropriate off the bat, it appears a small weird that a dude would give a girl he to be only simply dating a necklace with a huge pendant of his initial.

To the show"s legion of 10-year-old viewers, it was very romantic in a swoon-worthy kind of way. In retrospect, as compared to real-world relationships, that seems an ext like an over the peak possessive gesture.

A gift between dating couples, that course, isn"t necessarily as well much, as well soon. But, it should certainly be other a little an ext casual. "Here, I will certainly brand you through my initial!" is just too much.


12 They"re Dating, yet Still No Kiss

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in ~ the start of HSM2, we understand that Troy and also Gabriella have actually actually started dating. There"s a step at the lockers, and it looks choose the big moment has lastly arrived - they start to inch together for a kiss.

But then, a child - a boy who in reality looks also young to it is in in high school - ideologies Troy to sign his yearbook. As soon as again, over there is no kiss completion.

Sure, the demographics for HSM viewers it was crooked younger - younger 보다 high school age probably. But a long simmering teenager romance without so much as a kiss? Not even after they officially start dating? that stretches credulity - in ~ least, now that we"re every so much older.

11 over there Is A expert Portrait of The 2 Of lock In her Locker by HSM2

This might seem favor a little detail, simply something that needs to do through a prop, yet it"s nice significant. If you were a supervisor fan, as numerous of united state were, you can have spotted something a small off during that opened scene of HSM2 at the lockers.

Now, there to be a lot walking on, however as Troy and Gabriella talk, her locker door opens and we watch a snapshot of the two of them recorded inside the door - a skilled photo portrait.

Really? A high school couple who simply started dating marches into a photograph studio to get an expensive experienced photo shoot? A selfie through puppy dog ear filter would have actually been much much more realistic.


10 once Gabriella division Up through Troy In HSM2, anyone Acts prefer He to be The One that Was Wrong

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Let"s obtain this straight. Troy, with his connection to Sharpay, it s okay Gabriella and the gang work for the summer. Sure, trojan is spending much more time v Sharpay, however she"s likewise helping him collection up his future by introducing him to civilization who could assist him. He"s setup up his college job in basketball and also more.

How does Gabriella, the perfect girlfriend, respond? due to the fact that he"s security time trying come look ~ his future, and not as lot on her, Gabriella feel neglected and breaks up through him. What"s more, his other Wildcat friends feel the exact same way.

In fact, as soon as she speak him just how she feels, she literally gets in she car and also takes off back home. No discussion, no nothing. Is this really exactly how a perfect girl friend would manage things? Truthfully, they were every selfish, and also just mad that Troy had other points on his mind 보다 his GF and BFFs. If we were trojan (now) we"d simply let her go.

9 Gabriella (And The Wildcats) Totally collection Up Sharpay in ~ the Star Dazzle Talent Show

after Gabriella all of sudden goes earlier home in HSM2, when she"s damaged up with Troy over his supposed selfishness, troy is encouraged of the error the his ways. That goes earlier to functioning in the kitchen v the Wildcats, however he"s likewise working on a song with Sharpay for the Star Dazzle Talent Show.

However, there are shenanigans going on the he doesn"t know about. The Wildcats - obviously through Gabriella in on the arrangement - get Troy to discover a brand-new song because that the talent show. But, Sharpay doesn"t know it, for this reason she can"t sign up with him ~ above stage. Simply by coincidence, Gabriella knows the tune pretty well, and she surprises him by showing up on stage in the "T" necklace simply in time because that them come belt out another duet.

Hey, we assumed she was claimed to it is in the nice one! Getting ago together through subterfuge and also shafting somebody else"s revolve is absolutely a typical girl move. In the fog of preteen fandom, it was all a romantic happy ending. Yet seriously, in actual life, not cool!


8 They date For A Year and also Break Up before Their an initial Kiss

Nowadays, if a friend told girlfriend they"d been seeing someone for a year or so, had damaged up, and then gotten ago together again prior to they kissed for the first time, you"d think you were hearing around some catfishing story. What to be the difficulty for therefore long? Yet, ~ above HSM2, as soon as that first kiss lastly comes in ~ the very, an extremely end, after ~ the duet that mends their rift, it to be the can be fried Troyella moment.

It"s funny how, together young viewers, we observed them as having actually an certain perfect relationship. Lock hang out at school and sing together. That"s all it took ago then. Or, so us all thought. But, a year without so much as a kiss - that"s simply not normal.

7 neither Of Them has actually Been to A run Before, yet Gabriella Teaches Him come Waltz

Troy, the dreamy boyfriend we all wished we"d had back then, normally asks Gabriella come the prom. Additionally naturally, he"s choose the perfect place to perform it - on their romantic rooftop hideaway. By the way, exactly how is it the the two of castle have access to the rooftop in the first place?

Moving along...Gabriella agrees, however the two of lock shyly recognize to each other that no has ever been to a dance before. We have the right to leave aside all those dance numbers we"ve currently seen lock in, fine. Nobody knows exactly how to dance.

But, climate Gabriella proceeds to display Troy exactly how to waltz. Waltz? The waltz hasn"t been a point with teens because the 18th century, us think. Just how does this non-dancer somehow know the an excellent old fashioned 1-2-3 step? Inquiring minds should know.


6 troy Finds Out around Stanford from Sharpay, and Then Surprises Gabriella through Pizza

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interaction is one of those elements that is crucial to a an excellent relationship. It"s a realization most people come to when they"re actually in one. Ours HSM number-one couple, though, not only don"t seem to understand just how to communicate, castle don"t seem to think it"s at all important.

Gabriella gets accepted into Stanford in some kind of honors routine that actually starts before the college year ends. It"s a long, long means from Albuquerque come Stanford. And also Troy - her beloved boyfriend? She doesn"t also tell him about it.

When Troy lastly does uncover out from Sharpay, mr Perfect friend isn"t hurt, or placed off, not also a small bit. He mirrors up at her location with pizza and encouraging words. He"s happy because that her. Somehow, we feel choose this would play out quite in different way in real life.

5 Gabriella Loves trojan So lot That She has to Break Up...Again

In the third movie, ~ Gabriella is accepted at Stanford, she finds the end she have the right to start early on under the honors program. Is that even a thing? together in, how deserve to she start university when she hasn"t i graduated high school yet?

She hands her part in the college musical end to Sharpay. She leaves Albuquerque for Stanford, California, yet at very first vows to return because that prom and to to speak goodbye. As soon as she"s in north Cali, though, she has actually a readjust of heart. Gabriella calls troy to tell him the she won"t it is in coming back after all. "I just obtained used come being far from you and also then I"d have to come earlier and leave and also come back and leave. It"s too plenty of goodbyes."

That"s a pretty negative excuse for breaking up with your an initial love. She loves that so much, however then gets offered to being far from him in a yes, really short duration of time, and just litter in the towel. Go anything this girl does do sense?


4 Troy"s Troubling lack Of A Backbone

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Sure, once you"re 12, it appears really romantic that Troy would drive 1,065 mile from Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico to Stanford in north California come be with Gabriella fairly than walk to his very own prom. Likewise, that he"d move his university ambitions native Albuquerque to Berkeley simply to be near her.

Now that we"re older, we have the right to see that Troy needs some major counseling on finding his own way in life there is no constantly providing in come Gabriella"s unyielding demands. After ~ all, she didn"t even think around switching colleges, go she? No, she simply hung increase the phone call on him.

We"re no sure an ideal boyfriend is yes, really someone that will put up with any type of amount of drama for someone that keeps break up with him. Obtain a backbone, Troy.

3 Troyella Think A 32.7 Mile Long-Distance partnership Will it is in No Prob

in ~ the giddy end of High institution Musical 3, troy tells Gabriella he"s made decision to walk to UC Berkeley to research basketball and theater. It"s just 32.7 miles away from "the human being who inspires his heart" - Gabriella, of course!

As preteen fans, it seems favor the ultimate swoony ending. They"re turn off to college, and they get to seek their dreams, if still maintaining their romance alive and well. Perfection. Older and also wiser, we understand that a liven college schedule, new friends, and 32.7 mile probably amounts to breakup time.

At the finish of high school, everyone"s anxious around leaving home, all those near friends, and also especially that young love behind. HSM3 offered us the fantasy ending, yet in actual life, sadly whatever changes.


2 Gabriella Calls that Wildcat

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"I love you Wildcat." It"s Gabriella"s nickname for trojan - and it"s additionally the name of the team at eastern High School. It just seems a small off to call your friend by the name of her school"s mascot. It"s prefer you"re dating the school.

It also seems a little arrogant to indicate that your beau is, like, the summary of your school. What"s more, nobody of the various other students find it a little over the top, or make fun of it. High school youngsters are constantly so supportive of every other, aren"t they? Or not!

It"s the sort of point that seems cute in TV land, yet would never stand the fact test.

1 castle Never contact It A Relationship

Other personalities in the High college Musical trilogy talk around going top top dates and having crushes, however our star-crossed pair never, ever declare themselves to be in a relationship, permit alone boyfriend and girlfriend.


In genuine life, teens are generally obsessed over who gets to contact who friend or girlfriend. There space fights, dramas, and misunderstandings of epic proportions end whether or not you room in a connection with the object of her affections or even if it is you"re "just hanging out." It"s essential to everyone...except Troy and Gabriella, the perfect couple.

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Maybe, their partnership is so idyllic that the words never ever actually need to be spoken. Yet nah - nobody"s that perfect.