We’ve currently heard around the tragic fatality of the famed actor, Paul Walker that is finest known for his duty in The Fast and the Furious movies. He passed away in a automobile crash that happened north that Los Angeles, top top Saturday afternoon.

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Paul Walker’s death came as a shock and also a destructive surprise to fans, that hoped that the news was just one more celebrity fatality hoax. But, it wasn’t…heart-breaking news is true! v his death, plenty of questions have surfaced.

Specifically, civilization are asking who was Paul Walker’s girlfriend in 2013 or 10 year earlier. He was a true star, and we are sure the everyone will certainly be interested in some segments that his love life.

We somehow made this article, as well as the catastrophic news, for those who room interested in some points in his short life…

Denise Richards


Photo credit to Elif Özyurt

Walker was rumored to have dated Denise in 1993. What’s interesting around this is Paul’s first-ever celebrity girlfriend! Of, a couple of more to come. Currently 50 year old, Denise is now component of the well known The real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is married come Aaron Phypers. Paul Walker and also Denise co-starred in the fairly bizarre movie Tammy and also the T-Rex, in i m sorry a scientist implants the mind of a teen’s deceased boyfriend into… a T-Rex. The entirety dating point is still and also will forever it is in a rumor.

Rebecca McBrain

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Dated walker in 1998, and Had a child with Him, meadow Rain in 1999. Rebecca is an American Teacher and also everything appeared going well, however really soon ~ the birth of their daughter lock split. Hollywood no easy, no it? that couldn’t keep himself to himself and admitted to having cheated ~ above her plenty of times with plenty of people. Right after the bear of your daughter. Top top his death, his will was read, and also only to uncover that all of the 25 Million Dollars saw his daughter, and also nothing went to Rebecca.

Christina Milian


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Both lover bird dated pedestrian from 1999-2001. And also that is all we know. They retained things rather secret especially prior to the whole social media point going on in the world where anyone is constantly reminding on where civilization are at and also what they are doing 24/7. Us now understand that Christina date a the majority of “bad boys” thereafter and is currently with Matt Pakora whereby they together have actually a small boy. The couple met at a restaurant in France, and Matt literally claimed that they to be going to have actually a boy together after ~ a couple of hrs together. This man way business!

Jamie King


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The warm supermodel and actress, and also Paul, had actually a hot fling together from 2000-2001. Like plenty of A-Listers in ~ the business, this did no last and also a breakup was just imminent. Jamie King has dated some really rather famed men to incorporate the likes of kid Rock, Jake Gyllenhaal, and also Ben Affleck no other. I guess she had done well because that herself after seeking the ideal of the best within Hollywood. Now, married due to the fact that 2007 come Kyle Newman, they have actually 2 kids together and also from what we know, that is as solid as ever.

Genesis Rodriguez


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Paul walker dated Genesis before his death has been videotaped although no sources can actually verify this, except the rather questionably reputable Who’s Dated that source. At the exact same time, that was said that Paul in reality was really much in love with Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell. Genesis Rodríguez Pérez is a very talented actor who was born in Miami, with a Cuban mother and also a Venezuelan father. She is renowned for her roles in work Of ours Lives. She was additionally supposed to play together the FF7 star as Abigail in the drama, suspense flick called Hours. Countless complications arose and also the present was dropped as result of his passing.

Amanda Paige


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Both date from 2004 come 2005, the American Adult and also Glamour version from phibìc Carolina Amanda had her tiny romance with the well known Fast and Furious handsome man. She got well known for her duty in Playboy’s Cyber club for the month the April in 2005. She additionally starred in Playboy video Playmate Calendar in 2007 and also The Legend the Igoe road in 2011. She is supposedly still solitary at 36 years old.

Jessica Alba


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Jessica has dated numerous famous guys to encompass the likes that Baseball player Derek Jeter and also gorgeous Movie Star mark Walhberg and is currently married, because 2008, to wonderful 4 film and television producer Cash Warren. Reportedly dated walker in 2003, Jessica to be seen many times under Pauls’s eight walking the beach together having actually a ball and what seemed at the time, the many amazing the times. They had presumably started the totality thing top top set, shooting into The Blue in 2003.

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell


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They began dating earlier in 2006 and Jasmine had thereafter dumped the in 2011. A document for Paul really for such a lengthy time framework of being with a single woman. Or to be he? Jasmine as soon as she began dating Paul, Paul was 33 year old. And that’s ok, but she to be 16 follow to sources ago then. Jasmine has been close to his daughter, together of course, they mutual a similarly young period up come his death and beyond. In fact, they to be both, Paul and Jasmine, leaving together until his fatal automobile crash. The 17-years-old void seemed not to have fazed either of castle – it to be love.

 Anais Alexander


Photo credit transaction to fabiopirovano.wordpress.com

The rather well known Pornographic Actress Anais Alexander is a 37-year-old American Pornstar. Born Amber Skinner ~ above 13th July 1983 in the Mojave Desert in California, unified State of America, and was most famed for gift the Penthouse pet of the Month of November 2003. A many rumors was that she had a tiny something v Mr. Walker for a while and of course, behind closeup of the door doors, not in former of the camera.

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Izabel Goulart


Photo credit to dailymail.co.uk

They had actually hung out throughout the Sao Paulo Fashion main Summer that 2013/2014. They were both functioning on a recent campaign for fashion designer Colcci, including the runway display in Sao Paulo whereby they to be both seen going up and down the catwalk together; and were seen holding hands for every one of its duration. Top top the tragedy, Izabel opened up up and also said that she would constantly remember him by that laugh that she adored therefore much; and also giving love to the household praying because that them in this extremely daunting and difficult time they will face for plenty of years come come.