Venetian explorer Marco Polo spent more than two years in the business of Kublai Khan, among the greatest rulers in background who reigned end Mongolia because that 34 years.

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Polo was recognized for the book The travel of Marco Polo, which defines his trip to and also experiences in Asia. Polo traveled broadly with his family, journeying from Europe come Asia native 1271 come 1295 and remaining in China for 17 of those years. Take it a look at real life of this legendary explorer to separate reality from the fiction.

Polo was just 15 year old as soon as he left Venice top top the an excellent adventure the took him to the court of Kublai Khan

His father Niccolò and also his uncle Maffeo Polo had made the trip previously. Polo proper knew his father, who had actually spent Polo's childhood as a traveling seller when they left on your quest. But the death of Polo's mother encouraged Niccolò that Marco need to accompany that on the return trip, which lasted 24 year (1271-1295). The Polos weren't the very first wayfarers — Polo's indigenous — to make it come Asia, however Polo is the one who became most famed for it.

Marco Polo did not carry pasta earlier to Venice native China

It is just one of the most well known legends out there around the adventurer, however truth it is in told, pasta had made its way into the cooking of Italy prior to Polo's birth. That did, however, introduce the ide of file money, i m sorry was offered in Mongolia in the 13th century, but not in Europe.

'The travels of Marco Polo' to be not composed by Polo 

Instead, the book was created by the 13th-century romantic author Rustichello the Pisa. The two met if in prison, whereby Polo dictated the story of his travels and also his adventures in ~ the court the Kublai Khan. There space no longer any kind of original copies remaining that the manuscript, initially titled Il Milione (The Million) and released in Italian, French and Latin. The earliest remaining duplicates of the travelogue space not always consistent in details, yet do remain true come the stories. Keep in mental the printing push wasn't developed until 1439, therefore the publications were handwritten and also mistakes were made.

He was prominent in Christopher Columbus' decision to strike the end for unknown territory

Columbus is said to have actually been inspired by Polo's adventures and took a copy of The travels of Marco Polo on his from the west sail 2 centuries after Polo's journey to China.

He has actually a species of sheep named after him

Many that us have actually spent a summer's afternoon in a swimming pool playing the tag game of Marco Polo, but did you understand that the Venetian vendor also has a types of sheep named after him? In The travel of Marco Polo, he mentions observing the mountain sheep on the Pamir Plateau in Badakhshan . The course, the sheep weren't named after that in his lifetime. The an initial scientific mention of Ovis ammon polii remained in 1841 by zoologist Edward Blyth.

Polo knew 4 languages

In addition to his indigenous tongue, Polo created that that knew four languages. He never ever elaborated ~ above which 4 they were, however from his writings, historians have actually surmised they were Mongolian, Persian, Arabic, and Turkish — not Chinese.

Polo served as a distinct envoy because that Khan 

He provided the leader with advantageous reports indigenous the miscellaneous trips he took on his instead of all roughly Asia. This contained three years throughout which he served as the branch of the city that Yangchow.

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Khan refuse to let Polo leave his service

The Polos finally grew homesick, but Khan valued their services so much, he refused to let them go. Lock were finally able to return house when they persuaded him that they have to be the escorts for Princess Kokachin, that was to marry his good nephew, the Il-Khan, that ruled Persia. The journey to Persia to be a perilous one, and many died, however the Polos arrived safely. Khan, too, passed away while they were on this mission, for this reason they to be able to go back to Venice adhering to the wedding.

Polo to be married and also had a family

Not a lot is known about Marco Polo ~ his return to Venice in 1295. It is posited that he went back to the family merchant business, however it is recognized that the married and had three daughters: Moretta, Fantina, and also Bellela. He live to it is in 70 years old.

Some people think he never ever made it down the Silk Road

There are those who think that Polo never took the journey under the Silk road to China and in fact, made it no additional than the black color Sea. They believe that the adventures described in his book were comprised from stories he heard indigenous others follow me the road he did travel. The doesn't help his situation that there were plenty of exaggerations in The travel of Marco Polo, plus there were likewise interesting exclusions, such as the reality that that failed to point out the usage of chopsticks for eating, or the he had seen the an excellent Wall. It additionally helps this naysayers the no mention of Marco Polo has been found in any historic Chinese records. Top top the other hand, the bulk of chroniclers are vulnerable to believe the Marco did certainly make it come China and also work in the company of Kublai Kahn, especially because of the preponderance of social information in the book. Plus, there room those who have used his journal to retrace his footsteps, and they explain the location to it is in so accurate, they believe the trip happened.

On his deathbed, Marco was encouraged to admit that The travel of Marco Polo was a work-related of fiction, but to his dying breath that declared, "I did not tell fifty percent of what ns saw."