when Darth Vader and Princess Leia satisfy on plank the Tantive IV in Star wars Episode IV: A new Hope because that the first time, does Darth Vader recognize she"s his daughter?



Chad: That's a very an excellent point. I think it's settled then that Darth Vader didn't understand Leia also existed prior to ROTJ, however Yoda's quote "No. There is another" has constantly confused me. Either in ESB it was already known that Leia would certainly be revealed together Luke's sister, or they're talking around someone else. I uncover the prior to be much more believable.


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At that allude he doesn"t even know Luke is his son and that"s what starts his interest in detect "Young Skywalker."

He mirrors his surprise at finding out that Luke has a sister in Return the the Jedi as soon as he says he sees Luke"s feelings are solid for his girlfriend – then adds, in surprise, "Sister."

Wookieepedia claims (when explicate the duel between Luke and Vader top top the brand-new Death Star):

Vader, who had been research Luke"s thoughts, uncovered that as well as Luke he also had a daughter: Leia Organa

However, no attribution because that this delinquent is given in the article.



To re-use component of mine answer to an unrelated question Why execute we hear Leia's Theme throughout Kenobi's death?:

At the moment of working of "A new Hope" (e.g. Prior to 1977) - it to be NOT well-known to everyone (including Lucas) that Luke and Leia are family. Because Luke was Anakin Skywalker"s boy from the beginning of ANH, that way Leia wasn"t supposed to be his daughter, until at the very least mid-work on episode V.

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To be more specific, even very early Leigh Brackett"s 1978 draft of "The realm Strikes Back" didn"t have actually that relationship established yet - the was introduced later (source).

Another related evidence for Luke and Leia no yet being related was 1978 pre-ESB publication that was a sequel to "ANH" - Alan Dean Foster"s "Splinter the the Mind"s Eye". It establishes the theme of romantic interest between the 2 (presumably, in part, since Foster and also Lucas didn"t recognize if ANH would certainly be a huge hit and also if Harrison Ford would be interested in the sequel need to the sequel be based on "Splinter")