Stay the end of trouble, particularly financial difficulties; also, save up with work-related or various other demands. For example, With new bills comes in every work they"re barely maintaining their heads over water, or The work"s piling up, but I regulate to store my head over water. This expression alludes to keeping oneself from drowning. likewise see in deep.

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HDV, hdw., hdwd, he, head, head over water, save one's, headache, headachy, head and shoulders above, head-and-tail light, head arrangement

The figurative expression keep one’s head over water most often way to regulate to have enough money to pay bills or debts, as in I’m maintaining my head above water on the receipt now, however if the rental goes up, okay drown.

Keep one’s head over water is additionally used to median to save up with job-related or various other commitments, together in The team had to work-related as rapid as possible to keep their heads over water.

You might likewise see the sports hold one’s head above water to typical the same.

Example: Tony really hopes he has enough savings to store his head above water while the looks for a new job. 

Where go keep one’s head over water come from?

The first records of keep one’s head above water come from roughly 1603. The phrase alludes come a person struggling to continue to be afloat in the water so the they nothing drown.

Typically, girlfriend would use the expression keep one’s head over water as soon as someone is struggling come pay their bills or is one bad event from full disaster. This phrase virtually always refers to financial problems.

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hold one’s head above water

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How is keep one’s head above water used in genuine life?

Keep one’s head over water is a usual phrase the is regularly used by people who are facing hard times.

Really proud I got a house but damn ns so broke. Can not wait to get all mine finances earlier up again so I have the right to keep mine head above water.

— Kiah. (
kiahiko_) might 16, 2021

Okay. Money's dangerously chop this week, for this reason I desire to carry out something that will save my head over water and also maybe assist out some aspiring creators and newer writers…

— Matthew Dow blacksmith (
matthewdowsmith) December 3, 2019

I've to be trying to survive this pandemic through working nonstop and also a toddler for over a year…nonstop fighting to keep my head over water mentally, emotionally, financially, physically…I require a break, man.

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— Val Santos (
ValSantosOnAir) April 3, 2021

Try using keep one’s head over water!

True or False?

To keep one’s head above water means to have no money to pay one’s bills.

How to usage head over water, save one's in a sentence

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