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"Bad Day" is a pop song from Canadian singer Daniel Powter"s self-titled 2nd studio album (2005). That was created by Powter and also produced by Jeff Dawson and Mitchell Froom. Powter and also Dawson recorded the song in 2002, however were initially unable to discover a document label to relax it. The track was an initial used in a French Coca-Cola television advertisement in Christmas 2004 before its main release. Tom Whalley, Warner Bros. Records" chairman and CEO, offered Powter a contract after ~ hearing a demo tape of it. This track ended up being released together the previously mentioned album"s lead solitary in Europe in at an early stage 2005. The track was got with a generally mixed agree from critics. While part praised the barisalcity.org for their "universal appeal", others felt the barisalcity.org were also broad. Despite this, it was a commercial success. In 2005, the single charted in the top 5 in more than ten countries worldwide and became the many played track on europe radio. After ~ its europe success, it was released in the United says where it topped the Billboard warm 100, popular music 100, Adult top 40, and Adult modern charts, and under Billboard"s an initial modern year finish chart, it became the very first song to peak the list in terms of popularity. In 2006, it came to be the very first song ever to market two million digital copies in the joined States. After one more million were sold, it to be certified three-times platinum by the Recording market Association that America (RIAA) in 2009. It to be certified platinum in Australia, Canada, and the unified Kingdom, yellow in Denmark and also Germany, and also received a certification in France and also Japan.more »

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Where is the moment we required the most?You kick up the leaves, and also the magic is lostYou phone call me her blue sky"s faded to grayYou call me her passion"s unable to do awayAnd ns don"t require no carrying onYou stand in the line just to fight a new lowYou"re faking a smile v the coffee to goYou tell me your life"s been way off lineYou autumn into pieces every timeAnd i don"t require no transferring onBecause you had actually a bad dayYou"re taking one downYou sing a sad song just to revolve it aroundYou speak you don"t knowYou tell me, "Don"t lie"You job-related at a smile, and you go for a rideYou had actually a poor dayThe camera don"t lieYou"re coming ago down, and also you yes, really don"t mindYou had a negative dayYou had actually a poor dayWill you need a blue sky holiday?The allude is lock laugh in ~ what you sayAnd ns don"t require no transporting onYou had actually a bad dayYou"re taking one downYou sing a sad song just to revolve it aroundYou to speak you don"t knowYou call me, "Don"t lie"You occupational at a smile, and also you go for a rideYou had a bad dayThe camera don"t lieYou"re coming ago down and you yes, really don"t mindYou had a bad day(Ooh, top top a holiday)Sometimes the mechanism goes on the blinkAnd the totality thing, it transforms out wrongYou can not make it back and girlfriend knowThat you might be well, oh, the strongAnd I"m not wrong (yeah, yeah)So where was the passion once you require it the most?Oh, you and IYou kick up the leaves and the magic is lost"Cause you had a poor dayYou"re taking one downYou song a sad song just to turn it aroundYou say you don"t knowYou phone call me don"t lieYou job-related at a smile and also you go for a rideYou had a negative dayYou see what you likeAnd exactly how does it feeling one an ext time?You had actually a bad dayYou had a bad dayAh, yeahHad a poor dayAh, ah, babyHad a poor dayAh, la-la-laHad a negative dayAh

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Daniel Powter Daniel Richard Powter (born February 25, 1971) is a Canadian record artist. He is well-known as a one struggle wonder because that his fight "Bad Day" (2005), i beg your pardon spent five weeks atop the Billboard hot 100.

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Powter was the only solo artist to register a #1 hit in that year there is no previously having actually had an additional song chart in the hot 100. Much more »