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My brother"s 86 year-old neighbor offered him a SxS shotgun that her father used when she to be a kid. So it is at the very least 70 year old.On one sideplate is "Crescent Firearms", the other sideplate has actually "No. 60 realm Hammerless". That is a 12 gauge v steel barrels, and also the activity locks increase nice and also tight. Over there aren"t any kind of marking ~ above the barrels. Serial number is 275XX. The stock demands some repairs, but the wood about the activity is clean and no oil.He is not planning on selling the shotgun, and also I would prefer to know any kind of information about it. Is the a brand worth spending time to take it apart and clean-up and also shoot, or was it a cheap brand from the start? say thanks to you for any type of help.
The Crescent realm No. 60 was made through Crescent and also sold by H & D Folsome. More about Folsome have the right to be found on the internet. It could be worth cleaning up, however I would not advise shooting it together it to be made to take care of a different form of powder than contemporary fire arms use.
It is a profession brand surname shotgun, possibly for Sears(?) and does not host much financial value. The gun need to not be shot with contemporary loads and should be watched by a gunsmith before being supplied with any loads. The room should also be measured as it can be shorter than 2 3/4 inches. Possibly Ned fall will it is in along and also give more info.

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You guys have actually stolen every my thunder. The research study I have actually shows the the gun was sold by Sears & Roebuck yet there that is listed in the Folsom catalog. I intend both can have offered it. As to fixing the old pistol one must consider the value of the gun and the expense of repairs. Crescent made firearms were inexpensive (read cheap) even when brand brand-new selling for in between $15 and $35. The have nor appreciated every that much over the years. A current day prime example that shows up to have come out of the factory yesterday afternoon might lug as much as $150 while a rusty rotten incomplete item of junk fit just as a tomato stake or fire ar poker might lug in $10 for parts. Many sell ~ above the assorted gun auction sites for $50 to $95. Then there is the trouble finding components for an virtually 100 year old gun especially the wood. As to shooting remember again these guns are close come or end 100 year old and also were made making use of the modern technology of the moment they were made and for the ammunition in use at the time which was more likely black color powder loaded and also maybe, just maybe early on low pressure smokeless powder and also they will have 2 1/2 inch chambers. Castle were no designed for modern-day high pressure smokeless powder ammo, 3 customs or magnum shells or stole shot. If the gun might still be fired using ideal one I understand is walk to recommend shooting it because we can"t view the total to determine its condition. That demands to be identified by a skilled gunsmith.