about Gonna do You Sweat (Everybody dance Now)

"Gonna make You Sweat (Everybody run Now)" is a hit song by American dance team C+C Music Factory. It to be released in late 1990 as the lead solitary from the album, Gonna make You Sweat. The tune charted internationally and also achieved great success in the unified States, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and also Switzerland where it reached number one ~ above the charts.

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Everybody dance nowEverybody run nowGive me the musicGive me the musicEverybody dance nowEverybody run nowYeahYeahYeahEverybody dance nowYeahYeahYeahEverybodyHere is the dome, earlier with the bassThe jam is live in effect and also I don"t waste timeOn the mic v a dope rhymeJump to the rhythm, jump, jump to the valuation jumpAnd I"m here to combineBeats and also barisalcity.org come make your shake your pantsTake a chance, come on and also danceGuys grab a girl, don"t wait, do her twirlIt"s her world and I"m just a squirrelTryin" to obtain a nut to relocate your buttTo the dance floor, therefore yo what"s upHands in the air, come on say "yeah"Everybody over here, everybody over thereThe group is live and I pursue this grooveParty civilization in the houseMove (let her mind)Groove (put me ~ above line)Come top top let"s sweat, babyLet the music take it controlLet the rhythm move youSweat, sweatLet the music take it controlLet the rhythm move youEverybody run nowEverybody dance nowEverybody dance nowPause, take it a breath and also go for yoursOn mine command currently hit the dance floorIt"s gonna make you sweat "til girlfriend bleedIs the dope enough? IndeedI paid the price, to control the diceI"m much more precise, to the point I"m niceThe music takes control, her heart and soulUnfold, her body is cost-free and a wholeDance till you can"t, run till friend can"t run no moreGet on the floor and also get rawThen come back and upside downEasy now, allow me see yaMove (let your mind)Groove (put me top top line)The music is mine lifeEverybody run nowEverybody dance nowEverybody run nowEverybodyCome ~ above let"s sweat, babyLet the music take controlLet the rhythm move youSweat, sweatLet the music take it controlLet the rhythm move you

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C+C Music manufacturing facility C+C Music factory is one American dance-pop and also hip hop group created in 1989 by David Cole and Robert Clivillés that quit recording in 1996, following Cole"s death.

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In 2010 C+C Music factory reformed v Eric Kupper instead of Cole. More »