Folly beach is a obstacle island, six miles long and the closest beach to historic Charleston, south Carolina, 15 minute via the Connector. Folly beach is the residence of sea, sand, and surfing, historic and cultural sites; a marine forest; Morris Island Lighthouse; gourmet food, endangered types of birds; and also southern hospitality.

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InTown Suites Charleston central

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Chai Y’all Tours through Janice Kahn

Re-live the proud Jewish heritage, see several of the sites and also learn about people that have enriched America's most historic city and also country because 1695. For much more than 46 years people of all faiths have actually experienced this customized and also personalized tour... Read an ext

A 90 minute tourism covering much more than 100 clues of attention within the city’s historical district. You’ll acquire an up-close look at old Charleston neighborhoods, pre-revolutionary and also antebellum buildings, and gardens and also parks that have survived earthquakes,... Read much more

British army & royal Navy pressures will be encamped in ~ Drayton room Plantation; the Continental forces will be encamped in ~ Magnolia Plantation and Gardens; British horse dragoons will be encamped at Middleton ar Plantation. Activities include battle... Read an ext

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whether you space visiting for company or pleasure, we space minutes from that all! gain the historical sites & beauty, beauty of downtown Charleston, Boone room Plantation, SC Aquarium, USS Yorktown, Patriots point Naval & marine Museum, Memorial Park. Our... Read much more

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