Slide the cylinder release to the rear, pivot the cylinder the end of the frame, then look ~ above the within of the frame, close to the pivot point. Girlfriend will discover the serial number stamped there and opposite that on the crane.

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Thanks a many for her help. Several people came up to me this weekend at a gun show wanting to check out it and a pair offered me $500 best off therefore I chose to check out what it"s yes, really worth because I figure they would have sold it for a profit before they left the show. Again, give thanks to you



Frank - you already posted about this in another thread. Lot of threads around the very same gun aren"t allowed. Thanks. Colt should have the ability to tell you when you contact them.

Thanks because that the info. I have actually a. 38 Diamondback also, from same time frame. All original with initial boxes. Never fired after ~ factory, and also cylinders have actually been stationary.

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