WHAT that IS: A breeze for the original second-part conclusion of password Geass: Lelouch that the Rebellion. That was included with the collector"s edition blu beam for R2, released in 2015. You re welcome enjoy!I will likewise be cross-posting this come my brand-new tumblr,
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, just like with all of my other translations. Follow there or here. :) Whichever functions best.But lbr, we all know that long text short articles on tumblr are kind of awful...PHANTOM 26th EPISODE: "Eye that the Demon Emperor"Written as the 1st episode that R2- the unedited vision the a phantom screenplay, published below for the very first time -"CODE GEASS: LELOUCH that THE REBELLION"EPISODE 26: "Eye of the Demon Emperor" (5th Draft)script by Oukouchi Ichirou- February 20th, 2006 -* dramatis personaeLelouch (=Zero)Suzaku KururugiC.C.NunnallyShirleyRivalzMillyNinaKallenOugiTamakiInoueMinamiSugiyamaDiethardToudouAsahinaChibaRakshataKaguyaKubouin1LloydCecileJeremiahGuilfordEmperorStaff OfficerVillettaDESCRIPTIONThis manuscript was written for the first episode of "R2", originally to take it place directly after the season finale (STAGE 25) for password GEASS: LELOUCH that THE REBELLION. This script precedes the decision to relocate the show"s time-slot (from "late at night" come "5pm ~ above Sunday"). The very first episode had currently been completed, however it to be assumed that a Sunday night time-slot would typical a more comprehensive audience, which, it was thought, would probably include many people who had not watched the very first season and would be suffering the people of code Geass because that the first time. For that reason, this manuscript -- which picked up directly where the first season left off -- was set aside, and also a new an initial episode of "R2" was written.Compared v the perfect work, one facet -- a geass being applied by the Emperor -- to be unchanged, but the parts before and after that (such as Lelouch confronting the Emperor directly and also of his very own volition, or gift confined to the school"s basement) developed really differently. The "R2" season premiere that aired, with elements such together Lelouch having actually lost his memories and Rolo shadowing him, room not reflected here due to the fact that those principles were arisen for the amendment vision of R2.If this had been the first episode, what direction would certainly R2 have proceeded in? One cannot assist but wonder.- TOKYO SETTLEMENTCaptioned: "a.t.b. 2017, Tokyo"* Ashford Campus (after school)STUDENTS"Bye!See friend tomorrow!* institution RooftopKALLEN is ~ above the phone.KALLENUnderstood. 5pm, via route 32.* Ashford CampusSUZAKULelouch!He runs as much as LELOUCH.Finished with his phone call call, LELOUCH pockets his cabinet phone as he turns to resolve SUZAKU.LELOUCHSuzaku. You don"t have actually work today?SUZAKUNo, I"m off-duty. I guess I should put in the occasional appearance v the student council, huh?LELOUCHWho cares around the college student council, you should visit Nunnally.SUZAKU"Who cares", is the really something the angry president should say?LELOUCHWell, I can be the vice president, but first and foremost, ns am Lelouch.LELOUCH screens a smile.* In former of the ClubhouseRIVALZ is keeping his motorcycle. Beside him, a news regimen is play on a computer system that has been left running.RIVALZLelouch! Suzaku!He tide at the cheerful-looking pair as they approach, v a device still in one hand.RIVALZDid girlfriend hear? The black Knights space at that again!At this, SUZAKU"S expression hardens.NEWSHouse of Lords member Eckhart, who for part time now has actually been embroiled in persistent rumors that corruption, has been murdered. Evidence of his corruption was uncovered at the step of the crime, as was the following statement indigenous the black color Knights--On screen, the body of the parliament member is shown, strung up. Next, ZERO"S image appears.RIVALZMan, the black Knights are so cool! They"re like, criminals with a code of honor2, friend know?LELOUCHIndeed. Castle pass judgment according to ethics that villains could never follow.***From the second floor the the clubhouse, C.C. Is the town hall LELOUCH and the others.***RIVALZDo you think they"re ~ above the side of justice?SUZAKUThat"s what I want to know. Ns mean...MILLYHey, guys, end here!3MILLY and also the rest of the college student COUNCIL MEMBERS run up, dressed as cheerleaders. SHIRLEY is additionally pushing NUNNALLY"S wheelchair.LELOUCHWhy room you all... And Nunnally, too...NUNNALLYOur cheerleaders are short a few people in ~ the moment, so...MILLYSo, those of us in the college student Council room filling in4!NINA watch embarrassed.MILLYAnd that"s why... It"s a Presidential Order. Suzaku! hold Lelouch down!SUZAKUHuh? Yes, ma"am.He timeless pins LELOUCH"S eight behind his back.SHIRLEYBecause you"ll be help them out, too, Lulu.She produces one more (female) cheerleading costume.LELOUCHWhat?!NINAWe require one an ext person to complete our formation.RIVALZWell, you"re definitely the finest choice.MILLYDon"t worry, Lelouch, we"ll make certain you look at beautiful.5LELOUCHBoth that you, close up door up. Let me go, Suzaku!SUZAKUSorry, Lelouch. President"s orders, so...LELOUCHSomehow i don"t think you"re really that sorry!6NUNNALLYGive it your all, big Brother~7ARTHURMew!NUNNALLY and also ARTHUR, on she lap, CHEER in chorus.LELOUCHHey, Kallen! conserve me!He directs this at a pass KALLEN, bringing she to a halt.KALLENWhat execute you want?Her rigid is cold.LELOUCH proceeds to struggle noisily together all the others pressure him into the cheerleading costume.LELOUCH"S VOICEOn the surface, it was simply like any other festival day. Peaceful, ridiculous, through Suzaku, from who I"d to be separated because that so long, and also everyone else... A moratorium on our separation.* Shrine (Kamine Island)LELOUCH"S VOICEHowever...LELOUCH and also SUZAKU was standing with weapons drawn and pointed in ~ one another.SUZAKULelouch... Ns didn"t desire to believe it.- opened SONG* TokyoAn plain street in Tokyo can be seen, no various from the Tokyo that today. Abruptly, the BRITANNIAN military is everywhere it, attacking the fleeing populace.NARRATORIn the year 2010 of the imperial Calendar, the holy Britannian Empire claimed war on Japan.A unit that GLASGOWS overwhelms the more traditional eight of the JAPANESE ARMY. NARRATORJapan came to be an royal territory, and their liberty, your rights, and even their name were stolen from them.A young LELOUCH and SUZAKU stare, numb with shock, at the damaged territory the Japan. Japan"s flag transforms to Britannia"s. The flag flutters over a Britannian federal government office. The center of Britannia"s are expands.The stripped, mechanized challenge of Mt. Fuji deserve to be seen. NARRATORSeven years have passed. Now dubbed Elevens, the oppressed Japanese civilization are finally--Battle erupts. In the TOKYO Settlement, BRITANNIA"S ARMY, the army of a commonwealth state, fairy ferocious war. MILITIAMENDon"t falter. We"re around to take earlier our Japan indigenous Britannia!As the speaks, in the debris ~ above a hill top, Japan"s flag is being raised, inspiring all the human being of the militia. Yet then, the impact from an enemy projectile blows that away. * Britannian Gov. Office...which is mid-capture through the black Knights.TELECOMM VOICESUnit 4, all stop!Ensign Takamine has been eliminated in action.Passage B4 has been blockaded!CHIBA uses her FACTSPHERE to examine the Britannian federal government office.CHIBAAs expected, they"re tenacious.ASAHINAThey don"t have the largest military force in the world for nothing.***Via landspeeders, GUILFORD"S unit rushes along, piercing a BURAI as he passes it.GUILFORDDon"t falter. Currently is the moment to repay His Majesty the Emperor"s belief in us!***Using their cut Harkens, the BURAIS attempt to scale the wall surfaces of the Britannian federal government office. But, alas, they room shot down.TOUDOUThough we"ve been joined by Zero"s charisma, the black color Knights room still, for the many part, a militia.* The bridge (G1)KAGUYA watches the battle progress intently.KAGUYAWithout his influence, our pressures will deteriorate into a mob.* Coordination Room (TV Bureau)DIETHARDAnd that"s why he"s necessary. We require Zero!He GRIPS his incomm TIGHTLY.* Campus (Ashford Academy)TAMAKIShit. Wherein did you go at a time choose this, Zero?!* Shrine (Kamine Island)SUZAKU"S cartridge halves ZERO"S mask. The face beneath that is that of LELOUCH.KALLENZero is... Lelouch?SUZAKU, top top the various other hand, is surprisingly calm. A villainous smile touches LELOUCH"S lips.LELOUCHYes, that"s right. I am Zero. Leader of the black Knights, he that would difficulty Britannia... And the man who will organize the very world in the palm the his hand.SUZAKULelouch... I didn"t desire to think it.LELOUCHYou already knew, Suzaku?SUZAKUI wasn"t positive. Therefore I continued to be in denial. Since I wanted to believe in you. But...He clues his gun at LELOUCH.SUZAKUAnswer me, Lelouch. Euphy, why walk you--?LELOUCH...It to be necessary.SUZAKUDon"t provide me that! also though she to be your tiny sister, the first time someone got to out their hand come you...!8LELOUCHReached out her hand...? The both of girlfriend were constantly like that, for this reason condescending...!9LELOUCH paint, etc his gun.SUZAKUBy working with both the you, I thought we could adjust things, yet now ns see...!LELOUCHYou can"t readjust anything through pretty indigenous alone!SUZAKUI"ll10 prove that i can!11***FLASHBACK: Avalon interior. EUPHY is ~ above the verge the death.EUPHYPlease... Aid Lelouch...***SUZAKU...!With his finger ~ above the trigger, SUZAKU makes the mistake of hesitating because that an instant.Bang. LELOUCH has pulled his trigger.SUZAKUL, Lelouch...Gut-shot, SUZAKU collapses.* Kamine IslandThe LANCELOT stands abandoned. In the skies above, the GAWAIN to escape at height speed. The SIEGFRIED is in pursuit.C.C.Still alive, Lelouch?She city hall LELOUCH with a crevasse.An electronic hum. C.C. Check the monitor -- it shows the good BRITANNIA approaching.C.C.This is...?! ...Lelouch!She POUNDS on her keyboard.C.C.Ahh--!And cries out together the cockpit rattles around her.The SIEGFRIED has pierced the GAWAIN through its Slash-Harkens.C.C.Damn!JEREMIAHAccept this finishing I bring you!He retracts the Harkens, and also in the same instant charges. Yet the GAWAIN gift no resistance, instead meeting the SIEGFRIED head-on.JEREMIAHYou aren"t dodging?!Both KMFs win each various other simultaneously. The SIEGFRIED"S tongue pierces the GAWAIN"S abdomen, and also C.C."S human body within it.C.C.Too poor for you. Since mutual destruction... Is my specialty...As C.C. Pushes her transmission button, a smile touches she lips.C.C.Sorry, Lelouch. After this...Both KMFs sink beneath the waves.* TOKYO SettlementA majority of the city"s levels have actually collapsed. Only the federal government office and Ashford Academy have actually so much been spared.* Campus (Ashford Academy)NINA sits inside the GANYMEDE. Prior to her, MILLY and the others.RAKSHATAStop, that"s...!NINAIt"ll be fine if all of us, if everything -- end here!!So saying, NINA pushes the switch. Anyone holds your breath. Yet there is no explosion.NINANo...She pushes the move again and also again.NINAIt"s no exploding... Why!RAKSHATA realizes what"s happened.RAKSHATAIt"s a dud!TAMAKI and also the others sirloin the GANYMEDE. Fight is about to break out once more.MILLYNina! Quickly--She embraces the GANYMEDE.NINAThis was going to be Princess Euphemia"s revenge. I, i need...!In a state the panic, NINA is still pushing the switch over and over.MILLYNina...SHIRLEYIn the center of a war, people can still autumn in love.CECILE is return fire.CECILEYes, and also that"s why I...LLOYD rushes to take it shelter.LLOYDIsn"t it a wonderful thing, war. The mom of invention!The sounds of fight CONTINUE.An unconscious VILLETTA starts to line weakly.VILLETTALelou... Ch...* classroom (Ashford Academy)A classroom, serving as a field hospital. OUGI is experience emergency surgery.MILITARY PHYSICIANDeputy Commander, please host on!OUGIChigusa... Chigusa, you"re...* Kamine IslandKALLENSuzaku?!LELOUCH gazes down at the unconscious SUZAKU. His expression is conflicted, mingled remorse for SUZAKU"s defeat -- and confusion.LELOUCHSuzaku. You... (You couldn"t shoot, since we"re friends?)12SUZAKUEu... Phy...LELOUCH--!Hearing EUPHY"S name from SUZAKU, LELOUCH"S temper flares.SUZAKUIs this it, Euphy... I... Made one more mistake. In ~ the really end, I13...LELOUCHYou"re wrong, Suzaku. Your mistake wasn"t in your means. It to be the understand you had actually to serve.14SUZAKUNo. This is my punishment. That"s why.... Ah--His eyes rotate red (as every the geass invocation).LELOUCHSuzaku?SUZAKULive. I, will -- live. Live, live, live--SUZAKU make the efforts to drag himself to his feet. But the strength has already drained native his body, and he can only writhe in a pool of his very own blood. The is an unsightly struggle.***FLASHBACK: ZERO uses his geass on SUZAKU.ZEROLive!***LELOUCHIs this it? mine geass... No, much more like my curse.His expression transforms bitter.SUZAKUI will certainly -- live.... His native are broken off by a burst of coughed-up blood, as still he battles to move.LELOUCH"S mobile vibrates.LELOUCHC.C.?He looks in ~ the post on his phone.LELOUCHHim again?!With a established expression, LELOUCH transforms on his heel to leave. However then all of sudden he pauses, looking earlier over his shoulder: KALLEN, pointing her gun at him in astonishment.KALLEND, don"t move... You, I"ll...!She can"t finish her sentence. Go she dislike this man, or does she still need him? KALLEN"S gun-sight is wavering.LELOUCHKallen, return to the black color Knights.KALLENWhat? I...LELOUCHCaptain Kouzuki Kallen the the Zero Squad. This is one order indigenous Zero.KALLEN--!LELOUCH MONOLOGUESuzaku. I"m going to get Nunnally back. And then, my friend, I will take care of you15... I swear.* The Shrine in ~ DuskNUNNALLY is sleeping. Neighboring her, a group of PRIESTS16 was standing wielding swords emblazoned v the geass sigil.- commercial BREAK* TOKYO SettlementThe black KNIGHTS are having a turbulent time of it.TAMAKIDammit. Exactly how come the government office hasn"t please yet!SUGIYAMAHey, that"s--He points in the direction of Tokyo Bay. A silhouette favor a castle have the right to be seen.MINAMIA castle?TAMAKIDon"t speak crap! You"re pointing at Tokyo Bay!SUGIYAMABut, it"s...* Tokyo Bay...and the pull close super-dreadnought warship stronghold, good BRITANNIA. It yes, really does look like an massive floating castle.OPERATOR VOICESThe great Britannia has gone into Tokyo Bay!Maintain speed, systems normal!* save (Great Britannia)On a main throne, the EMPEROR sits.STAFF OFFICERWe await her orders, royal Majesty.The EMPEROR nods in placid acknowledgment.EMPERORReady the Jupiter Howitzer.STAFF OFFICERYes, your Majesty. Ready the Jupiter Howitzer!***From within the great Britannia, a truly enormous howitzer emerges.OPERATORSDeploying Jupiter Howitzer!First and second safeties, released!The target is Shinjuku, ar B17.Output is in ~ 3000!EMPERORFire!The Jupiter Howitzer is fired.* Shinjuku, ar B17BLACK KNIGHTSThere"s a lock floating over Tokyo Bay?!INOUEWhat"s through this intel? Our people must be...The affect of the Jupiter Howitzer destroys INOUE"S squad.* Coordination Room (TV Bureau)A screen is displaying the terrible spectacle that the crater indigenous the howitzer"s impact.DIETHARDHow can this have actually happened...?* Campus (Ashford Academy)LLOYD and also the other Britannians have been bring away prisoner, surrounded by the black KNIGHTS, whose weapons are being spicy squarely at them.CECILEThe Jupiter Howitzer?!RAKSHATA--Those words...!* Britannian Gov. OfficeBRITANNIAN SOLDIERSThe great Britannia...!It"s His Majesty! His Majesty the Emperor is here...!All hail Britannia!The BRITANNIAN SOLDIERS" spirits space lifting.GUILFORDAll right, conference our continuing to be forces. Now"s the moment to launch our counterattack!***TOUDOUDisperse! We"re straightforward prey huddled together like this. Asahina! to organize the suicide Corps. Stop that ship"s munitions!No sooner has TOUDOU spoken, but the influence from the Jupiter Howitzer"s attack destroys the allied FORCES.***TAMAKIRun because that it! we can"t victory this one!MINAMIRun where?!On the bay, the EMPEROR"S elite an individual guards room disembarking in GLOUCESTERS. A coat of arms can be checked out (is it a flag?), a knife encircled by serpents.TAMAKIThat banner!SUGIYAMAThe royal Regiment?!The black color KNIGHTS will certainly be wiped the end by the royal REGIMENT.* The leg (G1)OPERATORSTakeuchi"s force has been wiped out!All Bay-area units, requesting assistance!They"re breaking with our line of defense in GODAN!A monitor displays a map of the battleground; little bit by bit, the BRITANNIAN military is taking manage of the region. On another monitor, the SIX residences of Mt. Fuji and also those concerned them.KUBOINAll for naught. Japan"s independence, that is freedom...KAGUYAZero...* The Vermilion Forbidden CityA very young EMPRESS is sitting on a throne lot too big for her. Beside her stands YANG KWEI-FEI(*).YANG KEWI-FEIThe good Britannia has gotten in Toukyou Bay?EUNUCHThis will certainly be the end of an independent Japan.The EUNUCHS sit apart from the EMPRESS and also YANG KWEI-FEI, in ~ the reduced seats the the table. The armed forces OFFICERS, too, space seated there.* Pacific Ocean...where the mass of the BRITANNIAN marine FLEET is ADVANCING.SCHNEIZEL"S VOICEFor His Majesty to personally appear on the prior lines...* bridge (Main Fleet Flagship)SCHNEIZEL...just to suppress a rebellion... No, there need to be an ext to it 보다 that.His expression is pensive.* store (Great Britannia)OPERATORSIncoming infection from teacher Victor, SETAGAMA region is under our finish control.Sir Carmine has actually made contact with sir Guilford.EMPERORIt"s decided17, then?STAFF OFFICERAs you like. Though you might be worried around Her Highness Cornelia"s safety, the others...SOLDIER via TRANSMISSIONComing in at 12 o"clock, there"s an airframe draw close fast!STAFF OFFICERWhat did friend say?OPERATORIdentification signal Z-01, unit name...* The Skies above Tokyo BayOPERATOR"S VOICE...Lancelot!The LANCELOT bursts into view.PILOTSStop right there!This is His Majesty the Emperor"s an individual warship!The PILOTS room VTOLing to i think an intercept course, yet the LANCELOT breaks best through. The LANCELOT continues on the exact same vector, and also crashes into an excellent BRITANNIA"S gun turret.* leg (Great Britannia)OPERATORSZ-01, you have rammed ours gun turret top top deck 14!No response from the pilot!Service squad #11, moving at high speed!EMPEROR"Lancelot"?STAFF OFFICERYes, your Majesty, Prince Schneizel"s...EMPERORAh, yes. That one.* Deck 14 gun Turret (Great Britannia)...where business SQUAD #11 is rushing ~ above the scene.A figure can be made out, through smoke and also fire.SERVICE squad #11Hey, space you every right?What"s her rank and affiliation?ZERO"S VOICEI"ve been wait for this moment.SERVICE formation #11Huh?As the smoke clears, the number within the blaze is revealed. It"s ZERO.ZEROWhen you end up being convinced you"ve won, in that instant... The seed of her downfall is sown.18SERVICE squad #11You, you"re Zero!They attract their pistols. The eye slot top top ZERO"S mask opens.ZEROZero commands you. All of you, die!The members of organization SQUAD #11 room afflicted by his geass.SERVICE squad #11Roger that.They revolve their weapons, formerly poised to death ZERO, on us -- and also pull the cause in unison. ZERO city hall placidly come make certain it"s done, then turns his fist to the store above.ZEROWell, well. My rotate now.* keep (Great Britannia)OPERATORSRebel army, dispersing.Sir Victor has actually reached Shibuya.Jupiter Howitzer, recharged. Firing!But the Howitzer is can not to fire.STAFF OFFICERWhat"s the matter?OPERATORIt appears that...A monitor reflecting the Jupiter Howitzer go dark.STAFF OFFICERWhat?!One through one, the other monitors start to go dark.On a map of the warship"s interior, i beg your pardon is split into sectors, those in the vicinity the the Jupiter Howitzer are start to turn red (signifying areas that room being lost to the enemy).OPERATORSMonitors for Sector D space unresponsive!Our systems are being hacked. It"s coming from an inside line!Power the end in Block E!Communications failures space failing throughout the ship!A team of red-eyed SOLDIERS is in the middle of committing sabotage.OPERATORSWe"re seeing short-circuits all over the place!Systems space 43% down.Hurry up and also identify the source!It"s no use, we"re hemorrhaging strength here!* Data processing RoomA team of red-eyed operator are hard at work. ZERO manipulates a neighboring console, confirming his route to the Emperor"s chamber.ZEROJust watch, C.C. I can do it every myself. I"ll acquire Nunnally back from him. And also then...* bridge (G1)KAGUYA and the others clock the battle progress intently.KUBOUINWell, personally, I never was take away in by any of Zero"s smooth talk. I constantly suspected that was only feigning commitment to Japan...KAGUYAIt"s quit firing, did friend notice?KUBOUINHuh?KAGUYAThe Jupiter Howitzer. It quit firing a tiny while ago.KUBOINNow that you point out it...An ENEMY attack destroys the Bridge"s facade.KAGUYA--!The royal REGIMENT has leapt onto the G1 in their GLOUCESTERS, and also they impend over the now-exposed Bridge.PILOTDie, Elevens!But, simply in time, the GUREN MK II come to defend versus their attack.PILOTWhat the?!KALLENWe"re no Elevens. We"re Japanese!KALLEN destroys the GLOUCESTERS.KAGUYAThe Guren Mk II... Kouzuki Kallen?!* Cockpit (Guren Mk II)On the monitor, TOUDOU is displayed.TOUDOUYou"ve returned, Kouzuki-kun? Where"s Zero?KALLENSafe. Headed for the good Britannia.TOUDOUBy himself? that fool...* Deck (Great Britannia)...where ZERO is standing.OPERATOR"S VOICEIt"s Zero! Zero has appeared!* KeepOn a monitor, ZERO"S type is displayed.STAFF OFFICERWhat did friend say?!OPERATORSWell, it"s just that, until now, Zero was...But why?!STAFF OFFICERDispatch the imperial Guard. After ~ all, he"s just one man...OPERATORSWe can"t reach sir Victor.STAFF OFFICERWhat?!OPERATORSThe Britannian federal government Office referred to as on him for support.ODAIBA Bridgehead has been destroyed.The rebel army has been launching counterattacks all over the place, distracting our forces.On the monitor, ZERO points straight at the Keep.STAFF OFFICERZero... Might it be, this entire war that independence has been nothing yet a stupendous decoy?!* Deck (Great Britannia)The GLOUCESTERS belonging to the EMPEROR"S personal guard are rising up out of the Deck.ROYAL GUARDSThis stupid acts choose he"s the king that this backwater island19!Let"s repeat him who his betters are!20So saying, the royal GUARDS start to rush your target. But ZERO continues walking in the direction of the Keep, there is no flinching. GLOUCESTER A"S tongue is nearly within range.At the critical second, SUTHERLAND A shows up suddenly native GLOUCESTER A"S flank, and also takes the blow.ROYAL safety AOne the our own Knightmares is protecting Zero?!* Cockpit (Sutherland)The PILOT in ~ the helm has actually red eyes.ZERO"S VOICEThat pilot is under my geass. And my bespeak was...* Deck (Great Britannia)ZERO"S VOICEProtect me through all her might!PILOTSYes, her Highness!A big unit that SUTHERLANDS advances on the royal GUARDS.ROYAL security BDammit, scatter them!The royal GUARDS strike all at once. The an outcome is a chaotic, violent blur the warring Knightmare Frames -- and through the facility of it, ZERO to walk on placidly.* Cockpit (Guren Mk II)KALLENNow to relay Zero"s orders. One through one, very first on the open up B line...As she manipulates the console, ZERO"S image disseminates.* Cockpit (TOUDOU"S machine)ZEROToudou. Take Squad One and Squad 2 on a detour through SAGAMO. The government office"s forces will shortly be coming the end of the interior in one inattentive effort to surround the building. Once they do, strike indigenous the rear.TOUDOUAcknowledged!* bridge (G1)ZEROGentlepeople of the 6 Houses, ns beseech friend to lug inspiration to the Japanese people.KAGUYAWell, that was awfully formal! as your future wife, i wouldn"t psychic if you to be a little an ext commanding~. ♪* Coordination Room (TV Bureau)ZERODiethard, begin broadcasting my photo now.On the monitor, ZERO"S photo is now projected, walking follow me the deck the the warship.* Warship Deck (Great Britannia)ZERO strolls unconcernedly amidst the battling KMFs.ZERO"S VOICEShow the knowledge Bureau mine unaided infiltration the the good Britannia. This will certainly be a duel, in between the Emperor and myself, for the 2 of us room equals, despite his propaganda.* Coordination Room (TV Bureau)DIETHARDUnderstood, Zero!He trembles with emotion.* TOKYO SettlementZEROGood people! The Britannian Emperor"s authorized in this war, the disembarkation of the royal Regiment -- all of this is well-within parameters. Over there is no need for fear; we have entered the last stage of mine strategy.Oho! The members the the black color Knights pump their fists over their heads.KALLENLelouch... You"ve got my belief for now. Yet if you to be willing to shoot a near friend...* Shrine (Kamine Island)SUZAKU"S body21 is missing.* store (Great Britannia)OPERATORSConfirm her identification signal!Respond! that is right now piloting this Frame!Have we been betrayed? No way...Suddenly, the EMPEROR allows out a hearty, ringing laugh.STAFF OFFICERYour Majesty, what is it?The EMPEROR is glaring in ~ ZERO on the monitor.EMPERORFine, then, Zero. It would seem you"ve earned your personal confrontation...* Britannia Gov. Office - InteriorOne of Clovis"s portraits, featuring Lelouch and also his prompt family, has actually fallen come the floor.* student Council Room (Clubhouse)Some of the black color KNIGHTS are keeping watch over your hostages: SHIRLEY, RIVALZ, and also MILLY. On the floor, what remains of a previously-completed cable of 1000 document cranes lies scattered and also carelessly trampled.SHIRLEY hugs her knees to she chest.SHIRLEYLulu...She utters his name favor a prayer.* save (Great Britannia)...as ZERO start it.In the heart of the Keep, the EMPEROR sit on an huge throne. There is nobody else around.EMPERORSo you"ve come, Zero. Or need to I say... Ghost?ZEROWhat do you mean, "Ghost"?!EMPERORYou can not bear to fade into society"s herd, yet neither could you disclose your confront where I might see it. You space not alive, however neither room you dead. "Ghost" is the perfect word because that you!ZERONeither alive... No one dead... Yes. Till this moment, that was true.So saying, ZERO steps forward. Dealing with the EMPEROR head-on, the walks under the long, red runner that spans the distance in between them.ZEROOn the day, my mother was murdered. On the day, Nunnally lost both the light and also her legs.FLASHBACK: NUNNALLY, being sheltered by her mother"s slain body. NUNNALLY, top top a hospital bed.ZEROAll this time, I"ve been living a lie. My an individual history, my very name... Nothing by lies. I was sick to fatality of a human being that would never change, however I couldn"t let myself provide in to the lie of despair...LELOUCH, looking bored at school. LELOUCH, gambling on chess matches. LELOUCH, speak in the sidecar of RIVALZ"S bike.ZEROBut then, it came to me... Power.LELOUCH, receiving his geass indigenous C.C.ZEROAnd through that...!The step blurs subtly to eight years ago -- and the Britannian Palace, wherein the EMPEROR is acquisition audiences. ZERO"S mask is gone, and also lining either side of the red runner are members of the aristocracy.ARISTOCRATSLook in ~ Prince Lelouch"s eyes, it"s together if he died too.After what happened to his sister? v her body the means it is, she isn"t even useful as a politics pawn any kind of longer.In this race, someone will hitch a journey on she sooner or later...Heheh, it"s a bit at an early stage for that adjust of attitude...At the far end of the red jogger stands LELOUCH together a child. The glares in ~ the EMPEROR, his shoulders trembling with fury and also nerves.A hand handle on the young LELOUCH"s shoulders.LELOUCHLeave this come me.So saying, he evinces a little smile.Then the step wipes earlier to reality -- and also the deserted Keep. Prior to one"s eyes, the EMPEROR.EMPERORZero... This chaos in my ship, and this recent uprising... It"s every been part of your scenario?ZEROThat"s right. Every one of this has been a plot come manipulate you come this point.EMPERORHa! because that that, you offered Area 11 and also the Japanese?ZEROI won"t select just any method to reach my ends. Despite I"d fairly not recognize it, we carry out share blood... Father!22EMPEROR...ZEROHad girlfriend forgotten? prior to you stand the eldest son of the so late Empress Marianne, ten in heat for her throne: Lelouch by means of Britannia.As he speaks, ZERO throws down his mask (while slide his hand over his face, concealing his left eye from the EMPEROR; even though he isn"t currently invoking it, the geass sigil tho mars his eye).LELOUCHBut currently I"ve returned, to readjust everything!EMPEROREverything! bold words, Lelouch.LELOUCHI"ll show you I have the right to do it. Through all the strength of the Emperor of Britannia, you couldn"t defend even one woman you love -- but I"m not like you!EMPERORAre you saying you arrangement to come to be Emperor of Britannia?LELOUCHEven if it means making myself the enemy of the entirety world, also if it way killing mine closest friend with my very own hands23, I"ll display you i can protect Nunnally. And so...Finally, LELOUCH watch up in ~ the EMPEROR, away from his mask. In his left eye, the geass sigil is visible.LELOUCHLelouch vi Britannia regulates you to...EMPERORYou foooooool!As the roars, a geass sigil flares come life in the EMPEROR"S eyes.LELOUCHGeass?!LELOUCH"S eye widen in shock. BOTH of them use their geasses in the same instant (but the EMPEROR is faster).A blue civilization of synapses. Within it, the EMPEROR"S memories and LELOUCH"s storage are......blending with each other in the people of C.A nine-year-old LELOUCH makes his request at one audience with the EMPEROR.Young children, with the geass sigil on your foreheads.The Aries Villa, MARIANNE and also LELOUCH through his SIBLINGS. Lock look happy.Kamine Island, two kids stand before the shrine. V.V. And V.V., a pair of similar boys (one of them is the EMPEROR in his youth, and also his forehead lacks the geass sigil).Jupiter.Then, through sudden clarity, photo of MARIANNE. She is put on an speculative pilot suit. Indigenous the letter of she name, wiring emerges.24MARIANNEThey call it the "sigil that the gods". Isn"t the a lover phrase?LELOUCHMother!(*) SIGIL that THE GODSIn Jungian psychology (where the concept of "collective unconsciousness" to be proposed), the core of the love ("soul") was the selbst ("self"). Because that the religious, "sigil that the gods" is a phrase best avoided. When MARIANNE provides it, she"s speaking much more generally, around the Ragnarok connection system.* Garden (Ashford Academy)A i m crying of birds takes flight (from listen on, it"s one year later).From here, the looks choose very small has changed about the campus.* Passageway (leading to a dimly-lit basement)Click-clack, the sound of high-heeled footsteps echoes.The heels belong come VILLETTA. Her appearance suggests that she has been granted the rank of Baron. She steps forward, and opens a heavy-looking stole door to reveal...A young man, tied by chains. His hands have been spread large apart, and he had actually bowed his head. His placing resembles the crucifixion that Christ.VILLETTANot therefore defiant now25, space you, Zero. Or should I say...Slowly, the youth elevator his face. It"s LELOUCH. The geass sigil is lacking from his eye.VILLETTA...Lelouch Lamperouge?END (200 words, 82 pages)(*) ~ above analysis, this character does not seem to show up in the manufacturing version of R2.Notes1 one more Six houses of Kyoto head.↩2 Lit. "Chivalrous thieves".↩3 Lit. "Young masters~ You need to look this way!" Milly"s dialogue is continuously kind the weird.↩4 "Pinch-hitting", a phrase Milly has likewise used to describe Lelouch stepping in to complete chess gamings for human being in trouble.↩5 feasible pun here, ちゃんと method both "diligently" and, well, CHANT, together in what cheerleaders do.↩6 Lit. "You"re smiling, though!"↩7 ファイト is a usual cheerleading cry.↩8 Suzaku"s implication right here is the the very first time someone tried to trust "Zero", the trust was betrayed.↩9 Lelouch is modifying Suzaku"s sentence unflatteringly, as if Euphy was getting to down to him from on high.↩10 making use of 俺, i m sorry in Suzaku"s case is significant code-switching transparent the series. The vacillates between 僕 and 俺 depending on his mental and also emotional sense.↩11 This entirety scene, the point that Suzaku thought might be adjusted is unspecified. He claims he believed he could do that if that "joined forces" with "君たち", Lelouch and someone else. Suzaku can"t average the black Knights, so it need to be Euphy, therefore he probably means working with Euphy and also Zero on the SAZ, i m sorry Lelouch then dismisses together キレイゴト -- white-washing, lip service.↩12 Parenthesis here are probably meant to suggest Lelouch thinking fairly than speaking.↩13 back to 僕.↩14 Lelouch is saying the Suzaku didn"t go about things the wrong way (their old argument about using the "wrong" means), he was just forced to offer (仕えるべき) the wrong person...↩15 Take care of as in help, or take care of as in kill? can be either, the phrase means both.↩16 神官 is particularly a shinto priest, yet in this situation it likely way the Geass Cultists.↩17 as in the outcome of the battle is decided.↩18 i.e., to trust begets vulnerability.↩19 Lit. "Backwater far-east island nation", a phrase occasionally used to describe for Japan.↩20 Lit. "We"ll carry out him the donate of teaching him a lesson about good Britannia"s greatness."↩21 The word here is "corpse", but. That seems so unlikely.↩22 Lit. "I won"t pick the way for the services of mine ends." Lelouch is also being an extremely formal here.↩23 Lelouch is utilizing the very same "take treatment of" expression as before, however there"s no question which one he way here.↩24 This is more than likely a summary pertaining come the summary background of the people of C, however it might likewise be introduce to her experimental pilot suit, if it has her name emblazoned top top it.↩25 Literally, she"s commenting ~ above his "way that speaking" -- or in this instance not speaking.↩TRANSLATOR"S COMMENTARY:1. Japanese place names in all CAPS were originally written in katakana, e.g. TOKYO = トウキョウ. This is only done as soon as referring to the urban after the occupation, and also is probably meant to interact that lock are currently being referred to in Britannian. (For part reason, Tokyo bay is one exception, quiet written v kanji.) This is continual with location cards used in the original Japanese version, throughout the anime. 2. There are two different units here with surname that can sound prefer they"re the very same group: the imperial REGIMENT and the royal GUARD. The imperial REGIMENT, which has actually a special coat that arms, is defined like miscellaneous the viewer has never watched before and might have ultimately been emerged into the Knights that the Round.

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The imperial Guard, on the various other hand, is most likely the same team that showed up in stage 1.3. There room two footnotes in ~ the initial text; lock are suggested by (*).