Welcome to Saracen

If you’re trying to find excitement, you’ve concerned the right place. Welcome come the Saracen Casino Resort, Arkansas’s an initial stand-alone casino. Proudly located in pine Bluff and home come an 80,000 square-foot gaming area finish with 2,300 slot machines, nearly 40 table games, and a committed poker room, it’ll take much more than one visit to explore all the various ways come play. Take it a rest from the action at one of our many on-site restaurants, with options including a advanced steakhouse, lively sports bar, and also buffets offering whatever from Cajun to eastern cuisines. Add monthly one-of-a-kind events and also giveaways to the mix and you’ll watch why it’s constantly a an excellent time come be at Saracen Casino Resort.

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Join and also win

Simply sign up with our cost-free Q club in the month the November and play to success your re-superstructure of approximately $100,000 in prizes, consisting of a brand new Jeep Gladiator! together a Q-Club member, the an ext you play, the more chances you have to win. Join us every Saturday night because that hourly drawings in between 7-10 pm.

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Let the games begin

From the traction of a slot device to the role of the dice, the all-new Saracen Casino is complete of exciting gaming action. Stroll through the stylish atmosphere and also take your choose from hundreds of the latest slot machines, and also high-energy table games and also poker in the advanced Poker Room. Walk ahead, it’s her move.

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Let the feast start

The most exquisite dining will certainly excite her taste buds at ours fabulous restaurants. Reap a wide an option of delicious dishes fit for every palate, including everything from the ideal steaks in central Arkansas come quick business classics.

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Tuesday element Rib special $22

Nov 16 • 11 AM-Midnight

Tuesday element Rib distinct - includes 16 oz prime Rib,Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and also Seasonal Vegetables.

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Wednesday Crab boil $19.89

Nov 17 • 11 AM-Midnight

Our renowned signature Crab Boil features crab legs, sausage, shrimp, corn top top the cob, and also potatoes.

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Thursday exhilaration Pork Chop $14.99

Nov 18 • 11 AM-Midnight

Thursday smoked Pork Chop Special- $14.99Smoked Pork Chop, Mashed Potatoes and also Gravy, eco-friendly Beans, and also Texas Toast.

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November Saturday Night Hourly Drawing

Nov 20 • 7 PM-10 PM

Join united state every Saturday night because that hourly totally free Slot Play prize drawings in between 7-10 pm.

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Sunday Duck wing $7.99

Nov 21 • 11 AM-Midnight

Join us at Legends because that a Peach & Chili Duck wing Appetizer. This restricted Time Offer includes 6 wings per order.

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Monday BBQ platter $18.99

Nov 22 • 11 AM-Midnight

Our Monday BBQ Platter contains Sliced Brisket, smoked Ribs, Sausage, Potato Salad, small Beans, Cole Slaw, and Texas Toast.

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2021 Jeep Gladiator Giveaway

Nov 27 • 7 PM-10 PM

Q society members beat to success throughout November v a possibility at approximately $100,000 in prizes, including a brand brand-new Jeep Gladiator.

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There"s constantly something happening at Saracen and also we want YOU to be a component of it. Sign up to get updates from our team ~ above the hottest events in town.

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