Beautiful beaches are discovered everywhere in the U.S., however the best beaches room the persons closest to residence for a quick day or overnight trip, especially throughout PCS season. Thankfully, the military has actually some nice convenient places to take benefit of the shoreline and all the activities seaside life needs to offer.

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One the the extra bonuses of numerous of these armed forces beach town destinations is your proximity to one another. For example, Dover AFB occupants can examine out nearby Wildwood in brand-new Jersey or Hampton roadways dwellers can head upstate come Maryland or down south to the Outer financial institutions of phibìc Carolina.

These famous military installations do it simple to travel and also take advantage of easy, breezy days on a beach close to home.


Delaware: Dover AFB

On the eastern Coast, Delaware could not it is in the very first state that involves mind for beach vacations, yet those stationed in ~ Dover AFB have accessibility to several well-known and picturesque beaches.

RehobothDeweyBethanyCape might (New Jersey)

Maryland: fort Meade NSA, JB Andrews, us Naval Academy


Tilghman and Smith IslandsOcean City

Washington, D.C.: ft McNair, JB Anacostia Bolling

The nation’s funding sits perfectly in between many that the most popular beaches in the Mid-Atlantic area with plenty of of their distances under 150 miles.

Virginia: ft Belvoir, JB Meyer Henderson Hall, Hampton Roads

Assateague and Chincoteague Islands

Heading south, the Carolinas and Florida coastlines are densely dotted with military installations. They often tend to be the preferred locations to reserve because that camping and cottage rentals, an especially near the navy outposts in Pensacola, Florida.

North Carolina: ft Bragg, Seymour Johnson AFB, Cherry allude MCAS

The Outer financial institutions band of archipelago encompasses many popular beach city destinations consisting of Nags Head, Emerald Isle, and also Rodanthe.

Outer BanksWilmington

South Carolina: JB Charleston, ft Jackson, Parris Island

Charleston is the talk of coastal Carolina communities these days because of its growing population and booming foodie scene, yet the divine City is just one of the countless beach towns to examine out ~ above the SC Coast.

Folly BeachIsle of PalmsMyrtle BeachHilton Head

Florida: MacDill AFB, Eglin AFB, Jacksonville NAS


There are really as well many an excellent sunny beaches to counting within driving street to greatly populated Florida military installations, however here is a tiny smattering.

DestinPanama CityPensacolaSt. Petersburg/ClearwaterJacksonville Beaches

Out west, the beaches take on a various look and also feel in comparison come the East shore shores. It’s basic to find one to suit her preferences. Cool temps and also cooler water are prevalent in Washington state, and also sunshine galore warms southern California, if a small bit the every sort of coast is uncovered in the center of the lengthy West coast line.

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Washington: JB Lewis McChord, navy Bases Kitsap Bremerton/Bangor, Whidbey Island NAS

Point No PointPacific BeachLong coast Peninsula

California: DLI Presidio Monterey, Camp Pendleton, naval Coronado Amphibious Base


California is very similar to Hawaii as soon as it comes to an overabundance of coast beauty. Yes no shortage up and also down the state line!

Carmel BeachCoronado BeachesMission Beach

Now, you’ll notification Hawaii is left turn off the list, however for great reason. Space there really bad beaches in Hawaii? every one of them room worth at least one visit. If she lucky sufficient to be stationed close to or ~ above the nation"s 50th state, then you understand they’re difficult to beat, for this reason their seaside dominance demands no description.

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Traveling is a natural part of armed forces life, so it’s best to take on the opportunities and also see the U.S. While tho in armed forces service. The great news is has actually travel resources to help make your following beach trip less expensive and hopefully a lot less stressful!

What did we miss? What"s her favorite beach location near a armed forces installation?