Another new season of doctor Who officially arrives with “Asylum of The Daleks”, the collection 7 premiere, and I need to say, over there is a significant tonal shift between this episode and also the previous one. “The Doctor, The Widow and also The Wardrobe” to be a fun, whimsical and also silly Christmas special, when this illustration is gloomy, depressing and filled come the brim with death. It’s definitely a much grimmer method to kick off a season than we typically see, yet I admire Steven Moffat’s decision to carry out something different with this premiere.

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In hindsight, series 7 to be a significant transitional duration for physician Who. Collection 7 to be the start of the end for the Eleventh Doctor’s era, with Matt Smith’s final year building up come the circumstances of his regeneration story, “The Time that The Doctor“. Karen Gillan and also Arthur Darvill ultimately left the series mid-way v this season in “The Angels take Manhattan“, and also Jenna Louise Coleman subsequently stepped in together the Doctor’s brand-new sidekick, Clara Oswald, in “The Bells that Saint John” (who would certainly be sticking about for quite a lengthy time herself). And of course, series 7 was the season that led right into the franchise’s 50th anniversary (commemorating the occasion v “The job Of The Doctor“), so it additionally needed to celebrate the large background of the show and also deliver the type of status-quo breaking revelations friend would suppose from a series that’s pull close such crucial milestone.

Like collection 6 prior to it, collection 7 was separated up into two halves as it aired: series 7A through Amy and Rory, and series 7B with Clara. Series 6 yes, really wasn’t pains by the mid-season separation that year had, since it was still telling the same over-arching story from start to finish. Collection 7 meanwhile feels a lot much less cohesive. Between series 7A and series 7B, there are different companions, various story arcs, different supporting casts, various title sequences, various console room sets, and also even a various wardrobe for the Doctor. Series 7 feels much less like one full season, and more like two various mini-series that are loosely bolted in addition to the assist of a Christmas one-of-a-kind (“The Snowmen“).

In another adjust from the norm for physician Who, collection 7 is fully devoid that two-parters. Lot like collection 11 a couple of years down the line, series 7 is made up entirely that fifteen standalone stories, which method a couple of of the episodes in this season don’t get all the time and an are that they should breathe and also reach their full potential (ironically enough, medical professional Who would certainly swing to the opposite too much two seasons later on with collection 9, a season comprised entirely the two-parters). And on height of that, as soon as this season was airing back in the day, the folks end at the BBC chose to big it the end over a period of two years. Series 7 began with “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe” in December 2011, and ended v “The Time that The Doctor” in December 2013, therefore it’s definitely a season that’s much easier to evaluate in retrospect than as soon as it was airing. V so many different points working versus it, collection 7 is pretty comfortable the weakest one of Matt Smith’s three periods as the Doctor, but it’s tho pretty good.


In “Asylum that The Daleks”, the Eleventh doctor (Matt Smith) and his friends room kidnapped by the Daleks and also dragged into the future, because the Daleks need the Doc to investigate an abnormality in your asylum. The Daleks were nearly entirely absent in collection 6, so your return in this episode is really much welcome, and it gives us another opportunity to dive right into the Eleventh Doctor’s connection with the evil, geocidal cyborgs because that the an initial time since “Victory that The Daleks“, beforehand in collection 5. The doctor hates them for being racialism dictators the are every little thing he personally opposes, and the Daleks definitely fear him and also hate that in return, but in a twisted type of way, they additionally respect him. He’s no only managed to to escape every effort they’ve do on his life, but he’s to be their opponent for hundreds of years and also become miscellaneous of a dark legend to them.

And he’s certainly considered a threat to them for a reason. The show once again renders it obvious how the Eleventh Doctor can be pretty ruthless and manipulative as soon as he wants to: in one scene, he tricks a Dalek into blowing itself up for this reason he can use it as a weapon versus all of its Dalek comrades in the area. With the pressure an extremely much on, Eleven does a many multi-tasking in this episode, trying to store everyone alive. As soon as he realizes Amy and Rory’s marital relationship is ~ above the rocks, that takes the upon self to aid them deal with their relationship. Mainly because they’re his friends, but additionally because the Doctor has personally shipped them ever since “The Vampire the Venice“. Rather of prying also much right into their problems, the medical professional sneakily arranges a opportunity for them to it is in alone together, under pressing circumstances, therefore they’ll occupational it the end for themselves.

“Asylum of The Daleks” build upon one of the main ideas of the last season: that the physician has acquired a bit too large over time together a legendary enemy to world-conquering tyrants, and now that reputation is beginning to record up to him – because for better or because that worse, world who have dealt with the Doctor and survived have tendency to remember him. The Doctor has actually spent a great portion the his life (since he first left Gallifrey) fighting the Daleks – and after whatever he’s done and also everything he’s lost along the way, they constantly manage come come crawling back, they always manage to rebuild their realm again, more powerful than ever – which is fairly a depressing thought. There have to surely it is in times when the doctor feels tempted to just throw in the towel and give up fighting the great fight.

Throughout this episode, the medical professional receives lot of of help from one unlikely allied – a woman dubbed Oswin – and also he becomes rather smitten v her. He’s impression by her intelligence, resourcefulness and fighting spirit, even if he think there’s miscellaneous odd about her. The scene wherein the physician discovers the truth about Oswin’s condition and also reveals that to her is definitely a fascinating one come watch, since there room several various parts that his main point nature clashing at once. His hate for the Daleks is in ~ war through the sympathy he feels for the human she provided to be, together with his regret that he arrived too late to save her: there’s nothing anyone have the right to do for she now. The doctor does identify her humanity prior to the finish though, and considering that’s all she really has left at this point, that method to world to her. Prior to she dies, Oswin gives the doctor a gift: she erased the Daleks’ memory of him, which will certainly assist him with his brand-new fresh start to traveling the universe.


The many jarring facet of this episode is easily the divorce subplot Steven Moffat allocates come Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill): mainly since it comes out of nowhere v no ahead foreshadowing (their marriage seemed to it is in doing perfectly fine the critical time we observed them onscreen), it’s fixed in the exact same story it’s presented in, and also then it’s never pointed out again after ~ this episode, which pipeline it feeling choose this strange point that came and went in the blink of an eye in the grand system of your relationship.

In any kind of case, things are an extremely frosty between the Ponds at the moment. They’re no speaking to each other after a large fight they had offscreen, however naturally, they’re tho concerned around each other’s welfare whenever one of them is placed at risk. Amy and also Rory gain drafted and dragged along on this mission to one of the many dangerous planets in the universe, simply due to the fact that they recognize the Doctor, and Rory in details makes that no secret that he’s not having actually fun: there’s a scene where he nearly gets bumped off by a entirety room the Daleks, as result of Mr. Pond gift thicker 보다 usual. During the latter half of the episode, Amy is placed at hazard of being converted right into a Dalek through the malicious and inhuman modern technology within the Dalek asylum, which leads her and also Rory to lastly hash things out and reveal what their problem is.

As it turns out, the aftermath of “A great Man Goes come War” space still taking their toll fee on the Ponds. As soon as the quiet were exploring on Amy and her daughter, they rendered her infertile – which is simply one an ext reason why that arc had to have actually been an incredibly traumatizing and violating endure for her. Amy deserve to never have kids again, unless she and Rory decision to adopt one, and she’s known for years exactly how much having kids means to Rory, so she chose to rest up v him, due to the fact that she figured that deserved someone better, who who can give that a future.

This problem builds on Amy and Rory’s created characterization for the last 2 seasons, and their biggest respective weaknesses (particularly what us learned about them in “The Eleventh Hour“, “Amy’s Choice” and also “Day of The Moon“). Amy has always had a bad habit of make the efforts to run away from her troubles when things gain a little too personal, Rory deserve to let his insecurities obtain the better of him, and both that them can be really negative at interacting in a healthy fashion. Amy and Rory are both so strong and courageous, and also they’ve beaten so countless fantastical foes, yet real life problems and also their fear of disappointed each various other have constantly been your Achille’s heel. Once they realize just how foolish they’ve been, the Ponds reconcile and also decide to offer their relationship another try by the episode’s end. And for every the persons in the audience that feel bad around how the Silence have actually screwed up Amy and Rory’s life goals, lock do without doubt move on indigenous this heartbreak v time and embrace another child after they resolve down in “The Angels take it Manhattan”.


“Asylum of The Daleks” officially kicks off the difficult Girl arc of series 7, and also it’s pretty lot the closest point we’ll ever before have come an episode wherein Amy and also Rory accomplish Clara. Oswin Oswald (Jenna Coleman) is a cheeky, flirtatious and eccentric young traveler that crash-landed ~ above the Dalek asylum a year ago. She has mad hacking skills, and she’s very confident about what she have the right to pull off with a keyboard. Still, she seems fairly odd in ~ times. Every once in a while, her mind will certainly seem to drift off somewhere else, favor she’s haunted by miscellaneous she would quite not speak of. Transparent this episode, we’re offered increasingly blatant ideas that there’s something not quite right around her and also her story: her transmissions come the physician are only ever one-way, preventing him native seeing she face; she cases she likes to do soufflés as a hobby, however she doesn’t have any type of food ~ above hand; and she’s maybe to conveniently hack Dalek an innovation – other that must be means beyond human comprehension.

Eventually, it’s revealed the Oswin herself to be converted right into a Dalek, and also she went deep into denial come cope, plunging herself into a fugue state. She’s clung ~ above her humankind for a year, lying to herself every the while, come block out the Dalek programming, and by now, she sanity is hanging by a thread. This is quickly the most tragic and also horrifying part of this episode, particularly if you’ve currently seen the later on seasons and formed an attachments to Clara. Oswin die the method she would have wanted, ensuring the Daleks’ destruction as one last victory over them, and also she provides the doctor a parting gift prior to she goes. It’s definitely a poignant finish for her, yet her story isn’t over yet by a lengthy shot. There’s a lot an ext going on v Ms. Oswald 보다 meets the eye, a tangled story that us won’t completely understand till “The surname Of The Doctor” in ~ the end of the season.

With “Asylum of The Daleks”, Steven Moffat intends to write a spookier focus episode because that the Daleks than their last significant appearance in collection 5, and he definitely succeeds in doing that. In “Victory that The Daleks”, they controlled to escape right into time through all the resources that they necessary to re-establish their realm – and here we obtain to view just how much development they’ve do in two seasons, together their types advances in ~ a frighteningly quick rate. The Daleks have fatality camps for varieties that they deem worse (i.e. Everyone), since of course they would. They’ve regulated to create an innovation that will certainly let them use the deceased corpses of your victims together puppets to collection traps for their enemies, transforming them right into sleeper agents, and on the rarest that occasions, castle even transform humans right into Daleks (which is the fate that befell negative Oswin).

The idea that the Daleks have learned come weaponize the dead is certainly disturbing, though there’s to be a precedent set for them doing that due to the fact that “The Parting that The Ways” in series 1. They’ve currently stolen your life far from you, and they won’t also let you rest in peace as soon as you’re dead, i m sorry is a testimony to just how callous and evil they are. The Daleks have their very own asylum, where they save away members the their type that have actually gone insane yet are still beneficial – and it’s these Daleks that space the main, formidable threat of the episode. They’re a nice relentless force as castle repeatedly attack our heroes in numbers. No issue how countless times the Doctor and his friends manage to push them back, or even kill turn off a couple of of them, they never stop coming, due to the fact that they absence the sense of self-preservation that also the many fanatical Daleks commonly have. They’re essentially mad dogs running wild, much like the ones indigenous the collection 1 finale.


“Asylum of The Daleks” is command by Nick Hurran, that previously worked on “The Girl that Waited” and “The God Complex” in collection 6, and like in those stories, his vision for the collection 7 premiere is quite superb, gliding from step to scene v plenty that confidence and also visual creativity. Nick would also step in to direct “The Angels take Manhattan” a couple of episodes down the line, so apparently he became the go-to guy for handling creepy illustration in the Matt smith era. The show’s bright department once again deserves a many credit for exactly how this episode’s last presentation turned out: a lot of the scenes within the Dalek asylum are really dimly lit with shadows casting everywhere, which makes the flashing, blinking lights of the furious Daleks really stand the end whenever the killer cyborgs room on the attack.

Compared to countless of his recent scores, Murray Gold’s music is really moody and also menacing in this episode, to complement the darker change in tone. “They space Everywhere“, “Dalek Parliament” and also “The terrible Truth” room filled v sharp strings and also harsh brass, come instill the viewers v uneasiness and dread, if “Towards The Asylum” has a very different style than most of Murray’s other contributions to the show’s soundtrack, being a rare hybrid that brass instruments and woodwind instruments in his orchestra. We’re offered our very first taste the Clara’s perky piano layout in the short piece, “Oswin Oswald“, i beg your pardon is then provided a tragic, somber reprise in “Remember Me“, developing a music link in between Clara Oswald and also her various doppelgangers throughout series 7. Together we official enter collection 7A, the beginning of the end for Amy and also Rory’s time on physician Who, Murray introduce “Together Or not At All: The song Of Amy and Rory“, a melancholy, slow-burning sport of “Amy’s Theme” the foreshadows the Ponds’ upcoming taking leave in “The Angels take it Manhattan”.

As much as season premieres go, “Asylum the The Daleks” does no make as much of a lasting impact as “The Eleventh Hour” or “The difficult Astronaut”, yet it is a nice solid begin to another new season of physician Who, and it plants the seed for several good things come come in collection 7.

Rating: 8/10.



* “It’s my mum’s birthday. Happy birthday, mum. I did do you a soufflé, yet it was too beautiful come live”.

* “You’re going to fire me in ~ a planet?! That’s your plan?! I get fired at a planet and also expected to solve it!” “In fairness, the is slightly her MO” “Don’t be fair to the Daleks as soon as they’re shooting me in ~ a planet!

* “What do you want through them?” “It is well-known that the physician requires companions” “Oh, brilliant. Good-o!” braided Rory.

* “Rory? Rory?! ROORRRYYYY!!!!” The medical professional was standing right alongside Amy once she began yelling in ~ the optimal of her lungs. Rest in peace, the Doctor’s eardrums.

* “Of course. Stupid me. I died outside, and also the cold kept my body. I forgot about dying”.

* “Is it bad that I’ve yes, really missed this?” “Yes”.

* “Is over there a indigenous for full screaming genius the sounds modest and also a tiny little bit sexy?” “Doctor. You speak to me the Doctor”.

* “Egg-egg-egg!” “I don’t recognize what friend want” Rory, usage your head and take a great guess at what a Dalek would certainly most most likely want, and then start running.

* “Lovely name, Rory. First boy I ever before fancied was called Rory. Actually, she was called Nina. Ns was going v a phase”.

* “Just flirting to save you cheerful” “Er, okay, any kind of time you desire to start flirting again is good by me”.

* “Okay, I’m fear now” “Hang on to scared. Fear isn’t Dalek” it isn’t? The totality reason why you 2 are also on this earth in the first place is since the Daleks were also scared to sort out their own mess. They’re fixed fearless.

* “Pop your shirt off, quick as friend like” “Why?” “Does there need to be a reason?”

* in ~ one point, Amy beginning hallucinating the she’s make a lot brand-new Dalek friends, and also it 100% looks prefer she’s going on one sweet, sweet medicine trip.

* “Who’s your daddy?” “You are… the predator!” I witnessed what friend did there, Moffat.

* “Self-destruct can not be countermanded!” “I’m not in search of a countermand, dear. I’m in search of the reverse switch”.

* “Who killed all the Daleks?” “Who perform you think?”

* “Where execute you get the milk because that the soufflés? Seriously. Is no one else wondering around that?” “No. Frankly, no. Twice”.

* “We’ll beam top top the Dalek ship” “Where they’ll exterminate us on the spot!” “Ah, therefore this is the sort of escape plan where girlfriend survive about four seconds longer”.

* “If the gets too explody-wody in here, you go without me, okay?” “And leave you come die?” “Oh, don’t worry about me. You’re the one beaming approximately a Dalek delivery to acquire exterminated” “Fair point. Love this plan!

* “Why do they dislike you so much? They dislike you for this reason much. Why?” “I combated them many, numerous times” “We have actually grown more powerful in are afraid of you“.

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* “I am Oswin Oswald. I dealt with the Daleks and I to be human! Remember me” “Thank you…” “RUN! run you clever boy, and remember” Oswin breaking the fourth wall.