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Yep - I have read part details about it throughout other subject on this forum - was curious even if it is CJD Australia had written to owners around it? Cheers
My gear selector just failed wit the "stuck in park" the dealer resolved it under warrenty and mentioned this TSB but said no components are currently in Austrlaia to do thetaske ( castle swap the dodgy pink plastic little ) so the will have to wait until next serive ns guess
This has actually been on the forum because mid-March. See here:
This has been ~ above the forum due to the fact that mid-March. Check out here:
Thanks - i did watch that - i was interested whether any kind of Australian 300c owners had actually been composed to yet.
My warranty to be just around to expire, for this reason I thought I"d have actually the dealer look for the left front wheel rattle the I"ve had because new, they couldn"t discover what the was and also they room the 2nd dealer that"s looked in ~ the car, guess I"ll need to live through it. But while the auto was over there they informed me the the TSB about the pink plastic part that fails at 28,000 km. For this reason they have booked my automobile in to replace the part at no cost.
Interesting that yours is a 2007 model. Ns didn"t think the recall used to every years. "that fails at 28,000ks"? Mine has actually done over 120,000ks so going through that, mine pink thingy have to self destruct at any moment now...

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Just got a speak to from the dealer - part has come on earlier order, my vehicle is now booked in because that this Wednesday to get the job done.Cheers
Front finish ratttle-park lock outOn mine 2005 300c. I too had the same rattle comes from behind the fire wall surface (rear of the engine). It was much more pronounced the first 15 minutes of driving. The dealer adjusted several front finish parts including the steering box and also struts come no avail. Finally, after 3 visits, they adjusted the guide bar bushings and problem solved. Keep in mind that as soon as the bushings to be tested castle did no appeart worn or damaged. The came earlier 40,000 miles later and for $65.00 I had a neighborhood shop replace them and ahhh no more noise. V 136,00 mile (5,000 miles later) same issue. It can to it is in a factory defect in design, however that"s speculation on my part. As much as the park lock the end pink plastic item is concerned. The dealer checked my vin number and also said my car did not have the recall. They additionally said castle cannot get the part, the Chrysler doesn"t make it. They want me to buy the enite unit.I have this auto up because that sale, v the top of the center console off, therefore I deserve to manually depress the lever, in bespeak to usage the car. It to be a real pain difficult a screw driver in the over there to with it. Leaving me with no an option but to use the medal after sector replacement. I"m feeling like a pin cushion here. I ordered the 2012 300C and also should have it as at an early stage as mid September. I don"t want whoever buys this auto to have concerns later. Ns am truly shed for for a appropriate resolve. Probably I will certainly reach the end to miscellaneous dealerships until among them speak me, sure bring it in we have the right to fix it.