1. TNA"s "World" title and "ECW" title execute not counting to me. Is R-Truth a former human being champion? No. Is mark Henry? No. Christian winner his an initial World title at excessive Rules 2011.

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2. This pillar is only based upon kayfabe terms, through a tiny "non-kayfabe" thrown in there.

Now, let"s acquire to it!

Christian shed the people title come Randy Orton top top Sunday"s Summerslam, and also I to be of the id that his days on peak are most likely over. This is comes from a large fan of his, however it is time to move on from this current feud.

He winner the title because that the an initial time in his career in a ladder complement (fitting) end Alberto Del Rio. It to be a an excellent match, and the moment was made even bigger through Edge gift there for him.

Many fans cheered in approval and also many tweets approximately the civilization came in to congratulate him. Again, why? due to the fact that it to be his first World location win. Note the crucial word there: "first."

Of course, just days later, Orton winner the title off of him in how amazing fashion. Not surprising the Christian shed so quick, but surprising since it was on an unannounced illustration of SmackDown.


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The Twitter (social media) scene blew up over this revelation, and also months later, ns still carry out not get it.

It is like world expected Christian to acquire a lengthy title power or something. Wow!

Anyway, Christian and Orton adhered to up your SmackDown bout with many good back-and-forth matches prior to Christian lastly won it back in July.

How walk he victory it? Yep, a weak DQ rule. No pin. No submission. Nothing—just like exactly how he beat Del Rio at too much Rules.

Outside distractions and interference. No pinning. No tap-out win. Nothing prefer that at all.

Now that Christian had the title earlier around his shoulders for the second time in his job (note—second), all seemed to it is in fine through the "Christian Crew."

Just main later, it would all crumble down. After begging to gain out the the SummerSlam No hold Barred match, he to be denied the request; the match took location as planned.

Yep! friend guessed it. Orton beat him in a nice, lengthy match—except the last minutes that that complement were around as one-sided as I have ever before seen a conclusion that a world title enhance be.

The message was clear: Christian to be done main eventing for the moment being.

This week"s SmackDown show does not look any better for him, if girlfriend ask me. However, the is together a gifted performer, he have the right to make anything work.

What didn"t work?

Christian together a legit world champion.

I speak legit due to the fact that Christian played his role perfectly—a "transitional" champion.

Having picked up a couple of wins here and also there (Sin Cara, Orton in a tag), he never screamed "World champion" to me. The looked like he to be "holding" the title till Orton want it back.

That is specifically what happened.

I am predicting Christian will never again organize the World/WWE location in his career, and pardon me because that even saying this, but when is Christian"s contract up? I dislike to speculate on among my favorites" futures, yet I have a negative feeling around the next couple of months.

They may be his last in WWE.

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