Vanessa Villanueva has actually surprised everyone by divorcing her musician husband chris Perez. Though the couple lived together for about six year after your marriage, they can not save their marital relationship.

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Even the truth that they have two children, that did not protect against them from gift apart. This news shocked the audience.

Vanessa Villanueva and also Chris Perez(Source: Searchcode)

Vanessa Villanueva and also Chris Perez relationship

Though Vanessa is one American personality, she is most famous as the ex-wife of kris Perez.

Chris Perez is an American guitarist, songwriter, and also author together well. His day of bear is top top the 14th the August, 1969 in the joined States. His parents were Gilbert Perez and Cassie Perez. He is of mexican ethnicity.

He is an extremely famous for being a command guitarist because that the Tejano band, Selena y Los Dinos. However, Vanessa Villanueva was his second wife together he was previously married come Selena (1992-1995).

Chris Perez an initial met Vanessa Villanueva in 1998. The couple was introduced by john Garza by her shared friend. Then they fell in love together they began dating. And also happily, lock tied the knot in 2001.

The above video is the sweet and also short video made top top the occasion of kris Perez and Vanessa Villanueva’s wedding.

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The ex-couple: parents of two children

Villanueva has actually two children, a son, and a daughter. Your daughter’s surname is Cassie Perez and her son’s surname is young name Perez.

The quick video shows every the love and also happiness mutual with the mother Vanessa and also her 2 beloved children. It seems that the kids love their mom so much and have substantial respect for their mother. Moreover, Vanessa additionally has a lot of love for she children.

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Furthermore, this is the picture posted by chris Perez top top his daughter Cassie’s birthday. He seems to an extremely proud of being a responsible dad for she daughter. In the above post, chris Perez had actually captioned it as:

“Can’t think my lil mini-me is turning 18 years old tomorrow…I’m definitely a proud dad! :)”

Both the father and also the tiny daughter look extremely cute and adorable.

To amount up, about being parental of two children, Vanessa Villanueva, and Chris Perez, both have been responsible and great parents for their children. Castle both have given much love and also care to their youngsters that an excellent parents give their children. The couple did not offer any room for anyone to complain about them for being an excellent and responsible parents.

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Chris Perez’s ex-wife, Selena Quintanilla

As the is known that before marrying Vanessa Villanueva, chris Perez has his ahead married partnership with Selena Y Los Dinos(1992-1995). Selena was a very talented American singer that is ideal known together the queen the Tejano music.

He met Selena once he was working with her dad Abraham in the band. Your friendship shortly turned right into love and also decided to be in a relationship in Pizzahut.

But the tragedy was once Selena’s father Abraham uncovered out around their affair v her sister, that did not grant of it. However, they to be so much right into a love the they determined to elope and also get married in 1992, quite than be heartbroken. Soon, their love won she dad’s heart together he welcomed Chris together his son-in-law.

From some that the sources, the is well-known that chris still keeps in touch v Selena’s family.

Selena(Source: Billboard)

Selena Quintanilla’s death

Abraham, Selena’s father uncovered out that in 1995, a human named Yolanda Saldivar to be managing Selena’s boutiques and also clubs’ gaue won matters. Yolanda had deceived them.

Selena and also Chris fixed an appointment v her at a hotel to recuperate the documents. Yolanda again swindled lock by handling the wrong documents and asked Selena to fulfill her alone in the hotel later.

She offered some bogus factors to she so Selena finished her relationships with Yolanda. Yolanda to be so furious that she removed her revolver and also shot Selena. Selena rushed come the various other side, and soon was rushed come the hospital however she couldn’t revive and also died.

6 months back on April 1st, kris paid tribute to his late love, Selena. He mutual the picture of the method back once they to be still really young. In the picture, the couple was holding each various other in their arms when both look at the camera to provide a smile. Both of castle seemed an extremely much happy!

Chris captioned the picture:

“Although us all have our trials and also tribulations the we need to go v in this life…we must be thankful for the ones the we fulfill along the way…that made us realize…love is REAL…love is UNCONDITIONAL…love never ever DIES. #MyCoco”

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Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez divorce 

When Vanessa filed a divorce in the year 2008, The instance of divorce of kris Perez and also Vanessa Villanueva started. According to some information sources, the key reason for filing divorce by Vanessa was due to the fact that Chris Perez provided to consume several alcohol and also drugs as well.

It has been said that chris Perez was constantly busy, partied, and enjoyed himself by staying clear of his wife. That didn’t care around Vanessa Villanueva at all. And also further, he didn’t bother about his wife.

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Chris Perez and Vanessa Villanueva(Source: The hispanic Blog)

Moreover, some of the reports assistance the fact that Villanueva had demanded all of Chris Perez’s properties as the final property negotiation for their final legal separation. She was even taken into consideration as ‘The Lady of Luxury’ by chris Perez’s family.

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The family members further added saying that the reason for considering her as “The Lady that Luxury” was the the way of living of Vanessa Villanueva to be expensive as well.

Short Bio on chris Perez

Chris Perez is a Latin rock and also heavy metal guitarist and also songwriter. The is renowned for being the lead guitarist of the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos. He was additionally the husband of Selena Y Los Dinos frontwoman. Moreover, that has likewise won a Grammy for Best Latin rock or different Album for his debut album Resurrection. More Bio…

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