Fans are asking is Nadia Bjorlin pregnant and also we have answers around the Days of our Lives actress that plays Chloe Lane. Through the NBC soap filming six months ahead, it’s difficult to judge by what we watch of Nadia top top the show. But there are other clues that you deserve to use. In fact, Nadia Bjorlin talked pregnant in a recent interview. She was through Kyle Lowder (AKA Rex Brady) ~ above a recent YouTube conversation show and also talked babies. The interview is below but here’s the slim on Nadia Bjorlin and a feasible baby bump.

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Days Of our Lives: Nadia Bjorlin talks Babies

If you don’t know, the gorgeous DOOL actress is married to approve Turnbull who is not a soap actor. In fact, he’s not in show business at all. He’s a successful residential property developer. Lock got engaged in 2014 and also married in mid-2015. Then it was much less than a year after they obtained married the Nadia Bjorlin provided birth come her very first child Torin Mathias Turnbull on may 4, 2016.

The Days of our Lives actress chatted about how close with each other her children were born. Nadia Bjorlin shown she to be pregnant much less than 6 months after giving birth to Torin. Then, she gave birth to Viggo Sebastian Bjorlin ~ above September 1, 2017. So v two boy under the age of three, it would seem a hectic time come have an additional baby – or possibly the perfect moment.

One of the many beautiful women to grace the daytime screen…Love Nadia Bjorlin! #Days #ChloeLane

— Ashely Freeman (
ashleyfreeman77) might 7, 2019

Actress turn off DOOL in respectable – Perfect Timing because that Pregnancy

On Days of our Lives best now, Chloe lane is coping through a kidnapped adopted daughter. She inherited the boy from Nicole pedestrian (Arianne Zucker) once Nicole supposedly “died” in a warehouse explosion. However with Nicole earlier from the dead, Chloe will provide the child back. However, Holly Jonas herself is topic to a fake death this mainly which traumatizes Chloe Lane.

Chloe also has kid Parker Jonas. Both were newly under hazard from El Fideo’s cartel. That threat is unable to do now and Holly’s kidnapping is actually because of Xander Cook’s (Paul Telfer) scheming. She’s considering a romance v Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). As Chloe Lane and Stefan DiMera both leaving in August, possibly things job-related out in between them.


Is Nadia Bjorlin Pregnant?

To recognize if Nadia Bjorlin is pregnant, let’s take a look in ~ her current social media. Watch the Instagram pics above. In the height photo, the Days of our Lives actress is with her husband approve Turnbull and sons Torin and Viggo. You deserve to see how close in age the two are together. She describes them together her “Irish twins” and laughed in a recent interview the it’s fitting because her husband is irish too. If you don’t know, the term describes siblings that room not twins, however born close together.

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In the photograph with Nadia Bjorlin, husband, and kids, it’s difficult to check out if she’s rocking a baby bump. The DOOL Chloe roadway actress has a coat that can be hiding a baby bump. Yet in the photo below it, she’s in a snug red outfit that mirrors a tiny waist that is no obviously pregnant. Plus, ~ above the Emmy red carpet this weekend, Nadia to be rocking a skintight fab dress the left no room for a baby bump. However, she might be so early in a pregnancy that there’s no bump showing.