Ever wonder how "Chelsea Dagger" ended up being the Blackhawks" score song?

If you"ve to be to simply one Hawks game in the past decade, the team"s goal song — the Fratellis" "Chelsea Dagger" — is still probably on repeat in your head.

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Not just is that a catchy tune, but it"s end up being synonymous through the Blackhawks" renaissance and decade that dominance. Because that the vast majority of the past 10 years, once Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and also other currently legendary hawks were having huge nights and also playoff collection were being won, you to be hearing the "do do do execute do do" chorus. 

In a Zoom conference call interview v NBC sporting activities Chicago, previous Blackhawks intern Matthew Benjamin stated he would work the song into the rotation throughout 2008-09 preseason games when that was regulating the music. 

"They to be trying to perform some other songs, and pretty lot right indigenous the get-go, give them a lot of credit because that trusting me to run the music and also trusting one intern basically three or four months the end of undergrad, functioning for an original Six team to try this out," said Benjamin, a diehard and also lifelong Detroit Red wings fan, whose vehicle with a license plate reading "WingsIn7" might be spotted in the UC employee parking lot if he to be helping compose Blackhawks history.

Benjamin had been play the song for hawks employees approximately the office before getting a crack at play tunes because that games.

Former chairman of the Blackhawks john McDonough and executive vice president — still through the team — Jay Blunk were at Madison Square Garden to see the hawks take top top the ranger for the 08-09 season opener and came come the realization the the organization might need one standalone goal tune after listening the very same one recurring in new York 4 times.

According come NBC sports Chicago Blackhawks pre and postgame host Pat Boyle, prior to 08-09 the Hawks mainly played Joe Satriani"s "Crowd Chant" and had individual songs for players prefer Jonathan Toews ("Johnny B. Goode"), Patrick Kane ("Rock You like a Hurricane") and Patrick sharp ("Sharp dressed Man"). 

McDonough and Blunk polled Blackhawks headquarters and also the overwhelming majority determined a lone goal song was needed.

Due come Matthew"s persistence, the song made it right into Pete Hassen and Ben Broder of the marketing department"s peak three. It was operated into games much more and more, in addition to a autumn Out Boy and Gwen Stefani number. 

The Madhouse on Madison comment the most to the Fratellis" jam and also the rest is history.

"When you see something . . . The work, the moment you put into it and also you check out it sort of come together, you see other people enjoying it, it"s a pretty thing," Benjamin said.

As that told his story, there seemed to be some relief and also closure for Matthew, who spoke very highly that his time v the Hawks, for ultimately receiving some acknowledgement in helping carry out the theme song for the golden e of Blackhawks hockey.

"This is something that I"ve known that I"ve been a part of. I"ve called some world it"s pretty hard for anyone to think me, It"s not favor there"s a many proof," that said.

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