If you uncover your Chevy Cobalt‘s steering wheel shakes or vibrates when you push the brakes, the is practically always the brake rotors that space the cause of the problem.

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There are plenty the other worries that can reason the steering wheel come wobble. But, if her Cobalt is only shaking as soon as braking, that’s a pretty an excellent indication that it’s a brake related problem, and it’s typically the rotors causing the issue.


Why your Cobalt is Shaking when Braking

A shaking steering wheel have the right to be caused by many things, such as bad wheels, poor alignment, suspension damage, and also damaged tires just to surname a few.

With that being said, it’s essential to make absolutely sure that girlfriend are just feeling the steering wheel shake when you brake. If it’s shaking every the time, but just worse as soon as you brake, it could be any kind of of this things, and a genuine safety concern.

If you’ve recently had you wheel(s) taken off for any type of reason (think security inspection, tires replacement, brake job, etc) make certain that the lug nuts are tightened.

Loose wheels will certainly react come brake pressure and also vibrate the steering wheel under braking. This is mentioned since if the lug nuts aren’t tight, a wheel can and also will autumn off. It’s additionally quick and also easy to check.

1. Guide Pin Failure

Your brakes calipers have actually something called guide pins. These pins permit the caliper relocate freely, and make sure the brake pad is do even call with the rotors.

These pins are frequently overlooked when preserving a vehicle. Lock are often covered v a tiny protective boot. If the boot fails, they can dry up and also will stop relocating freely.

When overview pins fail, they reason the brake pads to do uneven call with the rotors. They can additionally make the caliper stick, which have the right to burn up the brakes fast. This will cause your Cobalt to have actually squeaky brakes.

The excessive heat will also cause the pads to “glaze”. This hardening of the brakes will rise the distance necessary to protect against the vehicle.

Between the potential because that the brake pads to hit the rotor in ~ the wrong angle, glazing, and also potential stuck calipers, dry guide pins can definitely reason your steering wheel come vibrate when you push the brakes.

2. Rotors

Rotors are often what cause of a shaking automobile

The number one reason that your Cobalt’s steering wheel will shake is warped brake rotors. Rotors deserve to warp if they’ve to be worn as well low, or worn unevenly.

Warped rotors space even more common this day than they used to be. This is due to the fact that auto manufacturers are constantly make the efforts to alleviate unsprung weight.

If the surface ar of the rotor is no smooth, you’ll should either have them resurfaced, or buy brand-new ones. A visual inspection will regularly reveal grooves and also unevenness even to the untrained eye.

3. Brake Pads


When the brake pads are operating normally, a pad the is not worn the end or dirty is do even call with the rotor. That distributes the press evenly and also your Cobalt’s steering wheel will not shake. The Cobalt will concerned a avoid noise free.

If the brake pads room worn past their advantageous life, or if they space dirty, they will certainly no longer be able to make the quality contact with her steering wheel. In ~ this point, you’ll feel your steering wheel shake together the brakes space pressed down.

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Conclusion: Chevy Cobalt Shakes when Braking

It is recipient to have actually your brakes repaired as quickly as possible. Warped rotors, dry overview pins, and bad brake pads have the right to all increase your Chevy Cobalt’s protecting against distance.

This, is danger in itself. Great luck diagnosing her shaking steering wheel when braking. Please leave a comment below if there is anything the you would prefer to add.