Cheryl Burton

Cheryl Burton Biography

Cheryl Burton is a news anchor in the unified States. Since 1992, Burton has operated for alphabet 7 Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. Cheryl co-anchors the station’s 5 p.m. And 10 p.m. Newscasts through Alan Krashesky, and also she formerly co-anchored WCIU-7 TV’s p.m. Newscast with Hosea Sanders.

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Burton went to Lindblom technological High School, which has since adjusted its name to Lindblom mathematics & scientific research Academy. She got her diploma in 1980. She went on come the college of Illinois in ~ Champaign-Urban after graduation. She studied biology and psychology right here with the goal of attending clinical school, but she to be worried about the cost. She was also a member the the Chicago Bears’ love husband B team as a cheerleader in college.

Burton started her career together a boy actress in the American children’s television show Romper Room. She then completed on Star search as a contestant. She go on to hold an hour-long cable TV display called just Elegant after that. In 1989, she started her journalism career as a co-anchor on MBR: The Minority business Report, a country syndicated weekly program.

Cheryl relocated come Peoria, Illinois, the following year to work-related as a reporter for WMBD-TV. In 1990, she moved to Wichita, Kansas, to work as one anchor at KWCH-DT. She joined WLS-TV together a weekend co-anchor and also reporter two years later, in 1992.

Cheryl has functioned as a news anchor for WLS-TV since then. In addition to reporting, she is a publicly speaker for the students of the Chicago public Schools.

Cheryl Burton Age

How old is Chery? Burton is 58 year old together of 2020. She to be born on December 25, 1962, at Provident Hospital in Chicago, the United claims of America. In addition, Cheryl celebrates her date of birth on December 10th every year and also her birth sign is Capricorn.

Cheryl Burton height | Weight

Cheryl Burton Family

Her mother, Hattie was a teacher at the Chicago public Schools. Whereas she father Simpson served in the U.S. Waiting Force. Unfortunately, both she parents have actually passed away. Born ~ above the work of Christmas, Cheryl is the 4th of five children in she family. She has three sisters and a brother.

Cheryl Burton Husband

From 1986to 1995, Burton was married to his ex-husband, abc 7 sporting activities reporter Jim Rose. Climbed surprised his then-girlfriend with a diamond engagement ring on Friday night before Super bowl XX in brand-new Orleans, ~ they had been dating due to the fact that college. In 1986, the pair married after a romantic proposal. The marriage, however, did no last long. There were no children born to the marriage. Regardless of the truth that Cheryl and also Rose had to go with an dissatisfied split, they space still friends and on great terms.

Cheryl Burton network Worth

Burton has actually an approximated net worth that $30 million. Her income is greatly attributed come her effective career together a broadcast journalist. Chery receive an average yearly salary of $83,300, follow to alphabet news anchors’ salaries. Since she is among the old employees of the WLS-T, she obviously earns a significant amount the salary.

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Cheryl Burton Awards

She has actually been honored v the Thurgood Marshall Award double in 2004 and also 2005.In 2009, she won the Procter & gambling Award for her outstanding ar service and also Procter and also Gamble Pioneer award for ar service.Cheryl then won the NABJ (National association of black Journalist) Salute to Excellence worldwide award and also Vernon Jarrett Par Excellence award in journalismin 2008.Cheryl then won the sister in the spirit Award in 2005. She was the an initial recipient of the award.She was awarded Russ Ewing compensation in 2004 and also 2003. In 2004 for spanning the story that mother and daughter. The mom donated she kidney to her daughter. The year 2003 she received that compensation for mirroring the tragic occurrence ofE2nightclub.In 1998, she winner the Kizzy photo and accomplishment Award.The year 1997, Burton obtained the Phenomenal mrs Award.In 1995, she was awarded the CABJ award for spanning Million guy March.

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