Calcium bicarbonate stood for by the chemistry formula Ca(HCO3)2 or C2H2CaO6 that bears the IUPAC name calcium hydrogen lead carbonate <1> is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water <3>. It is one ionic compound of calcium, hydrogen, carbon, and also oxygen <1, 6>. Though it is not a naturally emerging compound, it develops in the water that rivers, lakes, and also streams once carbonate, bicarbonate, and also calcium ion are liquified with carbon dioxide <5>.

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Calcium Bicarbonate

Calcium Bicarbonate Identification

CAS Number3983-19-5 <1>
PubChem CID10176262 <1>
ChemSpider ID8351767 <2>

Composition and also Synthesis

Calcium bicarbonate deserve to be ready by a reaction in between calcium carbonate and also carbonic acid <7>.

CaCO3 + H2CO3 = Ca(HCO3)2


Calcium Bicarbonate Formula

Properties and also Characteristics the Calcium Bicarbonate

General Properties

Molar mass/molecular weight162.11 g/mol <1>

Physical Properties

Color/appearanceWhite flour <1>
Melting point/freezing point1339°C, 2442°F <3>
Boiling pointN/A <3>
Density 2.711 g cm-3 <3>
State of matter at room temperature (normal phase)Solid <1>

Chemical Properties

Solubility in water16.6 g/100 ml (at 20oC) <3>
pH>7 (basic) <4>

Atomic Properties

Crystal structureTrigonal <3>


Calcium Bicarbonate Structure

Prominent Reactions

On heating, calcium bicarbonate decomposes to calcium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water <8>.

Ca(HCO3)2 = CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O

It reacts v hydrochloric acid to produce calcium chloride, carbon dioxide and water <9>.

Ca(HCO3)2 + 2HCl = CaCl2 + 2CO2 + 2H2O

It reacts v sulfuric acid to develop calcium sulfate, carbon dioxide and also water <10>.

Ca(HCO3)2 + H2SO4 = CaSO4 + 2CO2 + 2H2O

Calcium bicarbonate reacts with nitric mountain to give calcium nitrate, carbon dioxide and also water <12>.

Ca(HCO3)2 + 2HNO3 = Ca(NO3)2 + 2CO2 + 2H2O

Calcium Bicarbonate Uses

As a food additive <1>.As an anti-caking certified dealer <1>.As a shade stabilizer <1>.

Is that Dangerous

The compound is not harmful if ingested. However, the may cause irritation to skin, eyes and the respiratory tract top top inhalation <3, 5>.

Interesting Facts

Calcium bicarbonate reasons temporary hardness that water <13>.Calcium bicarbonate equipment in water has health benefits due to the alkalizing effect and mineral contents <5>.

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Calcium Bicarbonate (Ca(HCO3)2) Price

The compound costs about $200-$245 every ton. The price might vary with service providers <11>.