Billy’s puppies space equipped with appropriate collars and a ideal home. Now he needs to teach them to hunt. To teach castle properly, that will need a coonskin, so he renews his initiatives to record Mister Ringtail. For 3 weeks, in spite of his dogged efforts, the crafty raccoon eludes him. Perplexed...

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Billy’s puppies are equipped with proper collars and a suitable home. Now he requirements to teach them come hunt. Come teach lock properly, he will require a coonskin, therefore he renews his efforts to catch Mister Ringtail. For three weeks, regardless of his dogged efforts, the crafty raccoon eludes him. Perplexed and also annoyed, Billy goes to his grandfather’s keep to ask for advice.

Billy’s grandfather offers him straightforward and basic advice for recording the large raccoon. The instructs Billy to use a brace and bit come drill a hole into a sturdy, hollow log. Climate he must bait the raccoon by placing a glowing object into the log. Finally, he requirements to drive numerous nails into the log around the area wherein he has drilled the hole. He defines to Billy that the raccoon will certainly reach right into the log and also grasp the shining object, and also the nails will pierce and entangle his paw. Because that a moment, Billy is excited to learn this trick. Climate he accuses his grandfather of teasing him. He reasons that the raccoon can cost-free himself by merely releasing the shining object and also withdrawing his paw. His grandfather assures the the trick will certainly work since the raccoon will never ever release the glowing object.

Billy returns home and discusses this plan with his father. The next day, Billy sets numerous traps in the area near the river. Beforehand the following morning, Billy races to his catch to see if he has captured any type of raccoons. Finding all of his trap empty, he asks his father if he made any type of mistakes as soon as he fashioned the traps. His father speculates that the pets might be averse to human scent. Billy decides to it is in patient until his scent dissipates native the area close to the traps. Each morning, that hurriedly runs to the flow to check his traps. Every morning he is disappointed and aggravated. After ~ a week, that is despondent and also refuses to get out of bed.

Billy’s mom is again came to by his fluctuating emotions and also asks his dad to talk to him. His father understands the Billy is downhearted since he has not captured a raccoon, and he defines to Billy that it generally takes a main for human being scent to dissipate. The traps have been set a week, so he encourages Billy to inspect them again.

after ~ breakfast, Billy checks his traps. His task starts with disappointment since his an initial traps are empty. Then, together he ideologies his third trap, the hears the cries that a trapped raccoon. His dogs excitedly strike the animal and the pet strikes back. The raccoon is bigger and stronger than the puppies, therefore Billy take away his puppies into his arms and also runs house for help. He runs into the garden screaming because that help, and his mother and sisters respond, thinking that a snake has actually bitten him. As soon as he tells them that he is not injured and also that his excited stems indigenous his record of the big raccoon, his mom becomes stern. She tells him that he has frightened her unnecessarily and also that he requirements to it is in disciplined. His dad arrives and also comforts his mother.

once everyone is calm, the family members follows Billy to the log. His dad kills and frees the trapped raccoon. Climate he speak Billy that he go not want him to use this trapping method again. He claims that it is unsportsmanlike and unfair to the animals. Instead, he tells him to hunt animals using an ext traditional methods. Billy promises he will certainly not usage this cheat again.

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using the big coonskin, Billy begins to train his puppies. The teaches them how to monitor an animal’s odor throughout the area. The patiently leads them up high trees and also over tricky waters. Transparent the summer and also into the fall, Billy uses himself to the task. When he has actually taught them every he knows, the eagerly awaits the very first day of searching season.