There’s an infamous internet debate: grain with water or milk ? It every started when a Reddit user proclaimed they’d rather eat cereal with water than with milk. The net was in an uproar, and also people started taking sides.

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So now we’re going to assist you figure out whether cereal can or can’t be consumed with water, and also what other alternatives you have when over there is no milk. That knows, perhaps you’ll discover a brand new means of eating alienating her friends and family.


Can you eat grain with water ?Good substitutes because that milk in cerealOther ways to eat grain without milk

Can girlfriend eat grain with water ?

Yes, you can eat cereal with water if friend like. There is a far-ranging change in flavor and also texture, but some civilization prefer it the way. Cereal is supposed to be consumed with milk, however no one can pressure you to eat it with milk.

It likewise depends on her cereal. Some types, favor cornflakes or oatflakes or just an extremely plain grain will taste an extremely bland with simply water. Unless you include something else for flavor, it could not it is in the ideal idea.

Does cereal taste the same with water ?

No, grain with water tastes really different from cereal with milk. Milk provides a creamy, smooth finish to any type of flavor as result of the proteins and also fats in it.

Water has actually no proteins no one fat, so every it can carry out is hydration. The cereal will soften much much faster than if you included milk. This may be a an excellent or a bad thing, depending upon your preferences.

If you’re eating cereal with flavors that traditionally go well v milk, favor chocolate, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, or nuts, climate you may be disappointed. Including water instead of milk will certainly make grain taste very flat.

However if you’re having a very fruity cereal then water may go well, due to the fact that milk doesn’t yes, really sit well with fruity flavors.

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It’s every a issue of taste (literally)

There’s no method to objectively say cereal tastes better with milk than with water. Conventional wisdom dictates the you only eat it with milk, and also milk offers the finest flavor.

But we’re every different and maybe some human being really want to eat grain with water. Castle truly believe it tastes better. Our very personal opinion is that milk is the far better option, but we’re not here to judge.

Since people are therefore divided around this, the minute this Reddit thread involved be, the entire internet went up in flames. Nobody was safe, nobody was sane anymore. There was just milk or water, and you were a traitor no issue which you chose.

As the comment in the thread state, part cereals occupational okay with water, some work far better with milk. Possibly what uncomfortable those who choose milk in their cereal was the water instead of literally any other options.

We provide you a few options top top what to put in your grain when you have actually no milk, so you don’t need to resort come water. The biggest trouble though is i m sorry you to water in the key first. If girlfriend answer this wrong, we really can’t be friends anymore.

Liquid or cereal very first ?

Do you put the grain or liquid very first ? Doesn’t issue if it’s milk or water. It’s favor putting on a sock and also a shoe and also then the other sock and also shoe.

We all have that friend that puts the fluid in, and then the cereal. If you’re one of those, you’re very wrong and also you need to reevaluate her life decisions. Milk or water is one thing, but disrupting the natural order of the world is another.

When you include in the grain first, you then know precisely how much liquid to add. If needed, you deserve to add an ext later. If you include the fluid first, you can only include so much cereal and are left v liquid in ~ the end. Reckless.

We expect we’re every on the same page here, so let’s acquire to a couple of milk substitutes you can use instead of water.

Good substitutes because that milk in cereal

If you like water in your cereal that’s fine, skip over this part. We have an additional section explaining what you deserve to use grain as, if you’re feeling adventurous v your breakfast.

For those who room interested in substitutes, here they are.

Add powdered milk

Probably the easiest guess, powdered milk will being ago that milk flavor right into your cereal. For some reason this kind of milk appears to it is in extra sweet, even if girlfriend buy it unsweetened.

Plant or seed milk

Any plant or nut milk will certainly work an extremely well if you desire to replace milk. Coconut and cashew milk room the thickest milk substitutes, so it’s approximately you if you prefer that texture.

Depending ~ above what kind of grain you’re using, you could get a plant milk that improves or pairs well v that flavor.


Another choice is to usage yoghurt. Also if it means you get complete faster and also can’t eat as lot cereal, it’s still a good option. Because of yoghurt’s tanginess this breakfast often tends to taste extra fresh.

Other means to eat cereal without milk

If you don’t desire to add milk, or a milk substitute, and also simply desire an other way to gain cereal, here’s a couple of ideas.

Eat castle as-is, as a snack

Possibly the simplest and most straight-forward option, eating cereal as-is is choose eating snacks. They’re crunchy, they’re sweet, they’re going come hurt the roof of your mouth, and they’re delicious.

Add lock to your oatmeal

If you’re do oatmeal you can shot adding grain for part nice crunch (at the very least until they soften). Because that this choice you can use nice much any cereal kind you like, depending on your preferences.

Mix them into a banana smoothie

Are girlfriend a pan of smoothies ? climate you may like to add some cereals to her banana smoothie, They carry out extra flavor and also if girlfriend ;eave lock chunky they include texture together well. If girlfriend let the blender flour them under then you’ll simply obtain a thicker smoothie.

Another choice is come make her smoothie together usual, as use that through your grain instead the milk.

Use as topping for ice cream cream

We’ve only ever before seen this a couple of times but it deserve to work great if excellent right. You have the right to sprinkle part extra sweet and also crunchy cereal on optimal of a Sundae or her favorite ice cream mix.

And that’s pretty much it. Together you can see, there’s lot of of things you have the right to use rather of water for your cereal. Still, no one’s walking to absent you the end of the residence if you use water. Just don’t placed the fluid in the key first.

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