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Centrino vs core 2 Duo (laptops, 4GB, wireless, sounds)
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Sorry, i imagine ya"ll are obtaining sick the me but I have actually yet one more question. So was talking with a sales male at a place I was looking at for my laptop, and also there were comparable computers. That told me the the centrino and also the core2duo were an extremely comprable and that the centrino was actually better on battery life. Every little thing else being equal consisting of price, is this true? my brother has actually told me to specifically look for the core 2 duo ~ above the low end computers and also I can discover plenty because that $5-600. Many thanks again!
wikipedia: Centrino is a platform-marketing initiative indigenous Intel. The is not a mobile CPU - rather, the term covers a particular combination of mainboard chipset, mobile CPU and also wireless network interface in the design of a laptop.so whoever told girlfriend to compare centrino through core2duo was usually asking friend to never ever come back again.for a fast lookup of average industry prices that core2 duo laptop computers go to Newegg.com - computers & Laptops,Laptops, Notebooks & Netbooks,Laptops / Notebooks,Intel core 2 Duo32 bit only supports laptop through 3GB memory or less. If you have actually 4GB memory or much more you"ll want to use 64 bit.
Let me guess: v - finest Buy?Sounds prefer an apples and also oranges comparison. Core 2 Duo is a kind of CPU chipset, of miscellaneous models. Centrino is a package of chipset (apparantly might be a duo, or a cheap
ss pentium, or another double core intel) in addition to the wireless system. In various other words - a marketing gimmick.The thing that results battery life is - the battery, and energy effectiveness of the whole manufacuring parcel of the laptop. Not necessirally the chipset or wireless hardware.In various other words - the salesmen to be clueless. Totally ignore the Centrino label, and also get the attributes you want. You want the Duo (a good CPU by the way), obtain it.
As girlfriend look think about the complimentary windows 7 update - I discovered out that also if a computer manufacturer sell a laptop v the cost-free upgrade, it may not be accessible for a particular model. execute NOT count on a salesman to confirm. Go to the computer system manufacturers site and look in ~ their list of models that have actually the upgrade.

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Aside from a 32 bit system"s i can not qualify to use much more than about 3GB of memory, the only area wherein an finish user will certainly see any difference in between 32 and also 64 little bit is in application and also driver compability. 64 little bit support has actually improved significantly in the last pair of years yet still lags a bit behind 32 bit. This is usually only a problem for older devices or applications. For example, I"m still making use of 32 bit because my scanner doesn"t have a 64 bit driver and also I don"t feel prefer spending $300 to change it. If you"ve confirm out all of your peripherals and also applications and found 64 little drivers, or room willing to replace the ones the don"t, then there"s little reason because that most people to acquire 32 little bit today. Applications tend to be much more compatible than vehicle drivers so they"re less of a problem.
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