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Quotes From Bob Uecker

"Anybody through capacity deserve to play in the huge leagues. To last as long as I did via the abilities I had, via the numbers I developed, was a triumph of the humale heart." Source: Catcher in the Wry (Bob Uecker, 1982)

"At all those banquets, stars acquire up and also provide credit to their coaches and also parental fees. I provide credit to no one. I made myself what I am now." Source: Baseball Digest (June 1972)

"Basesphere hasn"t forgotten me. I go to a lot of Old Timers games and also I haven"t shed a point. I sit in the bullpen and also let world throw things at me. As with old times." Source: Widely Attributed

"Career highlights? I had actually two. I gained an intentional walk from Sandy Koufax and also I got out of a rundvery own versus the Mets." Source: Widely Attributed

"I didn"t obtain most awards as a player. But they did have a Bob Uecker Day Off for me as soon as in Philly." Source: Widely Attributed

"If a guy hits .300 yearly, what does he have to look forward to? I constantly tried to continue to be about .190, via three or 4 RBI. And I tried to acquire them all in September. That method I always had actually somepoint to talk about throughout the winter." Source: Widely Attributed

"I had actually slumps that lasted into the winter." Source: Widely Attributed

"I hit a grand slam off Ron Herbel and once his manager Hermale Franks came out to acquire him, he was bringing Herbel"s suitinstance." Source: Widely Attributed

"I kbrand-new as soon as my career was over. In 1965 my baseround card came out through no image." Source: Widely Attributed

"I led the league in go get "em next time." Source: Widely Attributed

"In 1962 I was named Minor League Player of the Year. It was my second seaboy in the bigs." Source: Widely Attributed

"I set documents that will certainly never before be equaled. In truth, I hope 90% of them don"t also gain published." Source: Baseround Digest (June 1972)

"I signed through the Milwaukee Braves for three-thousand dollars. That bothered my dad at the moment bereason he didn"t have actually that sort of dough. But he ultimately scraped it up." Source: San Francisco Examiner (March 29, 1984)

"It is dangerous for an athlete to think his own publicity, great or negative." Source: Catcher in the Wry (Bob Uecker, 1982)

"One time, I obtained pulled over at 4 a.m. I was fined seventy-five dollars for being intoxicated and also four-hundred for being through the Phillies." Source: Widely Attributed

"People don"t understand this yet I helped the Cardinals win the pennant. I came down through hepatitis. The trainer injected me via it." Source: The Tonight Sjust how (via Johnny Carson)

"Sporting items suppliers pay me not to endorse their products." Source: Widely Attributed

"The greatest thrill a ballplayer can have actually is once your boy takes after you. That taken place when my Bobby remained in his championship Little Organization game. He really showed me somepoint. Struck out 3 times. Made an error that lost the game. Parents were throwing points at our car and also swearing at us as we drove off. Gosh, I was proud." Source: Sports Illustrated (September 8, 1980)

"The highlight of my career? In "67 through St. Louis, I walked with the bases loaded to drive in the winning run in an intersquad game in spring training." Source: Widely Attributed

"Let"s confront it. Umpiring is not a simple or happy means to make a living. In the abusage they endure, and the pay they get for it, you view an imbalance that deserve to just be explained by their have to continue to be close to a game they can not resist."Source: Widely Attributed

"The method to catch a knuckleround is to wait till it stops rolling and also then pick it up." Source: Widely Attributed

"They said I was such a good prospect that they were sending me to a winter league to sharpen up. When I stepped off the aircraft, I remained in Greenland." Source: Baseround Digest (June 1972)

"When I came as much as bat through 3 guys on and also two outs in the ninth, I looked in the various other team"s dugout and also they were currently in street clothing." Source: Baseball Digest (June 1972)

"When I looked to the 3rd base coach for a sign, he turned his ago on me." Source: Baseround Digest (June 1972)

"When I played, they didn"t usage sophisticated words prefer that (emotionally distressed). They simply shelp I couldn"t hit." Source: Widely Attribued

Price quotes About Bob Uecker

"In 1971, Uecker was hired by the Brewers to administer color commentary alongside announcers Merle Harmon and Tom Collins. One day Uecker was left to perform play-by-play coverage and also his talent can not be denied." - The Radio Hall of Fame

"Knvery own for his humor, especially around his undistinguished playing career, Uecker actually became a lot much better well-known after he reexhausted." - Wikipedia (website)

"The Milwaukee Brewers best star now is a career .200 hitter who"s never also played for the team. But Bob Uecker, the radio voice of the team for 32 years, has actually just around done it all. Nationwide, fans still remember Uecker as an actor, comedian and author. To Brewers fans, though, he"s a no nonfeeling scholar of the game who"s not afraid to criticize a pitcher who can"t throw strikes. Here in Milwaukee, we also appreciate him for his dry feeling of humor that can keep any type of game entertaining, even when the team is mired in a slump."- Columnist Andy Tarnoff in (April 4, 2002)

Bob Uecker Ford C. Frick Award (July 27, 2003) Speech at the National Basesphere Hevery one of Fame

"Thank you, Joe, thank you extremely a lot. And thank you females and also gentleguys. And my congratulations to Hal (McCoy / winner of the J.G. Taylor Spink Award in 2003), Gary Carter, Eddie Murray, and to all of the members of the staff of the Hevery one of Fame, give thanks to you exceptionally a lot. This has actually been a wonderful, wonderful time.I, in deference to Hal McCoy, was asked to quit many times. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Actually, I was born in Illinois. My mother and father were on an oleo margarine run to Chicearlier back in 1934, bereason we couldn"t acquire colored margarine in Wisconsin. On the means residence, my mommy was via boy. Me. And the pains began, and my dad pulled off right into an exit location, and that"s wright here the event took place. I remember it was a nativity type setting. An exit light shining dvery own. Tright here were 3 truck motorists tright here. One man was moving butter, one man had actually frankfurters, and also the other guy was a reworn down basesphere scout that told my folks that I more than likely had actually a possibility to play somewbelow dvery own the line.I remember it being incredibly cold. It was January. I didn"t weigh incredibly a lot. I think the birth certificate sassist something choose ten ounces. I was incredibly little. And I remember the coldness on my earlier from the asphalt. And I was instantly wrapped in swaddling clothing and also put in the earlier of a "37 Chevy without a heater. And that was the start of this Cinderella story that you are hearing this particular day.I did not have most ability as a boy, and my dad wanted me to have whatever that everybody else had. I think the first point that he ever before bought me was a footsphere. And I was extremely young. He didn"t recognize a lot around it, he came from the old nation. I expect, we tried to pass it and also throw it and kick it, and also we couldn"t do it. And it was incredibly discouraging for him and also for me. Ala lot of, we virtually quit. And lastly we had a nice enough neighbor, came over and also put some air in it, and what a distinction.I gained a lot of my ability from my father. As the majority of these other males did. My father actually involved this nation as a soccer player. He didn"t play, be blew up the balls is what he did. And they didn"t have actually pumps in those days. And to view a male put that valve in his mouth and insert it into a soccer round, and blow thirty pounds of air. And then have the ability to pull that thing out without it fracturing the back of his mouth was unbelievable. You had to see his neck and his veins popping. It was unbelievable. How proud I was as I watched him carry out it time after time.My initially sport was eighth grade basketball. And my dad didn"t desire to buy me the supporter johnny, you know, to carry out the task. So my mom made me one out of a flour sack. And the hard thing about that is, you put that point on, you whip it out of your bag in the gym. You understand all the guys are looking at it. And you begin the game. The man guarding you knows exactly wright here you"re going because little bit specks of flour save dropping out. And then ideal down the front it claims "Pillsbury"s Best."I signed an extremely modest $3,000 bonus via the Braves in Milwaukee, which I"m certain a lot of you understand. And my old guy didn"t have actually that kind of money to put out. But the Braves took it. I remember sitting roughly our kitchen table counting all this money, coins out of jars, and I"m informing my dad, "Forgain this, I do not desire to play." He said, "No, you are going to play basesphere. We are going to have you make some money, and also we"re going to live actual excellent." My dad had actually an accent, I desire to be actual authentic once I"m doing this thing. So I signed. The signing took place at an extremely renowned restaurant in Milwaukee. And I remember driving, and my dad"s all fired up and nervous, and I sassist, "Look, it will more than in a pair of minutes. Don"t be uptight." We pull in the parking lot, pull beside the Braves auto, and my dad screwed up appropriate amethod. He does not have the home window rolled up far enough and our tray falls off and all the food is on the floor. And from tbelow on it was baseball.Starting with the Braves in Milwaukee, St. Louis, wbelow I won the World"s Championship for them in 1964, to the Philadelphia Phillies and earlier to the Braves in Atlanta, where I became Phil Niekro"s individual chaser. But in the time of eexceptionally player"s career tbelow comes a time once you recognize that your services are no much longer required, that you might be relocating on. Traded, offered, released ,whatever before it might be. And having actually been through four clubs, I picked up a few of these tips. I remember Gene Mauch doing points to me at Philadelphia. I"d be sitting there and also he"d say, "Grab a bat and also sheight this rally." Sfinish me up tbelow without a bat and tell me to try for a walk. Look down at the first base coach for a sign and have actually him revolve his back on you.But you understand what? Things favor that never before bothered me. I"d collection documents that will never before be equaled, 90% I hope are never before printed: .200 lifetime batting average in the major leagues which tied me with an additional sports great averaging 200 or much better for a ten-year period, Don Carter, one of our top bowlers.In 1967 I set a major league record for passed balls, and also I did that without playing every game. Tright here was a game, as a issue of reality, during that year as soon as Phil Niekro"s brvarious other (Joe) and he were pitching versus each other in Atlanta. Their paleas were sitting appropriate behind home plate. I observed their folks that day more than they did the entirety weekfinish.But through people favor Niekro, and this was an additional point, I uncovered the easy method out to capture a knuckleball. It wregarding wait till it stopped rolling and then pick it up. There were most points that aggravated me, too. My household is below now. My boys, my girls. My kids provided to execute things that aggravate me, too. I"d take them to the game and they"d want to come house via a various player. I remember among my friends concerned Atlanta to see me as soon as. He involved the door, he says, "Does Bob Uecker live here?" He says, "Yeah, bring him in." But my two boys are simply like me. In their championship bit league game, one of them struck out 3 times and also the other one had an error that permitted the winning run to score. They lost the championship, and I couldn"t have been more proud. I remember the world as we walked with the parking lot throwing eggs and rotten stuff at our car. What a beautiful day.You understand, everybody remembers their first game in the major leagues. For me it was in Milwaukee. My hometown, born and elevated there, and also I deserve to remember walking out on the field and Birdie Tebbetts was our manager at that time. And my family was there: my mommy and dad, and also all my relatives. And as I"m standing on the area, everybody"s pointing at me and also waving and laughing, and I"m pointing earlier. And Birdie Tebbetts came up and also asked me if I was nervous or uptight around the game. And I said, "I"m not. I"ve been waiting 5 years to get below. I"m ready to go."He shelp, "Well, we"re gonna start you today. I didn"t desire to tell you earlier. I didn"t desire you to get too fired up."I sassist, "Look, I"m ready to go."He said, "Well, good, you"re in tbelow. And oh, by the by, the remainder of us up below wear that supporter on the inside." That was the initially game my folks walked out on, also.But you know, of every one of the things that I"ve done, this has actually always been number one, baseround. The commercials, the movies, the tv series, I can never before wait for whatever to get over to get back to baseround. I still, and this is not sour grapes by any kind of indicates, still think I need to have gone in as a player. Thank you exceptionally a lot.The proof is in the pudding. No, this conglomeration of greats that are below now, a lot of them were teammates, yet they won"t admit it. But they were. And many them were players that worked in games that I referred to as. They are wonderful friends, and always will be. And the 1964 World"s Championship team. The good Lou Brock. And I remember as we got down near World Series time, Bing Devine, that was the Cardinals" general manager at that time, asked me if I would certainly do him and also the Cardinals, in general, a favor. And I said I would certainly. And he shelp, "We"d like to inject you with hepatitis. We should carry an infielder up." I said, "Would I have the ability to sit on the bench." He said, "Yes, we"ll build a plastic cubicle for you bereason it is an transmittable illness." And I"ve gained to tell you this. I have a photo at residence, I turned a beautiful shade yellow and through that Cardinal white uniform. I was knocked out. It was beautiful, wasn"t it, Lou? It was great.Of course, any championship requires a World Series. The ring, the ceremony, the adhering to seakid in St. Louis at old Busch Stadium. We were standing along the sideline. I was in the bullpen warming up the pitcher. And as soon as they called my name for the ring, it"s something that you never ever before forget. And once they threw it out into left area. I discovered it in the fifth inning, I think it was, Lou, wasn"t it? And as soon as I spotted it in the grass man, I was on it. It was unbelievable.But as these players have bats, gloves—I had a good shoe contract and also glove contract through a company that paid me most money never before to be watched utilizing their stuff. Bat orders—I would order a dozen bats and also there were times they"d come back through handles at each finish. You recognize, world have actually asked me a lot of times, because I didn"t hit a lot, we all know that, exactly how long a dozen bats would last me? Depending on the weight and also the model that I was making use of at that specific time I would certainly say eight to ten cookouts.I when ordered a dozen flame-treated bats, and also they sent me a box of ashes, so I kbrand-new at that time things were moving on. But tbelow are tips that you pick up as soon as the Braves were going to release me. It is a hard time for a manager, for your household, for the player to be told that you"re never going to play the game again. And I deserve to remember walking in the clubhome that day, and Luguy Harris, that was the Braves" manager, came as much as me and said tright here were no visitors allowed. So aget, I kbrand-new I might be relocating on. Paul Richards was the general manager and told me the Braves wanted to make me a coach for the adhering to seaboy. And that I would certainly be coaching second base. So aget, gone.But that"s when the baseball career started as a broadcaster. I remember functioning first through Milo Hamilton and also Ernie Johnkid. And I was all fired up around that, too, until I uncovered out that my portion of the broadcast was being offered to jam Radio Free Europe. And I picked up a microphone at some point and also my mic had actually no cord on it, so I was talking to nobody. But it"s such a wonderful, wonderful point now to be here. And among my first partners was stated previously, Merle Harmon, and Tom Collins, he"s here this day. All of those who I have actually functioned with from Merle to Lorn Brvery own to Dwayne Mosley, Pat Hughes, that now works for the Chicago Cubs, and also my present companion now, Jim Powell and Kent Summerfeld. My thanks to every one of you.To my good pal Bob Costas out tbelow. Thank you, Bobby. All of the netoccupational civilization, that has actually been as much a part of broadspreading for me as anything. The days with ABC and also "Monday Night Baseball" with the late Bob Prince and also Keith Jackboy and Al Michaels and also my good pal, Don Drysdale. All of those civilization have played such a big component in me being right here this day. Dick Ebersol, the head of NBC Sports. All of them are a large part of what I am. My family members is seated over here. I love them incredibly a lot.Ulice Payne is here, the president of the Brewers. The commissioner of baseround is a man that provided me my begin. He shelp, "I want to carry you earlier to Milwaukee." And I sassist, "I"ll come." And here I am, 33 years later on. Thank you, Al. I speak to him Al, Bud Selig. Wife Sue is right here. To every one of my Brewer household, Wendy, Laurel Selig, Wendy Selig-Prieb, Laurel Prieb. Tony Migliaccio, among my great friends. Mike LaBoe, all my civilization. Jon Greenberg, I didn"t also understand you were right here. You took care of Hal McCoy, what the hell"s going on. But every one of these people play such a huge component in all of our resides.And to every one of you basesphere fans roughly America and any kind of location else, for your letters, your thoughts, your kindness, for every one of these years, it"s been an excellent run, however number one has always been basesphere for me. No issue what else I ever before did, baseball was the only means I wanted to go.

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I thank you incredibly a lot for your attention now, say thanks to you for having actually me, and also congratulations to everybody here. Thank you very a lot everybody, give thanks to you."